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  1. SECTOR 7 SPACE LABORATORIES FLYING SPEEDBOAT K.A.K. Flying Speedboat named after KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX A special thanks to KerbalsAreKute, I received a request from KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX to build a Speedboat for 1.2 because the older version is not working anymore due to up dates. The craft came with a surprise during fabrication, it flies! The Engine Block is built with Fuel Cell Arrays giving it a high techy look, also 0-10 Puff Engines and Monopropellant tanks give it that NOS System look. Craft File: Speedboat K.A.K. Parts: 67 Mass: 26.275t Height: 4.7m Width: 10.4m Length: 17.0m Operation: I've entered the water when leaving the Runway at the coastline near 25 m/s without damage but I recommend lower speeds when entering the water. The craft can also land in the water and I recommend near 20 m/s and level as possible. It's not hard with its incredible gliding ability. Keep speeds under 100 if you plan to stay in the water.
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