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Found 10 results

  1. SO My Spaceplane keeps veering off course I have checked eveything I know of but it still happens. Does someone know what I need to do Pics: Side top http://prntscr.com/ndgwxp < UPDATED Downside: Frontal: http://prntscr.com/ndgxyd Backside: http://prntscr.com/ndgye4 Wing side: http://prntscr.com/ndgy7k SO does anyone know what is wrong I need to be able to get into eve orbit. EDIT: I went and used a other spaceplane from steam and it still veers too the left EDIT: I uploaded new pics
  2. You can take on any of the ideas presented below. As of i am too untalanted and dumb to complete any of them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pro tip: i dumb ---------------------- --------------------- ------------------------ --------------------------- Yes, that is it, youR cringe-hatred feelings can stop if you leave this thread. Don't like it? -Sorry There is a problem? -Sorry I want to take on one of them -Sorry whait, what? really? HOLY CRAP! ------------------------- bYE.
  3. Change The sun dynamics back please, or at least make it an option! I don't like the fact that the shadows and sun just Jerk around (Look like they move at 2 fps) In time warp! I Like it the old way, when it was smooth!
  4. When I go in the VAB or SPH, I try to change tab, but the parts for only the first tab that I selected show up.
  5. I am currently building my first attempt at a return mission from Moho, however I have a few questions about the mission, - How much delta-v to go to Moho - How much delta-v from launch - Any techniques or things to help on top of that I really do not want to get there and not be able to get an encounter or not be able to enter orbit, if you could help me out or answer a few of these question that would help me alot. On top of this, referring back to the tips, if there are any, how would I begin to complete them? Thanks
  6. For those that have never seen or never used, the Hex truss Mod has been around a long time, starting out as THSS by Semni and picked up by SpeedyB around version 1.0. With the coming 1.1 apocalypse that I am about to let loose in my career game I was going over my mod list and wanted to include this again. There was someactivity in the Truss forum entry in February but not sure if SPeedy was in on it. I am really hoping to include this in my new builds as I miss buildinging orbital nightmares like these: My Jupiter incursion ship / station My Spindle MK5 Kerbin orbital station My Spindle MK5.5 (aka "The Cube) orbital habitation and science station SpeedyB, if you see this, WE LOVE YOU. If not then one of you brilliant coder/modders might need a new project to keep you up late at night. Alacrity
  7. The launch pad light is always on, SPH hanger floor is black and the craft is really white. I tried reinstalling KSP two times but that didn't work. Logs https://www.dropbox.com/s/8glfbpj3edf3od9/output_log.txt?dl=0 Please help me, I haven't built a plane for a week because of this.
  8. Does anyone know how how to make something similar to a shuttle in the 0.0.813 version of the demo? there's no sph so I just build a rocket, put wings and utility on it, and I have my shuttle. but does anyone know how to make an actual good one? maybe one that can get into space?
  9. Could you put a smaller engine or longer landing legs in the Demo please? Because that's the only version I can play. Cheers!
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