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Found 6 results

  1. While messing around thinking of payloads suitable for a Nexus, I started working on a giant 70 foot (half scale) re-entry pod. That thing rapidly became a monster. A single part that's a small town with tanks and labs, and observation decks and it needed cargo space, etc etc. So, eventually my brain suggested the following ideas to me, way later than required to maintain sanity. If instead of making one giant preconfigured pod, I made a series of pod floors, that are interchangeable, then the whole thing becomes reconfigurable. Also, it solves a bunch of problems with large craft the
  2. Download on SpaceDock here or Github here. Also available on CKAN. Looking for someone to update IVA's from RPM to MAS - Looking for someone to update Legs to Stock and/or KSP Wheel. Have a patch to add? Kindly do submit! Transparent Pods Repressurized Formerly known as Transparent Command Pods Continuation of Transparent Command Pods by (first by nli2work), now continued by zer0Kerbal with community support. *** THIS IS ONLY PARTS, and not the JSI Advanced Transparent Pods mod (.dll). *** Hero Shots (Post your hero shots below!): Adds
  3. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. DuoPods (part duex) (2xP) formerly DuoPods This is the new thread. There is no original thread. zer0Kerbal adopts for curation the mod known as DuoPods. created by @duopods A stockalike parts mod that supplies up to three two occupant command pods with minimal performance impact Author DuoPods [2xP] adopted for curation by zer0Kerbal Originally created by duopods Description So you got that first rescue contract but where to put your passenger? If you like to play stoc
  4. Note: this mod is a continuation of the mod by the same name by @RealGecko, found here. No Crew Requirement Continued A simple ModuleManager patch that eliminates crew requirements for manned vessels and/or the need to attach an unmanned probe to your spacecraft. Useful for automatic launches and docking of space station modules, rescue missions, etc. Requires ModuleManager. Initial author Initially created by Orbinaut, then continued by RealGecko, and finally myself, under GPL-3.0 license. Apparently, the old site gets replaced with an asterisk in posting, so I can't tell
  5. The dev for this is all over in the WIP forum topic Now, while this is still a work in progress, that's because the planned part list is large. Apart from some tidy up on IVAs, and some frustrating issues with a few things like antenna, these parts are done and ready for release. As a release version, I will also endeavour to not change any existing part in such a way as to break anyone's game or block loading craft that use the parts. Other than that, there's still a heap of work to do. So, what is it? It's basically a way of making larger pods. Not by providing any giant pods
  6. R o c k e t F a c t o r y dear all, this developmental thread is now closed - Thank you all 4 Support !! therefore was created a release thread -> any other versions or adaptations are now being published in the new Release Thread . mod parts overview Part Overview Tech Tree survey overview Current parts brief overview large selection of command pods. ( 6 spaceships 1-11 man crew ) - style description see below. all command pods has transmission-antenna, sufficient battery, integraded built-in fuel tank ab
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