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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, How do you set up engines such as the ELF Plasma Thruster in KSP InterstellarFuelSwitch in 1.8.1? I've tried attaching it directly to the Molten Salt Reactor and then also the Open Cycle Gas Core Fission Reactor, but it can never go above 0.00001 kN of thrust. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but all the tutorials are so out of date. What makes it even more confusing is that when I deploy the Gigantor XL Solar Panels, the engine can suddenly produce up to 0.00800 kN out of nowhere. Basically, could someone please explain to me how to set up plasma, fusion, and thermal engines in this mod? I can't get anywhere with it. Thanks
  2. TL;DR: Is there any kind of formula which allows to calculate whether I'll have a plasma blackout on a given altitude (or atmospheric pressure) and speed? Hey folks, I'm planning a scientific mission to Laythe to gather as much data as possible (so I plan to visit all biomes with one vehicle). Given that Laythe has an oxygen-rich atmosphere, I don't want to wait multiple hours to travel through half a planet, and I will probably have to land on small spots of hilly terrain as well as in see, the obvious choice is to build a hypersonic plane with vertical takeoff and landing with a tiny mining rig onboard. Unmanned, for the sake of realism. Flying with J-X4 Whiplash on 4 Machs and 25-30 km altitude looks good. The problem is that sometimes my plane encounters plasma blackout, with consequent loss of control. I try preventing that by flying higher and slower. How can I check that I'm safe on a given altitude and speed? I tried experimenting, and the results look inconclusive: I experience blackout at 830 m/s, but a couple minutes later I fly normally at 1350 m/s, at a lower altitude.
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