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Found 11 results

  1. When i download reaplume and all its dependencies (module manager,smoke screen) i use one one my rockets with srbs and lfe engines. once i take off i realise that the srb's only have small yellow ,circle particles coming out, no smoke no plume, once i activate the lfe it doesnt show any flames or smoke (ik lfe engines dont make much smoke), all i see is nothing not a single particle. i tested both srb and lfe on ground and in space and they did the same thing. please help
  2. Hi, this may be two separate issues however I'm not sure. I've been having trouble installing Kerbal Space Program on my mac for around a week now and have tried both the PKG file and the ZIP file format. Issue with PKG: Installer crashes when on the readme, I haven't tried another PKG file to see if this is an issue with the installer so it could possibly be that. I have tried going back to version 1.9.1 to see if that helps, it didn't. Issue with ZIP: Zip extracts as normal. I am unsure whether to extract the ksp_osx folder into applications or not. When opening the
  3. my rss won't load because [LOG 19:21:57.291] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielBiomes [LOG 19:21:57.691] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielColor [LOG 19:21:57.747] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielHeight [LOG 19:21:58.436] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ariel_NRM [LOG 19:21:58.636] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoBiomes [LOG 19:21:58.821] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoColor [LOG 19:21:59.023] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoHeight [WRN 19:21:59.087] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\CallistoHeight.dds' [LOG 19:21:59.090]
  4. Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing great today! I am writing to try and solve an increasing doubt I've been having lately: how on Earth to improve performance in KSP? I have a super-heavy modded install (100+ mods, +100,000 MM patches) and I'm not willing to let any of the installed mods go. Loading time is roughly 15 min. Game works just fine with small vessels (<100 parts) but gets sluggish when exceeding that limit. Given that I play with RO, RSS, Principia and the sorts, a normal Moon rocket with a payload usually consists of 100-150 parts. Space stations, surface bases and compl
  5. I downloaded ksp but it isn't working, I was stuck on a black screen, I'd like to know why, is it because my computer isn't fast enough or is it something else, also, the ksp music thingy is still playing. please reply
  6. How do people generally make dds textures? I use the GIMP-dds plugin, but my dds textures never work. I would like to know if I'm doing something wrong, or am I just using the wrong thing. Just to clarify, this is about planet textures so I'm tagging @Thomas P., @Sigma88, and @Gameslinx. Also tagging @The White Guardian, because he uses GIMP for his textures.
  7. How can you replace a tank resource using mm configs? I tried using different methods. Can you please help me? Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer 500
  8. Hello. Like I said in the title, I have little skill in the game, especially in comms. I attempted to set up a network for a Duna mission (after realizing that I didn't have a powerful enough antenna), only for the probes not to connect. The first probe, a fuel depot, has a HG-5, and nothing else (communications wise). After I lost control and realized that this was not enough, I sent a relay satellite. It is orbiting the sun, both is apoapsis and periapsis at about the halfway point between Kerbin and Duna. The relay has an RA-15 antenna. When put in orbit, it didn't connect with the depot, s
  9. I played 1.2.1 for the first time today. when I went to the VAB, there were no parts. I tried the same in spaceplane hangar, with the same results. Then i opened a new game. The same happened. What should I do?
  10. Recently I've tried to film KSP videos for my youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCrQoc98h6uc60ZEf6rx0SQQ But besides that I have tried to make a video on a Minmus Relay for my refueling base there but when I film the launch I do not get a video rather a slideshow once the atmo effects start. A good example of the lag problem is the launch of this rocket here: You don't need to watch the entire video, you can if you want but the launch is the main slideshowish part. Does anyone have any ideas on why it does this? I didn't put this unde
  11. I had a similar problem a short while back. Click this, and then imagine it's on Pol. I do have a little bit of fuel left in the ship. Possibly enough to get to orbit; definitely enough to putt across the surface in case I have to meet up with a rescue ship. So, yeah... ...Screenshot?
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