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Found 5 results

  1. The Moho Challenge We neet to talk. About Moho, this tiny, obscure rock close to the burning ball of plasma that is Kerbol. When it comes to exploration, Moho is often dismissed as too tiny, too hard to reach and too hard to land at. But still: Moho is a planet in need of exploration! I challenge you to send a mission to Moho! Scoring You will get 30 points just for reaching the Moho SOI. So even a flyby qualifies for this challenge! However, a lot of additional points can be earned: Mission parameters: +10 points: Reach Moho SOI with a manned craft +40 points: Land your craft of the surface of Moho +10 points: For each landed Kerbal (capped at 30 points) +40 points: Return (i.e. land or spash down. If a few parts rip of, it's fine. But not just crashing) at least a part of your vessel to the surface of Kerbin +10 points: For each Kerbal returned to Kerbin from the surface of Moho (capped at 30 points) Science: +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Moho SOI (not cummulative) +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Surface of Moho (not cummulative) +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho SOI to Kerbin and retrieve it. (not cummulative) +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho surface to Kerbin and retrieve it (not cummulative) +20 points: Return a surface sample from Moho and retrieve it. +30 points: Collect science from two different biomes +20 points: Explore the Mohole (use your own discretion on what accounts for "explore") Misc: +5 points: Plant a Flag at Moho +10 points: Leave behind a science station (need probe core, energy, sciency thing and antenna). Mods that grand additional information (e.g Kerbal Enginer) are fine, as are cosmetic mods and so on. No part mods or mods that automate flying. I open to suggestions for more goals. Leaderboard Stock Foxster - 215 points Physics Student - 125 points Modded -
  2. Hi,There is a problem I face that when a kerbal dies *puff*,after that when they are reborn or found there rank goes down.So,is there an way increase kerbal rank without doing more mission?
  3. Hello! I now have exactly 500 rep! This a big achievement for me (well at least the way I see it), and I've set my sights on 1000 rep in the future! @Just Jim well that lasted for a while! Now it's 501
  4. Hey There Does anybody know something about a bug in the science rewards calculation. I'm in the beginning of the game and out of nowhere I get ten thousands of science points and so far i didnt even reach the mun. Is there a way to get my old science points back or do i have to start a new game, because it is the third time that this happens. This time I did the "Escape the atmosphere!" mission, were above 70,000 m, but the goal was unchecked and it is still, but got 10885 science points. Another time I did the "fly with a vessel" mission and got 33k.
  5. As Bill's bragging about his triathlon exploits have been getting on Jeb's nerves, so he's decide to show him a real sporting challenge. The Duna Kiathlon This will be a test of engineering, planning, piloting skill and bravado, taking the form of three timed journeys, each of which awards time based points. These timed journeys are as follows. From the surface of Kerbin to Duna orbit. Descent from orbit to Duna's surface. From your Duna landing site to the surface of Ike. All of this based on a single launch from Kerbin. Scoring This is a points based challenge, with the lower the score the better. Scoring is the total of the following. Number of days to reach Duna orbit. Number of seconds to descend to Duna surface. Number of minutes x3 to travel to the surface of Ike. The reason for the x3 on the last item is that this is likely to give the smallest number, so needs to be multiplied to have a proper influence on the score. Example: Time to reach Duna: 200 days Time to descend to Duna surface: 225 seconds Time to the surface of Ike: 70 minutes Score (200+225)+(70x3) = 635 points Classes To allow a bit of variety in how people approach the challenge, the scoring will be split into three classes. Fat Bob: No limit on vehicle mass on launch from Kerbin. Normal Norman: Vehicle to no more than 1000 tons on launch from Kerbin. Slim Charles: Vehicle must weigh less than 100 tons on launch from Kerbin. Rules This is quite a long list, but I'm trying to answer as many of the typical questions that crop up as possible. 1. The mission must be flown from a single launch from Kerbin, so no setting up fuel supplies en-route in convenient places using earlier launches. 2. The mission must be manned, with the trip from Kerbin to Duna done seated inside the vehicle and not in a command seat. However once in orbit of Duna you can fly the kerbal of your choice, "al fresco" in a command seat should you want. 3. You have to fly the whole mission, so leave Mechjeb behind for this challenge. 4. No parts or other mods that improve the performance of your vehicle compared with stock. As for aesthetic (including any stockalike parts that don't affect performance), information (e.g. KER), or convenience (KAC, timewarp etc.)... feel free to go nuts. 5. No cheating... I know that's obvious, but just in case you're thinking of it... don't. This means no Hyperedit, F12 menu shenanigans, or fakery with your timing (the Kraken witll know). However use Hyperedit all you want for testing your design. 6. All times for scoring are the whole applicable unit, so if it takes 213 days and 4 hours to travel to Duna, then the time for scoring purposed is 213. 7. ISRU is allowed, but all gear for it must be on your single launch from Kerbin. 8. Days for scoring purposes are Kerbin, not Earth days. 9. The time to Duna is the elapsed time from launch on Kerbin to when the vehicle establishes an orbit around Duna, with both AP and PE above 50km. 10. The descent to Duna surface time is from the beginning of the descent burn from orbit (the orbit established at the end of the timed trip to Duna) until the vehicle is stationary on the surface. 11. The time for travel to the surface of Ike is from when the vehicle starts it's engines at your Duna landing site, until it is stationary on the surface of Ike. 12. Provide good proof of your flight. Video of your exploits would be great, but screen grabs showing key stages of your progress will be fine. Images or video showing the start and ends of each of the three timed parts of the flight are essential. If you plan to switch between different vehicles in your stack (e.g. if you left a vehicle in Duna orbit to rendezvous with for the trip to Ike) then set the HUD to show UT, to avoid issues with mission timers being reset. 13. Have fun... well, be miserable if you want, but i might deduct (er... maybe that should be add) points I've completed the challenge myself today and will be posting my entry later this evening.
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