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Found 1 result

  1. I'm interested to know how long people play in a KSP save game (Any mode) and why. With many reasons to move onto a new save (KSP update, Mod update, IRL stuff, slow progress, tech tree completed, etc...) I'm sure people have a their own natural rhythm regarding when they start a new save. I'm sure people who do those crazy long term missions with lots of time warp utilization are out there and was wondering where they would fall into a poll like this. I'm not really taking into account "breaks" in gameplay for this poll. Yes, you might get busy with IRL for a month / year(s), but if you continue the same save game (and do all the work involved to keep it going after KSP updates) when you return to playing, that's still what I'm interested in knowing. Also would like to hear from people in the comments section as to why you might stick around in an old save. Side note: I added a few of the people who I regularly read their mission reports just for fun. Mainly because I'm a fan and (to me) they seem to be playing forever in their single save.
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