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Found 11 results

  1. I was able to do so with RemoteTech back in KSP 1.10.1 but I can't seem to find the code or option for it in any of the files and I'm not tech savvy enough to write my own plugin for this. Can anyone help, or has this been asked before?
  2. GTIndustries (GTI) have spend their entire budget on R&D. The results are five new products (plugins). GTI MultiModeEnginesFX GTI MultiModeEngines GTI MultiModeIntakes (MM included) GTI MultiModeConverter (MM included) GTI MultiModeHarvester (MM included) Features of GTI MultiModeEngine & GTI MultiModeEngineFX: GTI Multi Mode Engines Select which engine ID to affect Availability (Flight, Editor) Propellants, Ratios, IgnoreForISP, DrawGauge etc. is set up like stock through the alternative ModuleEngineFX modules Custom namin
  3. So, I've been scouring CKAN for mods that don't seem to be getting any love these days. It's difficult considering that a lot of the creators don't leave behind an email address or anything. However, I am really interested in learning how to program and mod; how best to learn than with my favorite game and it's respective community. Now, I could look through the 1,900-some-odd incompatible mods on CKAN or I thought I could come here and see if there are any mods you all wish were still supported because you enjoyed having the content. Point me in the direction of a mod (particularly a plu
  4. ExperimentTracker Made by Derrey This mod lists all experiments and helps to deploy them fast and easy. How do I use the ExperimentTracker? This mod adds a button to the flight scene. When active, a GUI is shown which lists all science experiments that can be deployed. You can deploy an experiment by simply clicking on it. Finished experiments can also be reviewed (left click) and resetted (right click). When inactive, the GUI is not shown and the button indicates whether there are experiments (yellow) or not (red).
  5. Hello everyone. I'm making my owm mods called Modern Naval Weapon System, in due to too many parts it contains, I would like to give it a Category for itself when people go into the VAB/SHP. How can I know where to start? Or where can I find some references? THX
  6. I've answered a number of questions related to this in recent times, so I figured I'd explain in detail the entire life cycle of a PartModule. Birth When parsing a part from the game database, KSP looks for MODULE nodes to parse as part modules. It looks for a name = XXX value in the MODULE node and tries to find a class that derives from PartModule with that name. If it finds one, it will attach an instance to the part's GameObject (part modules are Unity components and can only exist attached to game objects). The newly created module will then be added to the part's module li
  7. Hello, everyone! I would like to ask the KSP Plugins that how to make, is there a tutorial or a building process, I put some of the author's source code download but not how to use, I now the main problem is constructed after don't know how to make successful use in the game, he solved??? (翻译:各位好,我想请问下KSP的Plugins该如何制作,是否有教程或者是建造流程,我把一些作者的源代码下载下来可是不怎么会使用,现在我最主要的问题是构造完之后不知道如何使他在游戏中成功使用,求解???)
  8. (WORKS FOR PC AND MAC) (Does not work if you don't have Steam!) 1. Download the folder. If you are reading this right now, go to Get mods up at the top, then choose the mod you want and press download. Make Sure you aren't downloading stuff from ads! 2. Drag the folder from your downloads to your desktop. (If you're on PC, Just open your Downloads folder.) 3. Extract the folder (if you're on Mac you can just right click the folder in your desktop and click open, If you're on PC, You don't have to do this, Just open up the folder.) 4. Now, Open Steam, right click on Kerba
  9. I found and used this program for Quake 2. It will help you in making .dae files or other model type for KSP. http://www.delgine.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb6cl8_s9ys Creating a terrain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdIO5BsMzqU Modeling a chess piece
  10. Okay, so i've wanted to use realplume for a bit so i decided i'll try and download it. So i got the plugins i need for the Realplume mod to work like Modulemanager and Smokescreen and... SURPRISE SURPRISE IT DIDN'T WORK so... how do i make it work? AND SURPRISE SURPRISE IT WORKS ok this forum is pretty much useless now
  11. I've been trying out some mods recently. I like the community presented features mods bring. But I'm also a vanilla guy. And I'd like to use different sets of mods in different games. Currently this requires multiple installations of KSP. It also keeps save-loading times to a minimum. I'm not aware exactly how hard it is to change the moment mods are loaded in... But personally, I would love to pick which of the installed mods I use for each save separately. Would this even be possible? Or is KSP too far along in development to change this? I'd personally welcome this feature with op
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