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Found 2 results

  1. SPACE EXPLORATION INITIATIVE I was going through the 90 day study that NASA did back when George Bush senior asked them to draft a mission to Moon and Mars. That report looks quite superfluous and overblown at some places, but the report had several good points, and a clear roadmap to Mars. Somehow I felt compelled to think about the consequences, had the report been agreed upon by the US government. And thus I started writing this story; I hope you enjoy it! "Why Duna? Because it is Kermanity's destiny to strive, to seek, to find!" - President George Kush On the fifth anniversary of the first Mun landings, a massive ceremony was held at the KSC, honoring the brave Kerbonauts who walked on the surface of another world for the first time. The President himself graced the occasion with his presence. He also presented his vision for space exploration. And it did not lack in ambition. The President called for a return to the Mun, this time to stay. His vision culminated in permanent self sufficient bases on Duna and Laythe. It was an ambitious project, but certainly achievable. The mun and minmus missions looked daunting when they were conceived. But that did not stop KSC from making history. The plan is in several phases. The first phase outlines the colonisation of Kerbin's Sphere of Influence, and the subsequent phases describe colonisation of Duna and exploration of the outer planets. Following are the important steps in phase one of the Space Exploration Initiative. 1. Space Station Liberty: Space Station Liberty, the first step on the pathway, will provide the essential scientific and technological foundation for later kerbal missions to the planets.For example, a particularly critical factor in planning kerbal exploration is the determination of the physiological and psychological effects of low gravity and long-term habitation of the space environment, which will be studied on Liberty. Initially, crew members will remain on Space Station Liberty for 2 months; research will focus on understanding the various mechanisms responsible for adaptation to weightlessness and the physiological problems encountered upon return to Kerbin. Later, an extended-duration crew certification program will prolong visits to 180 days or more and will include enhanced countermeasures for low gravity and radiation effects. Systems developed for use on Space Station Liberty will enhance and strengthen the technological base for kerbal planetary exploration. Liberty will serve as a controlled test-bed for developing and validating systems and elements, such as habitation and laboratory modules and life support systems, to be used later on the Mun, Minmus and Duna. In addition, Liberty will support technology experiments and advanced development in mission-critical areas, such as spacecraft assembly, servicing, and system development. 2. Munar Outpost: The next step in the strategy is the development of a permanent munar outpost which will begin as a small, 2 kerbal base. This base would be a proof of concept with arrangements made for further expansion. A science and an agricultural module is planned for the MunBase. Missions to the MunBase will be of two types: Crew and Cargo. In the initial stages a piloted mission will feliver a crew of 3 and some cargo to the surface of the Mun and return with 3 crew and some cargo to Liberty; a cargo mission will deliver only cargo, and the vessel is either expended or returned empty. Power capacity at MunBase will be expanded to support increased demands. The increased power capacity at the outpost will be used to begin operational processing of the Mun's resources and to help reduce the outpost's dependence on Kerbin. For example, water extracted from the munar soil can help make up losses from the outpost's life support system and on further processing, the by products could be used as propellants for the excursion vehicles. 3. Minmus Outpost: The MinMax industrial outpost will be the final step in the development of a robust infrastructure, one which would allow fast and continuous off world development of interplanetary vehicles.This outpost will have a mining rig to mine ore and water. Conversion units will manufacture propellant, metal and in an optimistic vision, even uranium in significant quantity. Unlike the MunBase, MinMax will be assembled in Low Minmus orbit and dropped on the surface as a single structure. The low gravity of Minmus will allow the use of relatively small and disposable skycranes. The Minmus base will house at most 2 kerbals. It will be supplied almost entirely by KSC. At the moment, no plan for a 100% self sustained base is being discussed. This concludes the Phase 1 of the space exploration initiative.
  2. So I saw on curse that mods were compatable with 1.2 prerelease, Does that also mean regular 1.2 ? Also I tried installing planetary base systems, and in the loading screen I saw that the game had it in its system but I started a new game and it was'nt there, did I do something wrong or what?
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