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  1. Precursors Overview The discovery of mysterious SSTV signals originating from Duna was a monumental leap in the search for intelligent life. Deciphering the signals revealed The Ignotum System, a previously undiscovered solar system 3 light years from Kerbin. Having recently mastered interstellar travel and hibernation technologies, the Kerbals were quick to launch an expedition to this new system. The trip ran smoothly, but upon arrival.... … Alone among the stars, you are the future of the expedition. Rediscover ancient rocketry and flight technologies as you explore a vast, handcrafted solar system. Uncover the secrets behind the SSTV signals and the alien race that created them. Precursors is a planet pack designed to provide a fresh and exciting experience to players. Stranded on a cold and barren world, traverse highly detailed celestial bodies and never-before-seen environments. Each planet and moon has a distinct challenge and appearance; hike across scalding volcanic mountains, maneuver through massive forests, and battle against relentless gravity on your journey across the Ignotum System. Collect custom science reports and unearth extensive lore in this continuation of the KSP story. Version: 1.4.2 -- LORE AND STORMS Changelog (See SpaceDock) Dependencies KSP 1.9.x-1.12.x Kopernicus Stable Branch 1.9.x-1.12.x (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200143-181-1122-kopernicus-stable-branch-last-updated-august-13th-2021/) Recommended mods Scatterer (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/103963-wip19-112-scatterer-atmospheric-scattering-00772-18062021-test-version-for-multi-sun-support-inside/) Mods included in download Sigma LoadingScreens Unsupported Mods BEWARE: THIS MOD IS A SYSTEM REPLACER, SO OTHER PLANET PACKS MAY NOT WORK AS INTENDED! Strange New Worlds seems to have problems (1 report) Download SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2869/Precursors Planet Pack?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'>#info Updates Bug patches and new content will be added in the coming weeks. Precursors is a one-person project, so I do not know how frequently updates will arrive due to real-life obligations. See SpaceDock for all past releases! Support If you want to get support, please include a detailed description of the problem, your KSP logs, and—if applicable—screenshots. If you do not include these requirements, you will not receive support. Known issues Floating terrain scatters Orbital issues when entering/escaping the influence of small moons Whenever you leave the SOI of a small moon, timewarp until you are a significant distance away to avoid phantom acceleration and orbital instabilities Occasional terrain bugs (see polar caps) Screenshots System in-depth overview System poster License Precursors Planet Pack is licensed under All Rights Reserved. That means you cannot... Copy my work Create derivatives of my work Use my work in other projects When KSP 2 comes out, you cannot replicate or create derivatives of my work in-game. The license for Precursors applies to KSP 2 in addition to KSP 1. If you have a question regarding the license, please send me a message through the forums. Thanks! Proper credit has been given to mods and textures not created by me. These mods are exempt from Precursors’ All Rights Reserved license. Thank you everyone for your continued support!
  2. You need Kopernicus for this mod to work. Recent Changelog - 2/1/2022 -Added biome maps for all bodies (except for gas giants). -Rebalanced science gains for all bodies. Science income is lower overall to encourage exploration of bodies and biomes. Known issues -Solace terrain appears dark on some graphics settings. To Do -Fix gas giant atmosphere pressure curves and appearances -Fix seriously bad-looking terrain on some bodies -Make proper scatterer configs -Add hidden planets Download GitHub release page To install, extract the downloaded file and drag the WPlanetPack folder into your GameData folder. Screenshots and Bodies Myna, the new Mun. Very green. Klip, much larger and heavier than Minmus. Filled with hills and some sharp ridges. Grasse, a heavy rock close to Eve's old orbit. It doesn't look pleasant from space, but it makes for a great drive. Bedu, a gas dwarf close to Moho's orbit. It harbors two small moons, neither of which have atmospheres. Kase, one of them, can be seen here. Cinder, a moon made of popcorn. Confirmation needed. Argent, a planet so close to the sun that its surface has been blasted away. Touch up in progress. Aeris and its moon Sedra. I plan on reworking Aeris's terrain soon, but I think I'll keep the color scheme. Byte, a barren desert world with lots of craters. Bit, Moon of Byte. 1/8 the size, too. Vita and one of its moons, Ola (serious work needed on terrain at the moment) Joule, the new Jool (needs polar distortions still). Ohm, a large moon with a thin atmosphere. It has high peaks for its size, and a lot of islands. Amp, a very large rocky moon without an atmosphere. Rework is mostly complete, just messing with colors and a few areas of terrain. Spark, a spherical asteroid only a few km across. I'd remake it, but the surface is too fun. Volt, a large desert moon. The atmosphere isn't as thick as it looks, I'll fix it eventually. Ira, a small, dense ice moon. It has a thin-ish atmosphere, but planes shouldn't be too hard to land here if they're light enough. No oxygen. Elias, the current replacement for Eeloo. It will be moved out much farther than its current position. Any thoughts/criticism? Please share it with me, I need every bit I can get. Please don't redistribute this mod as your own. If you want to make any modifications to it and rerelease it, contact me first.
  3. Homebound is the official system replacer of Endless Expanse, development is still ongoinging so please be patient As i go along updated for homebound development will be posted here, as not everyone has discord where i previously mostly posted updates Current progress: I'll be posting as i continue developing this system, Stay tuned!
  4. Welcome to my second mod thread. If you haven't already noticed, I've pretty much halted development for RealExpansion due to low community interest and me wanting to persue Far Lands. Far Lands adds more star systems into the game in a similar style to KSS, with multiple filler stars for gravity assists and to look nice. Far Lands is defined as a mega project as I plan to add a large amount of systems working in between other mods. The goals are very much long term, and updates will be infrequent. Discord - Please join us, we need more people Wiki Download: Github: https://github.com/AR3S-Vega/FarLands Current Development Status: Queued Contact me if you find any bugs/copyright violations No pics no clicks: Special Thanks to: @StarCrusher96 for help with textures and kopernicus @GurrenLagannCWP for concepts and generally being a sound guy @Noah the Smol for ideas and concepts Release Schedule (rough estimates): This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. If there are any legal concerns message me preferibly on discord. I'm not the best with licensing.
  5. Outer Planets Mod v2.2.10 This version of Outer Planets Mod has been built to work for KSP version 1.3.1 - 1.12.*. About The Outer Planets Mod is a mod that expands the outer edges of the Kerbol system to create something akin to the real Solar System's. It adds Kerbalized versions of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as several of these planets' moons. These faraway planets provide a challenge rarely encountered in Kerbal Space Program; you'll have to figure out new transfer windows, manage your power supply differently, provide your spacecraft with more Delta-V and be ready to travel years or even decades. This mod is being developed and maintain by a group of collaborators, alongside and following the initial development of the mod creator, CaptRobau. Features Explore 15 new highly detailed planets and moons, all in a stock-a-like artstyle. Discover never before seen worlds, such as a sub-satellite, Trojan moon or a set of binary bodies. Collect science in over 140 biomes, with almost a thousand unique science blurbs. Custom terrain textures and improved ground scatter has made planets and moons never look so good up close. A full set of KSPedia entries for OPM's various bodies helps you to navigate the far reaches of the Kerbol system. Includes a Level 4 Tracking Station upgrade (requires CustomBarnKit) to boost your communication range out to the furthest reaches of the system without requiring additional modded antennas. Extensive third-party mod integration means you can play OPM with a whole range of other mods. Download You can either manually download and install Outer Planets Mod via the button and installation instructions below or by installing it automatically via CKAN (first-party support of CKAN is provided and new releases should automatically be indexed by CKAN in due course). Installation Instructions Extract the GameData folder found in the downloadable .zip directly into your Kerbal Space Program install directory. If located correctly, the OPM and CTTP directories should be found at: \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\OPM & \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CTTP Dependencies The following KSP mods must be installed prior to using Outer Planets Mod (ensure you install the correct version of the dependencies for your version of KSP): Kopernicus (depending on KSP version) Module Manager Community Terrain Texture Pack - bundled within OPM Supported Mods Custom Barn Kit Community Resource Pack Distant Object Enhancement PlanetShine Research Bodies Visual Mods By default, Outer Planets Mods does not come with any included visual pack to support EVE or Scatterer. There are a few mods that add these atmospheric visual enhancements to OPM as follows: Stock Visual Enhancements - Retextures the Gas Giants and adds atmospheric scatter and cloud support to all atmospheric bodies. Does not apply effects if Pood's OPM-VO is installed also. Pood's Outer Planets Mod - Visual Overhaul - Retextures the Gas Giants and adds atmospheric scatter and cloud support to all atmospheric bodies. Not been updated in a while so your mileage may vary. Screenshots The scale of the OPM system compared to the orbit of Jool: Size comparison of Outer Planets and their moons: Sarnus overview: Urlum overview: Neidon overview: Plock overview: Changelog Please expand the 'spoiler' box below to view all changelog details: Credits Please expand the 'spoiler' box below to view the accreditations for Outer Planets Mod: Previous Threads Original thread by CaptRobau: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/93999-121-outer-planets-mod-21-active-development-has-moved-see-first-post-for-new-thread/ Continuation thread by Galileo: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/165854-ksp-15-outer-planets-mod221-25-april-2018/ License Outer Planets Mod is being maintained by a collaborative group. The mod is still licensed under the original Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.
  6. What is it? A Planet Jam is like a Game Jam but with Kopernicus. Anybody is allowed to participate in the Planet Jam, but a basic understanding of planet modding is expected. Every two weeks, a Planet Jam Challenge will be released on the KSP Forums alongside specific rules and other information. Competitors must craft the best celestial body possible for the challenge and submit it for judging. The score each submission will receive depends on Whether it suits the challenge Whether it abides by the rules, both general and Challenge specific Points awarded based on originality, appearance, and production techniques Following each challenge submission deadline, four elected judges from the KSP Forums (including myself as the host/moderator) will grade the submissions and select four award winners. Winners may choose to have their celestial bodies implemented into an official Planet Jam Mod, which will showcase all previous winners' submissions. Because the Planet Jam is in its early stages, please feel free to ask questions or give suggestions on how to improve the competition experience! Use either this thread or DM me on Discord @ wpetula#4357. I will be updating this post frequently in the coming days, so stay tuned for updates! When does it start? Challenge #1 has already been released (see the post below)! Challenge timeline Judges for the next challenge are elected A new challenge is released on the Forums Competitors have two weeks to craft their submissions Competitors submit their creations for judging Winners are announced on the KSP Forums The Planet Jam Mod is updated Entry Who can participate Anyone can participate in any Planet Jam Challenge, unless They are a judge for the challenge They have been banned by the judges They have uploaded their submission after the challenge submission deadline Uploading your submission What to submit You must submit a folder labelled, "(Your alternate name here): Challenge #1" for judging. See the lists below for what your submission folder should contain. Required Config (.cfg) All maps, textures, and files required for your submission to run in-game as intended README (.txt) file Alternate name for author This is to prevent bias during judging Make sure to choose a name that is unlikely to be used by another competitor! License chosen by author Decision to be showcased in the Planet Jam Mod (yes or no) A list of dependencies and compatible mods Not required but considered Scatterer + related files and textures Not required and not considered EVE and related files EVE will not be considered (yet) because there are not enough tutorials available for new modders Other mods Where to submit Competitors will upload copies of their submissions to their Google Drive account and share it with the judges. This method guarantees that competitors cannot alter other submissions, and their original work is protected from alteration. Rules for submission Each competitor may only submit one celestial body for judging (unless specified otherwise). If additional celestial bodies are submitted, they will not be considered. Only under approval from a majority of the judges may additional submissions be considered. Celestial bodies submitted after the challenge submission deadline will not be considered. A late submission will only be considered if a majority of the judges approve. Competitors must submit their own work. Work copied from existing mods or past submissions will not be accepted and scored. Terrain textures borrowed from community mod packs such as CTTP are permitted Judges may not upload their own submissions with the intent of winning an award. If a judge attempts to submit their work in any form with the intent of winning an award, they may be prohibited or banned from judging some or all future challenges. NOTE: A judge may request to submit their work for scoring, "just for fun". This is perfectly fine! The judge's submission will not be given any awards. Other notes for submissions Check whether your submission appears and works as intended on a clean install of KSP (plus Scatterer and dependencies if necessary) Judges may not have the same mods as you installed on their computers, and some mods alter the appearance of celestial bodies in unexpected ways Judging Who can be a judge If you want to be a judge for the next challenge, email me through the KSP Forums or DM me on Discord @ wpetula#4357. You will be added to a list of other judge considerations. Current judges have the option to remain a judge for the next challenge or resign and participate as a competitor instead. Submission scoring Judges will score submissions from 1-5 in three categories: Originality, Appearance, and Production Techniques. Submissions that explore a new, interesting concept will receive high scores in Originality, submissions that are stunning in looks will receive high scores in Appearance, and submissions that were developed with an innovative approach will receive high scores in Production Techniques. Awards There is one award per category, plus one for whichever submission scores the highest overall. Most Original Concept Best in Appearance Most Innovative Production Method Best in Show Entry into the Planet Jam Mod The Planet Jam Mod will showcase all previous winners in organized solar systems. In the description for a winning celestial body, information about the competition will be paired with any additional lore the author decides to include. Example of a winner description AUTHOR: forum user MoarBoosters2 AWARDED: Best in Show JUDGE COMMENTS: (why the judges thought the submission deserved the award) NUMBER OF COMPETITORS: 12 LICENSE: All Rights Reserved MODS BY AUTHOR: Booster’s Planet Pack, Even Moar Planets (Optional celestial body description here) The link to the Planet Jam Mod download will be posted after Challenge #1 is complete. Benefits of the Planet Jam Educational: Modders of all skill levels can learn from each other by studying and exploring celestial bodies showcased in the Planet Jam Mod Community-building: The Planet Jam is intended to bring the KSP community together in an open, friendly competition for all. This event is an amazing opportunity for players to participate in the modding community! Advertisement: Modders of all skill levels have the opportunity to show off their skills and gain recognition in the KSP Community Entertainment: Planet Jams are extremely uncommon on the KSP Forums, so the community will have something new to try Preventing shenanigans While this competition is intended to be casual, any behaviors considered suspicious or disruptive will not be tolerated. These behaviors include but are not limited to Discouraging others in any manner Constructive criticism is fine; just make sure it's actually constructive Attempting to alter or destroy other people’s work before or during scoring Uploading inappropriate or unrelated submissions Attempting to intentionally delay a valid participant from submitting their work Attempting to enter the competition as a current judge Attempting to break the rules using loopholes or “sneaky tactics” NOTE: The rules of the Planet Jam are subject to flexible interpretation, logic, and reasoning. The severity of violations will be assessed by the judges and, if needed, additional KSP Forum members. Violators may be prohibited from some or all future challenges. Have fun, everyone! Thank you for your support.
  7. Hello! This post is not a request. The KSP2 team has complete creative control. This is not a post about wind or floods or heavy snow or other gameplay changing related features. This is just a list of videos created using Unity that show how beautiful and immersive a celestial body can be if it has weather and other environmental visual effects in addition to clouds and atmospheric scattering / lighting (things that have already been confirmed). I think visually simulating alien climates / seasons / weather .. even vegetation .. would be revolutionary in gaming (weather caused by a different atmospheric chemistry and different physical properties like temperature and pressure). Rain Storm and Lightning Snow storm Vegetation Volumetric Lighting and Flowing Fog Volumetric Clouds Tornado and whirlwind Sandstorm Avalanche (could be with snow, dirt, mud & rocks) Lava, melting ice, mud slides (could not find examples for all) Snow / sand / dust footprints Snow / ice environment Oceanic and flowing river water, dynamic waves Just thinking about how all this would look like on exotic celestial bodies is beyond imagination. I repeat, it's not a request, it's just something I dream of seeing - on alien planets - someday. Weather, climate, seasons.. they are part of the planet with atmosphere as much as the terrain and lighting.
  8. KHNS is not a Huge mod, But Aims to make an experience of a "Neighborhood" around Kerbol, it Contains 5 systems (With kerbol) as of now I have 30 bodies, while its not supposed to be the size of mega mods like GU and Wabi-Sabi, but its Aims to Fill the gaps that Squad Left in making a small stellar neighborhood (1 - 15 light years). This mod is small But it aims to be my best, and I want it to look best in the end and that You; the Player receives the BEST Gameplay. And a Kerbol Revamp Downloads : [Download link removed by moderator, pending licensing issue] ChangeLog : LICENSING : All Rights Reserved This means : You cannot use assets, you cannot Modify or use assets in your own mod no matter if its Mixed and matched, These assets are of KHNS and KHNS ONLY, But Some parts of It have a Different License Like the PQS materials are free, licensed by CC-BY-SA, from https://polyhaven.com/, and the Skybox which is sourced from https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/ Stars + Milky Way 8K texture. I only grant you the permission to edit the _KHNS-Setting.cfg DEPENDANCIES: Known Bugs STATUS BETA Screenshots : COMPATIBILITY : Credits : Little Word From Me : This mod is the mark of my very first 99.99% inhouse done mod, with basically everything I learnt into it, I would appreciate constructive feedback, Special Thanks to @StarCrusher96 For His Immense Help in Advises, Debugging and Configging help, and at times even helping in Texturing and I highly appreciate his mentoring and support towards me and my Team and the overall The KHNS mod, Many other People helped me over this mod so Thank you everyone for Support, it would have been impossible without you guys, specially the testers and internal dev team. Hope you all Enjoy the Mod!
  9. Estrela Dobre - A unique star system Also, this is my first planet pack lol This mod was mostly born out of the idea of a planetary system with a main sequence star that is not the usual perfect (or near perfect) sphere. And that It seems that a star system mod with such a star, seems kinda rare lol. The current system Epafi & Adactus These two stars have a few nicknames lol... probably the most accurate one is "Beans", not "balls", because it would be a little... eh lol. When the system was first discovered, it was long thought it was a single star, but when scientists measured the mass and the brightness of the system, something didnt add up, however, when the one Kerbal found out a possible reason by accidentally dropping a mk1 light infront of another, it all made sense. The two stars, Epafi & Adactus orbit so close together, that they actually Touch. The two stars are 95% and 60% the mass of Kerbol respectivley. and they whiz around the system barycenter at 70km/s, while their SOIs dont touch, and its technically possible to orbit only one of them (irl this is actually impossible), you could get some insane gravity assists. If you manage to HIT the barycenter by coming in at a non relativistic speed, and on the plane of the stars orbits, post it here, thats impressive. Ok, enough rambling about the two stars, now onto the planets lol Oyst and its moons Oyst is the closest planet, too close for liquid water to exist. It seems like a kinda boring gas giant at first, until you go into the clouds, as there will soon be some alien structures in the atmosphere (havent added them yet lol). Collait and Culair and their moons The reason I want these two gas giants to have surfaces is so there is something to actually explore instead of a GLOBAL BOTTOMLESS PIT OF DOOOOOOM!!!! (lol) Hados and its moons Ichor and its moon That is all of the current planets in this system. Planet to do list: Contact binary stars/barycenter - investigate issue with sunflare config Oyst - fix atmosphere Avon and Paxt - make biome maps Collait - fix atmosphere height and get new ring texture, and add biome map Xaxt - add biome map Correlae - add biome map, slightly tweak atmosphere color Culair - add surface to make it explorable, fix texture, fix atmosphere, add biome map Neptheis - add biome map Petrichor - fix surface normals. Termania - fix the faint seams before the sheer quantity of them gives Linx a heart attack (or just redo the surface), and also add biome map Hados - fix ocean node issues, atmosphere, replace surface texture, and probably add a faint ring of ice near Ieros' orbit, add biome map Basa and Altic - add biome maps Ieros - fix atmosphere and ocean node issues, and add biome map Ichor - done! Anos -done! Misc. To Do list: -Make custom icons - in progress - figure out how to add ore to all the bodies Recent update: (pre-release!) -Added a surface texture to Ichor (wip) -Fixed Ichor's atmosphere to be 20km high based on correct calculations instead of the incorrect 3km. -Tried to add custom sunflares to the binary stars, but that didnt really work. Pre-Release 1.4 (Latest) Disclaimer: this version still has quite a few bugs, and is primarily to fix those bugs. As usual for planet packs, kopernicus is required for this mod to work. Note: It has been discovered that the game crashing upon SOI change into a faraway system's main SOI is caused by the stock maneuver planner attempting paths and crashing. It is recommended to install KSPCommunityFixes and disabling the stock maneuver planner to remedy the issue. Install newest kopernicus version and enable "disablefarawaycolliders" to keep your craft from exploding while exploring the star system. (This option is for bodies MUCH further than Eeloo)
  10. Wabi Sabi - Perfect Imperfection The Overview: Wabi-Sabi. A word that has held prevalence in Japanese culture for centuries. A word that holds so much meaning and depth, it lacks a proper translation into English. It means the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete in nature. Wabi-Sabi holds an appreciation of both natural objects and forces of nature, appreciating austerity, modesty, intimacy, asymmetry and roughness. Our planets easily fit this brand. Instead of embracing perfect spheres, habitable planets, perfect and balanced solar systems, we have a different unique approach. Each of our bodies has something unique to offer. In this mod, you won't cheat orbit around each body, or just observe from afar in tracking station, but be motivated to say "I want to go there for myself", and furthermore, "I want to stay here and keep coming back". Planets are unique experiences. They shouldn't be one off screenshot generators, but full of worth, value, and creativity blended with realism. Everything from a super-kerbin with exotic ammonia based life, to a lonely vacuum planet should have a relatively similar amount of value and unique content. If you want solar systems crammed with content, uniquely hand crafted planets, with plenty of gameplay, offering new challenges and reasons to explore, then this is it. Quality > quantity. No filler. In-depth lore and story that will send you on an odyssey spanning the small cluster of stars you find yourself in, somewhere between galaxies. Coming soon™️. Incompatibility Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/HYZcvaK (Check back occasionally, I will be updating this! Also also, stuff is heavy WIP so it might not be great as of now, please be nice lol) @Bendy SnowballCo-Developer, PR work, Director, Management, etc. @ballisticfox0 EVE help @ShbibePlaytesting @bobjonesisthebest:D Sciencedefs @Caps Lock Sunflare The Kopernicus Discord Server - Being a great help to me. I can't list all the names individually, but thanks @TheOrios system help/making, concepting @KerbinSphere Part making/modelling @Jason Kerman Their pole spike fixing python script @R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus @TheProtagonists While their textures are no longer in use, I just think they are cool @RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator @OhioBobAtmosphere calculator @JadeOfMaar System maps Soon This mod is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. Any reuse of my/Wabi-Sabi team's assets is strictly forbidden. Contact me at smushanoob#4556 or the discord server if you have questions about the mod.
  11. Greetings everyone! It's been quite a long time since I was last actively part of this community and game. For those that remember me, I was once one of the Community Managers alongside CaptSkunky way back in the day. A lot of things have changed in my life, including the fact I go by Ciara now (and can't seem to update my display name on the forums) but after a very long time away I'm back! Not only am I back, but I've been inspired by StarCrusher's Galaxies Unbound Project to attempt not only learning how to mod, but undertaking a massive planet mod pack. I'd like to share this journey with you including my workflow, concepts, and successes and failures. So, please come along for the ride and maybe in the next few months I'll have something I can be proud of contributing to the community along with all these amazing and talented authors. Workflow Concept Artist Controlled Procedural Content Generation The concept of Artist Controlled PCG is one that exists in multiple mainline space projects of note. The primary concept is that an artist will use a tool to procedrually generate a planet or terrain and then utalize the output of that tool as a "Canvas" to work off of using said Canvas as a foundation to contorl the following, Atmospheric Color Points of Interest Specific Terrain Features Scatter and Ground Clutter Control Color Palette Main Goals and Features * Utalize a Procedural Star System Generation System to use as a staging point to launch pad off from. * Utalize a Procedural and Fractal Based Terrain Generation Method to make truly unique planets generating 8bit greyscale height maps procedrually * Take Real world Orbital Data and Information Generated by the tools in order to create the proper scaled versions in a Kerbol Stock-a-like manner. Test Map - Low Quality / Low Reolution Step 1 - Procedurally Generated Height Map Step 2 - Lightness (HSL) Color Desaturation Step 3 - Color Inversion Step 4 - Color Correction Obvioulsy this height map wont work, it's just a test of the process that I'm going to attempt to see if I can quickly (a few days or so) generate a height map, normal map, and color map, and with the tools I have work on tweaking the outputs to create unique worlds that are procedurally generated but the final outcome is artist controlled. I'll be running some tests tonight and tommorrow and I hope to have test worlds in game to showcase then. See ya soon! -Ciara (Formerly DR) Quick Color Map Test (The Color isn't final but I wanted to see how it would look.) Tool Used: Wilbur + GIMP Procedures Used: Percentage Noise & 1st Pass Erosion Test (Yes I know the edges are way to sharp, just testing and learning tools.)
  12. Hello everyone! I know that the planet / moon roster for initial game release is probably already set in stone, but there is a lot of room for future expansion in the KSP universe. So I'm going to make a compilation / list of (mostly crazy and probably not possible IRL) planet / moon physics ideas. Any feedback and extra ideas are more than welcome! - binary system with a common atmospheric bridge (maybe generated by gasses from vulcanism like on Rask & Rusk) - that could maybe allow armospheric flight from one planet to another - planets with a lot of vulcanism without / with normal / very thick atmosphere (there are very big differences related to vulcanic explosions behavior) - solid clouds you can land on (like in Interstellar) - maybe above a gas giant, porous ice clouds - water world with huge tsunamis (like in Interstellar) - foam world (water world with oceans that have a thick layer of foam above, with only mountain peaks clear for landing) - classic half hellscape / half frozen planet (planet tidally locked to star, one half in perpetual darkness) - planet like Crematoria in Chronicles of Riddick, with extreme moving heat wave during daytime - planet with a lot of tornadoes and localized storms - rainy planet (serene or with howling winds) - spiky planet (like carbon spikes) with very few places to land on - furry shores planet with aluminum lands and mercury seas (check the chemical reaction https://youtu.be/IrdYueB9pY4 ) - Dune - planet with a lot of sinkholes and lava tubes - planet with dust streaming off of it - radiation and winds from the nearby star would blow off material from its circumference, there would be liniar winds - rogue planets - Europa / Enceladus like moons or planets, with very deep oceans under the ice, geothermal vents - very, very old planet - planets with unstable, varied orbits (like in three body problem) - swamp / mist world - merged double planet (with 8 shape) - metalic planet / moon - some kind of disk world - matte black planet (dark like charcoal) - egg shaped (gravitational pull) - planet surrounded by orbiting liquid bubbles that periodically fall back down - very cold planet with levitating quantum locked metal islands - planet or moon cracked / split in half (Doom vibes) - ice VII / X body - bromic acid seas, Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction (video) - phosphorescence / triboluminescence - Mercury (II) thiocyanate / calcium gluconate (video) - ferrofluid lakes / volcanoes - climate / seasons! - very tight and fast orbit around a red dwarf - a pulsar with high radiation levels and you can see it's beams even when landed on a planet (like in Galaxies Unbound) - black hole with orbiting system - planet with two perpendicular orbiting debris disks, at different altitudes - giant impact crater or crack / trench / canyon which contains all the planet's atmosphere (like atmospheric density differences on Duna) - a desert where we can take our rovers and do high dune jumps like at Baja - 10+ km cliffs like Verona Rupes on Miranda (Uranus moon) so we can jump off it - celestial body with giant atmospheric or liquid vortex (let's say you could fly inside it and touch the bottom of the ocean) I will add more...
  13. I am back again and I am pleased to announce a new Planet Pack, yet again. But this one is special, its a remake of my first Planet Pack, The New Crew. Now, you might have noticed, the mod's name is quite misleading, and that's why It is now renamed the Alpharia planet Pack(BTW there is no planet called Alpharaia, It's only called that as it was a remake of my first planet pack and just Alpha sounded boring) Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2751/Alpharia Planet Pack (The New Crew Reloaded)?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> Compatible with KSP Version: 1.12.1, 1.11.1 Content(For now) 2 Planets(1 rocky world, 1 Gas giant) 1 Dwarf Planet 9 moons(1 around the Rocky planet,6 around the Gas giant, 2 around the Dwarf planet) Also if you are doing a review for this planet pack, the difficult to pronounce name will have pronunciations in the brackets in the info pannel( also in the pack the syllable "Cy" is pronounced as "Sai") Some Cool shots of the Pack Dependencies Kopernicus(along with everything else in the Kopernicus.zip file) MIT by Thomas P. Kittopia Tech MIT by Thomas P. Supported Mods/Visual mods Environmental Visual Enhancement (EVE) Scatterer Parallax All Visual mods come pre-bundled More content will be coming soonTM The plans for new content: More moons for Cytaria(planned 6) Now finished !!! add some dwarf planets Partially done!! Add an optional alternate homeworld(Cyz0122) License: MIT
  14. Endless expanse: DOT-33 is the first part of an eventual galaxy. The current system (DOT-33) is a binary star system consisting of a yellow dwarf and an orange dwarf, each with their own system. So, will you be able to survive the endless expanse? https://spacedock.info/mod/2936/Endless Expanse: DOT-33 To all of the people who supported me during development, thank you. See you in the full release -TheOrios CC-BY-NC-ND
  15. This forum post is aimed to share some utilities and tricks that might help with developing custom planets that use Kopernicus. This page is meant for planet developers, not for regular users. Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap (0.3) Download (and source): Github License: MIT Comparison Images PQS similar to the stock's VertexHeightMap, but using cubic filtering instead of bilineal filtering. This yields a generally less pixelated terrain, and far better and smoother cliffs. Read the wiki for installation and usage. It's recommended that if you use this PQS in your own mod, you bundle it with your mod, as to avoid annoyance to the users.
  16. I am making a mod right now and I have encountered some bugs that I cant seem to solve. This gas planet is having lighting issues Planet texture bugging out bad
  17. Akin to SpaceEngine, KSP2 procedurally generating star systems? (If the comment made on KSP Episode 5: Interstellar Travel is true, this seems the most physically plausible) Thoughts?
  18. So... A few months ago I created a mod that adds the system from movie Interstellar to your game. And that I thought "Why not make a mod that adds a system from another Sci-Fi movie?" So, let me introduce... THE KOLYPHEMUS SYSTEM This mod adds the kerbalized version of Polyphemus and its moons from the movie Avatar. NOTE: Two of the bodies in the mod (Kolyphemus and Pandoor) is fully based off the Polyphemus and Pandora. Other moons of the Kolyphemus are not canonical. The system: Kolyphemus - a gas giant with oxygen atmosphere that orbits between Eve and Kerbin Kalatea - that weird moon is often called "The Space Cheese" due to its strange shape, orbits between Kolyphemus' rings Moei - a lava world Pandoor - a habitable planet with giant trees on its surface (the trees are WIP and may glitch) [MORE PICS] [DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK] If you like my mods, then why not leave a small donation to keep me be motivated doing another one? It really helps me out! Thanks to: @Artem Kerman for helping me a lot with the visuals @Samio for uploading the Moei color map in the Posiible planet additions thread
  19. I would like to find some planet mods that add new stars and planets, not replace the stock system. I already have OPM and GEP. Is there anything else?
  20. Welcome to the development thread for the Precursors Planet Pack! This thread is very old and outdated. See the new one here: PRECURSORS IS OUT! DOWNLOAD AT https://spacedock.info/mod/2869/Precursors Planet Pack#info Mod Overview The discovery of mysterious SSTV signals originating from Duna was a monumental leap in the search for intelligent life. Deciphering the signals revealed The Ignotum System, a previously undiscovered solar system 3 light years from Kerbin. Having recently mastered interstellar travel and hibernation technologies, the Kerbals were quick to launch an expedition to this new system. The trip ran smoothly, but upon arrival.... ... Alone among the stars, you are the future of the expedition. Rediscover ancient rocketry and flight technologies as you explore a vast, handcrafted solar system. Uncover the secrets behind the SSTV signals and the alien race that created them. Precursors is a planet pack designed to provide a fresh and exciting experience to players. Stranded on a barren but habitable world, traverse highly detailed celestial bodies and never-before-seen environments. Each planet and moon has a distinct challenge and appearance; hike across scalding volcanic mountains, maneuver through massive forests, and battle against relentless gravity on your journey across The Ignotum System. Collect custom science reports and unearth extensive lore in this continuation of the KSP story. Dependencies This mod is compatible with KSP 1.9.x-1.12.x. Precursors uses Scatterer to enhance the player experience. While Scatterer is not necessary, I highly recommend you download it for the full experience. Updates I will frequently discuss new content and post in-game screenshots of my progress. Most of these screenshots are taken from orbit and shouldn't be huge spoilers. Mod plan (SPOILERS) Screenshots (SPOILERS) RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW Screenshots here are not up to date.
  21. Same as the last video, we have a hidden something at the end of the video. Last time it was a Arecibo-style message, what do we have now?
  22. It was about time for me to release my first planet pack! Introducing... Cyran! Introducing, from left to right: Cyran - Infernas - Dres(remade) - Iltan - Kivlan - Sennim - Protorin - Glacia - Zerto - Crysalis. The moons in this image are scaled, Cyran is not (otherwise the Cyran in the image would have to be 16000 pixels in diameter...) So, what do these planets look like? Glacia Crysalis Protorin Zerto Sennim Kivlan Iltan Dres Infernas Cyran And last but not least, Cyran itself: a large, orange gas giant orbiting in between Duna and Jool. Cyran is unique because due to the decay of radioactive elements in the planet's core, it is emitting enough heat to melt anything that gets too close. Therefore be very, very careful with aerobreaks here, you might find yourself boiling up before you even get close to the atmosphere. This does mean any orbiting station can cut back on the heating fee, of course. Any more sweet details? Well, certainly! Check out the (first version of) Cyran's trailer! Features Version 1.0 - Initial release - Added Cyran and a bunch of moons - Added particle system to Infernas - Biomes for most moons Version 2.0 (May 25th, 2016) - Added (partially complete) ScienceDefs - Updated Cyran to 1.1.2 - Added a remade Dres - Support for Distant Object Enhancement added - Support for PlanetShine added - First steps made for E.V.E support - Increased the size of Iltan - Increased size of Iltan's atmosphere - Increased temperature on Iltan - Added biome maps to all moons - Custom ocean textures added to Sennim - Terrain scatter added to all moons - Custom terrain scatter added to Sennim - Fixed atmosphere rim of Sennim being orange instead of green - Fixed Sennim having an incorrect atmosphere color on the banner - Official flags for Cyran have been added - In-game screenshots made - Moved the changelog to the Readme.txt file. Version 3.0 (December 26th, 2016) - Compatibility with KSP 1.2.X. - Remade Kivlan and Zerto entirely. - Three new moons: Protorin, Glacia and Crysalis. - Art pass on Iltan. - Scatterer support! - EVE support! (Big thanks to Galileo for letting me use textures from SVE and helping me with the configs!) - Overhaul on Infernas' particle system (thanks you, SAS123!) - Many new science defenitions (thank you, MinimalMinmus!) - Many new biomes to explore and better biomes in general. - Many other Kopernicus mods are now supported - Some easter eggs have been added... - Full KSPedia support! - New surface textures, using CTTP (like OPM) - New heatcurve for Cyran, ships now heat up with a certain amount of Kelvin per frame below an altitude of 5 million meters, the intensity scales with distance. - Cyran now has a (cloudy) 'surface texture' instead of a void. - Cyran's rings have been overhauled to display the decay of Infernas more realistically (thank you, SAS123!) and a new ring has been added. - New lava texture on Infernas, as well as a new particle texture. - Improved scaledversion textures. And still on the to-do list are: - Missing Science Defenitions - Asteroid spawning system Alright, alright, where do I download this? Right over on SpaceDock. The mod has been updated to work with 1.2, and support for PlanetShine, DistantObjectEnhancement, EVE, Scatterer and TextureReplacer is included. (Kerbals can remove their helmets on Iltan) Support Cyran? @JadeOfMaar has created an awesome signature banner for Cyran! LINK
  23. So... Almost two years ago @Artyomka15 created a wonderful mod. Kolyphemus System is a analogue of the Polyphemus System from movie Avatar. So, it's time to back a legend*! *ORIGINAL THREAD: THE KOLYPHEMUS SYSTEM Mod adds the kerbalized version of Polyphemus and its moons from the movie Avatar Kolyphemus - a blue gas giant with oxygen atmosphere that orbits between Kerbin and Eve (what??) Kalatea - that weird moon is often called "The Space Cheese" due to it's strange shape... Moei - do you love hot chics? I wish you were here Pandoor - a habitable planet with giant trees, which can be a reason for your lags... Changelog MORE SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK LICENCE: CC-BY-NC-SA
  24. Some of the KSP Show and Tell videos appear to be taken in a deep, sand-colored valley of some sort. Is this environment just a test scene, or is it located on an in-game planet or moon? The amount of terrain detail and the inclusion of a sun / atmosphere seems to indicate that this place is a real location in-game. If not Kerbin or Laythe, where could this be?
  25. Dres clearly doesn't exist. Between Duna and Jool, there is a big ring of absolutely nothing. If you could, what would you replace the so-called "Dres" with?
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