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Found 4 results

  1. Happy Halloween! I'm working on a 2018 Halloween video now, but I stumbled across this four-year-old video I had posted originally on another YouTube channel. I've cleaned up the video and updated the end card, but otherwise, you get to enjoy every exploding pumpkin as originally intended. Music: "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff.
  2. A while ago I stumbled upon a 'preview' of the unreleased LivingSpace mod by @Porkjet. I was going through my download history, but I can't find where did I download this from, so if anyone knows, please let me know. Anyways, the only part included is a 1.25m inflatable centrifuge. Turns out a lot of people are actually looking for this mod so I thought I'd just post it on the forums to make it easier to find... *Picture is from the Imgur album of the entire mod Drobox download
  3. I want to take a moment and appreciate the old sci-fi concept plane cockpit we used to have up until 0.25 as well as it's cleaned up version by the summer intern Hugo which we had up until v1.1 when it was revamped by @Porkjet for a sleek private-jet style and happily received . A lot of us can agree that it needed a new face, but there still is a certain demeanor to it's original design. Sometimes it's nice to appreciate what we've come from. If you guys like this sort of thing I might do more of these on occasion. Ta ta for now.
  4. Something that annoys me when building remote controlled planes is that unless you use the spaceplane parts, your remote control unit has to be a grey, protruding disk. I don't want my planes to look like an anaconda swallowing a dustbin lid everytime i attempt a safe, pilotless test flight. Is there a possibility of adding a tweakable in the VAB/SPH that allows you to switch between the standard grey texture and a smooth, Porkjetalike finish? My OCD with aerodynamic shapes prompted me to post this.o_o Thanks for any thoughts.
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