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Found 2 results

  1. Red Stapler's Music Melomania Mod (RSMMM) Stock-alike Instrumental & Ambient Tracks for KSP RSMMM is a mod/add-on to Soundtrack Editor/Forked that adds 169 stockalike music and 57 ambient sounds in order to further enhance and add a bit of groove to your Kerbal Space Program experience. All tracks are instrumental, some are whimsical, some are loungy...all approved by the Kerbin Instrumental Sound Society (KISS). Reggae/Dub, Funk, Jazz, Disco, World, Classic Guitar, Latin/Brazilian, Blues, Mellow Rock, Loungy Stand up Bass Types, Groovy Space Rock, Futuristic Modern Spacey Stuff, Chilling in Space Ambiances, 1960s Star Trek TV Series sound-alikes, and a splash of Austin Powers-ish cutscene music to keep your Kerbals (or you) from going daft on long missions. - Downloads - Note: Soundtrack Editor Forked installation is required RSMMM (mod): GitHub | SpaceDock | CurseForge RSMMM (source): GitHub Image Gallery (Some late night ‘concert’ screen shots, just for fun) Sample Music Bummin on Tremelo Chill Wave Bicycle Deadly Roulette Secret of Tiki Island Sneaky Snitch Jellyfish in Space Eternity Kool Kats Your Call Additional music at: https://incompetech.com/music - This is Kevin MacLeod’s site http://freemusicarchive.org - Tons of music https://www.free-stock-music.com - More tons of music https://freesound.org - Gazillions of ambient sounds Installation You need to have Soundtrack Editor Forked already installed in your root KSP folder as per the instructions for that mod. Extract the entire contents of this zip to the KSP root folder, merging the Licenses, Music, and Playlists folders with the existing folders (RSMMM will not overwrite anything in these folders unless you have installed an earlier version of this mod). Open the Playlists folder, make a backup/rename your current playlists.cfg file and rename RS playlist.cfg* to playlist.cfg. * NOTE: RS playlists.cfg is a 'Read Only' file. REASON: If you are using the older Soundtrack Editor, it changes 'vesselState' to 'vesselSituation' when you save changes via the in game editor (affected playlists will not work correctly the next time you fire up KSP). Feel free to manually edit the playlists file but remember to make it 'Read Only' again or you will get musical 'surprises' in flight scenes. If you are using Sound Track Editor Forked, you can remove the 'Read Only' setting as this issue has been addressed but I am leaving the file as read only so it can be used with both editors/people running older stuff. 4. Launch KSP and enjoy the new instrumental and ambient tracks! Other/Helpful Info Opening Soundtrack Editor/Forked (per instructions from Soundtrack Editor): Start up KSP and go to the KSC or flight menu. Click on the music speaker icon in the application launcher to open the Soundtrack Editor. Adding custom music files (per instructions from Soundtrack Editor): Drop any new .wav, .ogg or .mp3 files you want to use into the Music folder, next to KSP.exe. These will be available to use in Soundtrack Editor playlists. You can create as many sub folders here as you want to organize the tracks. The ‘Not Used’ Folder (located in Music\RSMusic\Not Used): Contains a few tracks that were interesting but did not make the cut for now. Kept the files since others might find a use for them. Works great with other sounds mods (since it’s instrumental): I have Chatterer installed and both work great together. I just tweaked my sound settings a bit as I like the music lower in the background with sound effects & chatter a bit louder. RSMMM licenced under CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 Change log v.3.0 (2020-02-12) Updated text/links to Soundtrack Editor Forked v3.0 (2019-6-4) New: 43 Music (various artists), 8 Ambient tracks Simplified installation instructions Normalized several music tracks (old and new) Realigned some of the playlists No more airplanes, etc. during launches/takeoffs Less duplication of music tracks between buildings Removed super annoying 'Construction02' from the VAB/SPH v2.0 (2019-3-12) New: 42 Music, 37 Ambient and 5 Special tracks 8 New Playlists Added Space Center Ambiance Morning playlist Added Space Center Ambiance Evening playlist Added Pre-Launch Morning playlist Added Pre-Launch Evening playlist Added Splashed playlist Added DeadDay playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Added DayDeadLate playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Added DeadNight playlist (RSSpecial playlist.cfg only) Cleaned up the Not Used folder Removed 3 files from v1.1 Added 2 new sample files Changed 'anthousai-roosters' to 'day-roosters' and placed in Ambient folder Created a Special folder (mostly for organizing RSSpecial playlists.cfg tracks) Updated a few playlists for better scene/situation alignment v1.1 (2019-02-11) Updated Readme_Instructions.txt (added mod thread url) Updated playlist.cfg for better scene/situation alignment Removed 3 tracks from Research Center Removed 2 tracks from Mission Control Removed 1 track from VAB/SPH Added 1/removed 1 track from Space v1.0 (2019-02-08) Initial release Music Credits Listing of all music, sounds and licenses can be found in Licenses/RSMMM-Licenses.txt Thank Yous pizzaoverhead for creating Soundtrack Editor and his help/guidance in putting this mod together. linuxgurugamer for creating SoundTrack Editor Forked to address the vesselState issue, etc. etc. All KSP modders, Squad folks and KSP players for supporting this game. All feedback welcome directly in this thread, via Github or feel free to PM me.  If you feel so inclined...
  2. Soundtrack Editor The latest result of the Kerbal Sound Overhaul Project, this mod allows you to add and remove music from the game, and set up playlists which decide when each song plays. Always wanted to hear Blue Danube when docking with a space station, a metal version of KSP's theme song when you start up the game, or Danger Zone while you buzz the control tower? This is the mod for you! Just drop some music files in the KSP\Music\ directory, launch the game, and use the in-game playlist editor to choose when you want them to be played. A selection of free stockalike tracks are included from musician Kevin MacLeod, who created many of the tracks used in stock KSP. Several thousand more tracks are available for free at his website here. If you find any that work well with KSP, leave a message and I'll add it to a future sound pack. A replacement for the Kerbal Space Centre birdsong ambience is also included, edited from the original recording here. Currently .wav and .ogg filetypes are supported, as well as .mp3 on Windows (still working on a fix for Linux and Mac, but .wav and .ogg work fine). Click for full album Downloads CurseForge | GitHub Source included, project also available on GitHub licenced under GPL v2. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: Included Tracks: Forest Investigations The Other Side of the Door Darkest Child Dragon and Toast Fairytale Waltz Martian Cowboy Mysterioso March Numiinous Shine On the Shore Peaceful Desolation Playlist Settings Enabled: This allows the playlist to be prevented from being played without deleting it. Loop: Once this playlist finishes playing its last track, it will start at the beginning and play all the tracks again, indefinitely. Shuffle: Before being played, the order of the tracks in this playlist is randomised. Pause On Game Pause: If this is selected, the track will stop playing when the pause menu is open. This is useful for atmospheric effects that shouldn't continue when time has been paused. Disable Once Played: Once this playlist has been played once, it won't be played again until you re-enable it again. Useful for setting up music for once-off, first-time events or achievements. Next Playlist: Once this playlist has finished playing, the playlist listed here will be played. Sort This Playlist Before: If multiple playlists are all valid to be played with the current situation, this playlist should be played before the one listed here. Sort This Playlist After: If multiple playlists are all valid to be played with the current situation, this playlist should be played after the one listed here. Preload Time (s): When changing between tracks in this playlist, the next track will be preloaded into memory this many seconds before the current track ends. This can be used to reduce gaps or stuttering between tracks. In Atmosphere: Whether this playlist should only be played if the active vessel is in atmosphere. Time of Day (KSC): Whether this playlist should only be played when it is a certain time of day at KSC. Twilight denotes that the sun is just below the horizon. This only works with the stock KSC. Schene: Which areas of KSP this playlist should be played in, for example the Tracking Station or SPH. "Flight" is the main rocket-flying game scene. Vessel Situation: What the active vessel is currently doing. Landed: Has been moved, but is currently in contact with the ground. Splashed: In an ocean. Prelaunch: Has not yet started moving quickly after being loaded. Vessels can stay in Prelaunch while moving slowly over land. Flying: Moving in atmosphere. Sub orbital: On a path that leaves the atmosphere of a body, but will fall back down to it again. Orbiting: In orbit around a body. Escaping: On a path that will cause the vessel to leave the current body's sphere of influence. Docked: Docked with another vessel. Camera Mode: What the current view is: Flight (normal view), map, external (?), IVA (inside a vessel), Internal (using one of the IVA window views), any (any camera mode, don't care). Body Name: The name of the body (e.g. planet, star, moon) that this vessel is currently in the influence of. This supports bodies added by mods, but be sure to spell them correctly. Vessel State: Use this to have a playlist played when a vessel has been destroyed (dead). Max Surface Velocity: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is going above this speed as displayed in the navball's "Surface" mode. Min Surface Velocity: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is going below this speed as displayed in the navball's "Surface" mode. Max Orbital Velocity: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is going above this speed as displayed in the navball's "Orbit" mode. Min Orbital Velocity: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is going below this speed as displayed in the navball's "Orbit" mode. Max Altitude: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is above this altitude (relative to sea level, as displayed in the main altimeter). Min Altitude: This playlist won't be played if the vessel is below this altitude (relative to sea level, as displayed in the main altimeter). Future plans "Close" button in the main window. More options for playlist settings (suggestions welcome): Apoapsis max/min. Periapsis max/min. Vessel has a target selected. max/minDistanceTarget, max/minVelocityTarget. "Ascending" and "Descending" options, so that fast launches and re-entry can be separated. Vessel has reentry flames. Option to wait until end of current track before switching. Option to wait until end of playlist before switching. Fix KSP issues with music playing during loading scenes. Done. Fix "SpaceCentre" scene also playing for the Astronaut Complex, Mission Control, R&D, Administration Building. Done. MP3 support for Linux and Mac. Tracks for launchpad/runway load and launch. Biome-specific music. Short fanfare tracks for achieving something for the first time. Situation-specific music: re-entry, parachuting, part destroyed. Mostly done (v4.0). Save playlist position on exiting the game. Use files that are in external folders: Point Soundtrack Editor at your music library. In-game IVA music player with RPM support and optional upgradeable sound quality. Playlists for every scene, not just construction and space. Done. Celestial body-specific music: Orbit, atmospheric flight, surface travel, engine burns. Done (v4.0). Redesign of the cfg to support all of the above. Done (v3.0). Unloading tracks not currently being played from memory; streaming from disk. Done. Support for multiple shuffled tracks for situations that don't currently support them (e.g. the main menu theme). Done. Playlist priority/merging when multiple playlists are appropriate. Done (v4.0). Optional GUI elements: Playback control, track name/artist toasts, in-game playlist editor. Done (v4.0). Change log v4.6 (2019-01-28) Support for KSP 1.6.x. Fixed conditions in new playlists not being picked up until restart if not used elsewhere. Fixed previous text values being displayed when changing from editing one playlist to another. Fixed new playlists displaying text values from previous playlists. v4.5 (2018-06-10) Support for KSP 1.4.x. Added "Vessel state" tracker for triggering playlists when a vessel is destroyed. Fixed issues with tracks not being preloaded correctly, preventing the "Credits" screen music from being played. Fixed issue with max/min velocity and altitude values not being cleared correctly. Fixed issue with music not being played when only one vessel exists. Improved memory use. Fixed time of day settings not working outside of the KSC view. v4.4 (2017-11-23) Added pre-launch ambience similar to the Space Centre. Fixed non-numeric input being allowed for numeric fields. Fixed "Pause On Game Pause" not working. Fixed current track resetting on situation change that didn't change the playlist. Fixed max/min velocity/altitude settings not working. Fixed error on saving new playlists in some cases. Fixed issues with nearby vessels check. v4.3 (2017-03-01) Added text for the current value of editable selections in the Playlist Editor. Fixed Mission control ambience playlist's track. Fixed playlists only activating on leaving the scene for the Astronaut Complex, Mission Control and Research & Development scenes. Added missing AdminFacility psuedo-scene. Removed empty entries from the persistor for preloadTime, playNext, playBefore, PlayAfter and minVelocity/Altitude values. Fixed error on seeking to the end of a clip. Fixed clicking "Cancel" on the Edit Playlist entries for In Atmosphere, Time Of Day, Scene, Situation and Camera Mode changing their values. Fixed the Scene picker "Any" toggle not being able to deselect all entries. Positioned Cancel buttons constantly to the right. Fixed unexpected behaviour when track length is less than the set preload time. v4.2 (2017-02-28) Fixed unloaded tracks not being loaded correctly. Added warning message for failing to find a requested audio track. Removed unneeded log statements. Fixed error on seeking to the end of a file. v4.1 (2017-02-25) Support for KSP 1.2.x. Fixed issue with MP3s without ID3 tags failing to load. v4.0 (2016-08-19) Advanced soundtrack management engine allows you to specify conditions that different soundtracks should play in, such as underwater, during re-entry or at KSC during the night. No more editing text files! Full-featured GUI for creating and organising playlists. Audio player: See the name of the current track, skip ones you don't like, pause the sound or adjust the volume. Audio preview system: Listen to all the music and sound effects included in stock KSP, including hidden and unused sounds. Playlist priority sorting. Application launcher integration. KSC night-time crickets. v3.0 beta (2015-02-16) Completely rewritten playback management, playlists and memory management. Dynamic loading of tracks: Only the current track needs to be in memory. Environment-aware playlists: Have a specific track play when you go supersonic or splash down. Looping and shuffling. Track pre-loading. v2.1a (2014-08-08) Added x64 option with alternate folder layout. Added support for the KSP Add-on Version Checker. v2.1 (2014-01-20) Added the "none" option to disable music for a specific scene, e.g. menuTheme = none Fixed directory separators on non-Windows systems. Removed debug messages. v2.0 (2014-01-16) Added support for MP3 tracks. v1.0 (2014-01-11) Initial release.
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