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  1. I'm interested to see what the community thinks the timeframe will be for the future of KSP 2 and its updates There is no wrong answer! (unless you're a time traveller)
  2. I made 16 designs for icons on trajectories. Note that they're just supposed to represent roughly how it would look, it's not the actual look... For example, if you're looking for KSP1-style icons, you're probably looking for 1 - Above Full Arrow, even if it looks a bit different. 1 - Above Full Arrow 2 - Below Full Arrow 3 - Above Alpha Arrow 4 - Below Alpha Arrow 5 - Above Full Dot 6 - Below Full Dot 7 - Above Alpha Dot 8 - Below Alpha Dot 9 - Dotless Line 10 - Inline Dotless Line 11 - Line 12 - Inline Line 13 - Above Pointer 14 - Below Pointer 15 - Above Crosshair 16 - Below Crosshair Made with GIMP, although the trajectory [blue line] was made in Inkscape, then converted to png.
  3. What is your favorite rocket fuel engine? By Stock and DLC These are the nicknames of the engines (look them up on the wiki for their pictures)
  4. Now that you got used to KSP2.. what's your preference?
  5. Think about parts where this would be possible and helpful - for example methalox tanks or cargo bays with same diameter and design. Besides simplifying the parts list or limiting vessel part count, also think about gameplay elements - should the tech progression first unlock shorter tanks and limit access to longer tanks? Also think about the fact that having multiple parts allows for fewer clicks when building "round" objects (putting parts head to tail and rotating them).
  6. Recently on the new KSP2 Suggestions and Development Discussion tab there has been a thread that caught my eye. A Tribute to KSP 1. This is not a thank you to the KSP Team, but a suggestion that a memorial or a tribute of KSP1 should be present in the game. Many suggestions have been suggested, and I decided to list these in a poll. The poll is above. If you have any other suggestions or comment, you can comment below. Notice: All voter names are private. Please feel free to vote with your opinion. And this poll will close on December 31st, 2022 at 12:00 am.
  7. I know how to spell "more" properly, it's just the Kerbal spelling of the word.
  8. What is your favorite planet/moon?
  9. This poll is for crane lovers and construction enthusiasts who want to say what their favorite brand of cranes is. My favorite brand is Liebherr, and that is evident if you look at the other stuff I post on this forum.
  10. I recently hit 55 subs (I know biggest channel ever,) But I have been getting a more than usual amount recently, I wonder if it's anything to do with what I make. So I was curious, what do you wanna see in a YouTube video? Right know there is four things I think I need to work on 1. Uniqueness I feel like I want to make my channel unique, not videos you would find on Matt Lowne or Stratzenblitz. I also want to try to make each of my videos unique. Of course that's hard to do on a consistent scale so I think you would sacrifice consistently for uniqueness. I feel like it's important to be unique or else no one will wanna watch you 2. Quality This one is a little hard to do but I think my videos need better quality with them. Do you agree on this? Of course I am looking for feedback so here is a good set of videos to judge my channel and give feedback
  11. Vote in the poll. I personally launch from the VAB/SPH only. 2 reasons: 1. Kerbal Konstructs only works in the VAB/SPH if I want to launch from somewhere else 2. My old KASA save was really buggy, so I could only launch from the VAB/SPH. It's not in my new save anymore, but you know, habit.
  12. Let me know what other mods I should add! Everyone, give a vote! Sorry if I can’t add your suggestion, the forum only allows 20 choices
  13. I cannot decide if the better strategy for a career game is to design missions for single-use, or to build infrastructure & re-use as much as possible? How do you play?
  14. Should time warp be extended? really not much to say right now so just ______ OMG I'm so sorry, I made a big Boo Boo, just look at the meme
  15. Hello, this will be quick. I'm working on a youtube video and I need as many of y'all as possible to take the poll above: whether or not you think that the EM Drive runs is valid. Thanks for taking this poll, really appreciate it. I'll post a link to video once its completed. Disclaimer, it was done on a 0$ budget by three guys without a lot of spare time and so the quality is pretty bad :/. You have been warned, but we do have a debate with valid reasons and statements. Happy Explosions!
  16. Hello fellow Nauts! A few members of the Community and I are working within a SAP currently. More information will definitely be made available when possible. What can be said of it now is the following: - There are individuals who have some ideas for making content for entertainment using Kerbal. - Content can include, but is not limited to: - Comedy mini series - Streamed competitions (both regulated and anything goes) - Creation of new characters within the KSPverse. - Streamed behind the scenes of content capture/creation. - Access for Community involvement both directly and indirectly. - This new proposed idea would be comprised of a team and not just 1 content creator to do everything. - Success of this idea would allow for an ever increasing roll of the Community's involvement with content creation! I welcome any opinions to this topic. I want this to be a living/breathing discussion as those who are already involved are passionate about this! Thanks, Chad 'Vox' Dickson Vox
  17. Have been wondering lately as to when the majority of people here started playing, so I created a poll. POLL i gave you guys one chance to use the "other" option...
  18. Having played for a couple weeks with the redesigned engines in the latest update, I have to say I'm really not a fan of the new look for either one. The reskinned Terrier now looks too generic and plain; it lacks the character the old look had. The reskinned Poodle just looks bad. I really don't like the double engine bell look at all. If it was a lifting engine, it would make more sense. But the Poodle seems to be more of a landing engine than a lifter, and the double bell look is just out of place in that scenario to me. The more I've tried to use it in my designs, the less and less I like it. And yes, I did read the dev notes where they explained why they went this route with the Poodle; it doesn't change my opinion. I'm sure there are fans of the new looks and thats fine. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong for what they like. Just expressing my opinion of why I don't like these two particular changes.
  19. i was just wondering what the community loves most. is does not matter how modded your game is as mods can make the difference between playing the one or the other.
  20. Personally, I will continue to use Kerbal Engineer as it has a HUD that allows me to see things at-a-glance rather than having to go into and out of the map screen to check my apo- and periapsis. I also perdict that in the future, it will save me from having to scroll through long staging lists to check dV.
  21. Over the years, there have been many airings of grievance regarding the science system in career mode. With this poll, I hope to collect a sample (albeit a limited one) of the community's misgivings with the way the science system functions. With this data, I and/or others may attempt to pose a satisfying solution either to be created by the modding community or posed to the development team as a stock mechanic rework. This poll was created based on my own experience with career KSP and about two hours of googling. If you think I have left out a grievance leave a comment, and I'll add it to the poll. Edit 10/25: Adding 'things are fine' and 'other' options.
  22. This is a poll for your opinion on the new DLC
  23. Should it, or should it not? It's by far one of the most viewed and popular threads on the forum (approaching 50,000 replies, and having 3.5 million views as of date), and allows people to share their work, achievements, failures, and stories. Thoughts?
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