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Found 4 results

  1. Its simple. List a word that is fun to say. Rules: nothing inappropriate or anything that breaks forum rules. I will start: Bubbly (not the drink).
  2. Here's the thing: I want mods, but I have a potato for a computer (2014 Macbook Pro with an i7) I already have EVE, Scatterer, and Stock Visual Effects, but there's already a big decrease in frame rate. Could anyone suggest some mods that would work with my potato? I'm looking for visual mods and maybe some light parts mods. Thanks for your time.
  3. I was searching around then I found this. What is a potato in KSP?
  4. Hi I have a problem. The problem is that i accidentally deleteted files of this part. All i need is for somone to send files of that cockpit, or at least the "mk1Cockpits" folder. Folder Photo:
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