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  1. CKAN will install BD armory, but when I load the game it is nowhere to be seen! Other mods are: Airplane Plus | Firespitter Core | Firespitter Resources config | Module manager
  2. I recently started a modded playthrough and i was doing the first few contracts but i noticed my parachutes are hot pink, it didnt happen with any vanilla playthrough however. They work just fine so it seems to be a graphics issue. EDIT: Fixed, removing "Shaddy" solved it
  3. Hello people, as you can see in the title, I'm having some graphical problems with the game and I don't know why. First of all I want to inform you that it is the Steam version, I have uninstalled it and installed it again and the problem persists, the problem itself is that on the ground they look like black lightning bolts as if the graphics were failing which is strange because it only happens to me in this game and not in others. Yesterday I put the inside camera and when I went back to the outside camera the ship had disappeared (graphically because the ship was still there) I had to continue with the inside camera. I have also tried to check the files and it does not work either. With the desktop version of the store that didn't happen to me, but I had other more serious problems, which is why I switched to the Steam version. I don't know why this happens to me honestly.
  4. my spaceplane is constantly going retrograde if it is above 60m/s making it impossible to take off the mass center is in front of the lift center solved the mass center should be behind the lift center
  5. so im wanting to make a non KAL spaceplane but that means that i should not use fuel consuming "S3 Vector" engines. and that makes the speed of the plane not enough to achieve aerodynamic stability(the combination of forces that make missiles turn prograde and reentry pods retrograde) how can i fly without aerodynamic stability?
  6. I asked a youtuber how he had so many mods because mine would get stuck in the loading every time I tried to load the game with a certain amount of mods, ( as Grant M. : https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxqTjhOsWaFAui_ZYut6Ad4OplU8Uf4u1M) he replied "run it in open GL mode." I looked up a bunch of tutorials and couldn't quite grasp what they were saying until I went back to the oldest version of the game and saw what they meant in the files. I got it to work in open GL mode but very few of my mods were there, so I updated it to 1.9.1 to see how it works. once again, I got stuck in the loading. At this point I had given up and gone to another tutorial on this very website (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/76031-less-memory-usage-by-using-opengl/#replyForm) that tutorial said to type in the steam launch code "-force-opengl" and I did but it, still nonetheless, crashed (in the most recent version). I've tried every singe thing I possibly can! I just can't do it! I am on a windows computer I have Kerbal Space Program through steam and it won't work! PLEASE help if you have any ideas!
  7. Hello, since today i have a strange issue with KSP. I subscribed to the 1.2 Beta and then later switched back to the 1.1.3-Version. Now, everytime i start KSP it opens at the wrong display (i have two). When i try to unset fullscreen it doesn't react. I have to force it with alt+enter to exit fullscreen-mode. Now the fullscreen-setting reacts but also fullscreens at the wrong display, regardless of where i place the window with fullscreen switched off. I changed nothing in the system, just switched to 1.2 beta and back and now this occurs. I'm using steam and started it there and with CKAN, same Problem. Every other game starts normal. Is there any known help? Thanks. I tried the launcher-settings, the start-settings of steam, switched which display is the main, i deleted and reinstalled the game and worked inb the config-sfc... nothing works. switching again to the beta the game opens at the right display, switching back to 1.1.3 its the same issue...
  8. I am quite an armature when it comes to "inter planetary missions". When i tried to get to duna, I managed to get in alignment with its orbit (with the sun). All i have is a couple small xenon tanks and one big one (all full). Is there a way i can manage to get into orbit with duna?
  9. Apologies for this, But i was never any good at modding in general, I have created a modded version of KSP, It launches without complaint, however my game is missing its parts. All of them. From both the SPH and the VAB, not even stock parts are loading, When i click on the saved vehicles button it alerts me that every vehicle in it has either locked or invalid parts. After some digging i found my parts folder had deleted everything inside, Please help! Edit: I just also found out that for some reason the parts folder in my steam install have also deleted everything inside. even though the two are not related in launching...
  10. When I Try To Open KSP 1.12, It Opens Up The Little Unity Window With the KSP icon and the red box with the ! in the corner, i have tried opening it by ckan, steam, my taskbar, nothing works, My Suspicion Is New Nvidia GeForce Drivers, But I Cant Open GeForce Experience Either, HELP!
  11. Hi, i have a new Macbook Air M1 with a CrossOver installed GOG version KSP technically on win10 64bit (bottle). Works fine! Really. I want to use the last MechJeb2 mod, but there is no visible text in the box... it is working, I can fly with it, but I don't know, which button need to push... Previously on my old Asus laptop pc worked, I used to fly to Mun... etc. Help!
  12. Guest

    The Youtube Illusion

    Also footnote: This isn't telling people how to play the game. This is me explaining my idea why many people get stuck early on in the game and just leave it or don't make progress. What is my theory: The Youtube Illusion is what happens when "a KSP player who is trying to progress in the game is limited to the designs of popular youtubers instead of attempting trial and failure" Basically when a KSP video comes out people will start to build their crafts based on the original video of someone's. What is the problem with this: So what if subscribers to these channels use the spacecrafts and rocket designs. Unfortunately it causes a problem where they get stuck in the game. Because of external things that the youtubers left out of their videos or mission choices that might not be actually the best or the use of mods. People sometimes ask for my help with KSP crafts and I can tell you a lot of the things that the troubling crafts all have in common is that they have a trait in the style of a youtuber. One time there was this person who didn't understand how to make an Eve lander and basically just copied Matt's design, made a few tweaks, and try to fly it thinking that since they built it they can fly it successfully. Now, if you ever have done an Eve Crew mission you would know that you would have to fly the craft in such a way to make it successful and your piloting skills are what matters at the end of the day. The problem is that without the creativity you can't learn rocket science or discover new ways to make a mission better. It's how the skilled ksp players are made. When you find your own style. the bigger problem is that while the producers of the content have gone through the design loop, the people building on top of it didn't. Causing frustration of "it should work because [insert name here] made it work." Probably the worst thing that comes out of this is that they don't build on personal experience and feed on others. Causing some questions that could have been answered just if they tested it, they would have found out. Most of the stuff I learned came from experiments I made and little tests. I cannot stress enough the best learning system is the testing system. Tutorials are great and all, but your best experience is gonna come out of you doing it yourself. Why do I bring this up: I am not trying to: - Cause fights - tell people how to play/enjoy the game - to not watch KSP videos - Or to shame people for asking questions What I am trying to say is: KSP videos are meant to be enjoyable/inspirational not for how-tos (unless stated as that.) And I want to share awareness that if you want to be good at making spacecraft and flying rockets, the best way how to do that is by personal experience.
  13. KSP: Windows 64bit Problem: Can't play "Go for Orbit" training. When I click on it, the training doesn't start. Mods Installed: All Y'All ASET PRC Astrogator AtmosphereAutopilot BetterBurn Time BonVoyage Module Manager Trajectories (Installed with CKAN v.1.28.0 Reproduction Steps: Start the game Click on START GAME Click on TRAINING Click on GO FOR ORBIT Click on START Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1buejAI2HJYQirxmJlA8BwKwezoqOduzZ/view?usp=sharing
  14. So the problem i have right now is... i have my hinges and servos for the landing leg set to lock in custom action group 1 since unlocking them made my landing gears freak out and bounce my ship when landed. As you can see in the video, when i press action group 1, my parts starts moving especially the ones connected to my wing. In the video i kept pressing action group 1 in order to demonstrate this phenomenon. They just move around and stays there forever afterward. I have to launch the vessel again every time. The servos for my wing's rotation isn't set to my action group so they shouldn't interfere with me locking bottom robotics. Here is the link to my craft file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oajcn7o6mzuwlwx/MY bubble test.craft?dl=0 I havent used any mods for this vehicle. I have enabled autostrut and rigid attachments pretty much everywhere except the robotic parts since they stopped working when i turned autostrut on. And is there a way to stop my centre core of ships rotating? I just want the engine and wing part to rotate while the centre part of the ship stays balanced. And how do i stop my wings from wobbling even tho i have enabled autostrut on? Thank u in advance. Edit- there is a canard attached to the tail which seems to move together in the video. I disabled all the control surface on them so that it doesn't move on its own. (Just wanted to let you know that it isn't caused by it) edit2) if anyone wants to download the vessel and check what’s causing it, here’s how to do it. 1-spawn the vessel. 2-Use kal1000 or rotate servos so that engine is pointed downwards.(where the tiny con is located is the intake) 3- takeoff and press 1.(action group1 to unlock robotic parts at the bottom for landing gear) 4-Press 3 to use robotics for landing gear. Retract the gear with g key. 5-use wing servos to control the thrust vector. then if u keep pressing 1 u will see there definitely is a problem.
  15. Hi there, I'm having a problem with Kerbal where when i start the game, I can click on things, but the game doesn't take keyboard input. Also, I noticed that in "windowed" mode it doesn't have the top bar with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. Another weird thing is that I can use my USB joystick just fine to fly the ships. It is a clean install from this morning, but it isn't working. I run KSP off of Steam, and before this happened, I had some mods installed, such as MechJeb, Restock, Realplume, TweakScale, and a few others. I noticed that it started acting up when I installed BetterTimeWarp, when it had problems launching. I've done multiple clean installs and none of them worked. I am running on MacOS 10.12.6 on a 2010 Mac Mini with an 8GB RAM upgrade and 256MB of VRAM. I usually play with an Apple Magic keyboard and mouse, but i have a traditional wired keyboard that I have been testing with. I am hoping that someone finds a solution because I have nothing to do during quarantine without it and my worn-out RC planes won't fly. I will provide screenshots if required. Thanks bump
  16. Hello, Recently I have noticed that all of the solar panels in the game have a common problem which is that they do not produce any electricity while facing the sun. The values of both the sun exposure and the current flow are 0 all the time. I started installing mods last month but I never encountered this problem till now, Could this problem have something to do with the mods I have installed or not?
  17. I have been playing KSP for quite a while but recently there is a problem. Every time I start my KSP save, it would revert in progress many days ago. At first I addressed the problem as KSP autosave stop functioning, but in Backup folder there is the updated autosave file. I am able to recover my progress but the fact that the main "persistent.sfs" not updating automatically really irritate me. Are there similar issues in others KSP? More importantly, Are there any fix?
  18. Hi, I am attempting to make my first mod. I tried to export my fueltang from in unity and it exports my model but not the texture as seen in the following screenshot. The error as shown on the buttom left reads: TypeLoadException: Failure has occures while loading a type. I am copletely new to modding KSP and working with unity. Can anyone help please?
  19. В режиме маневров перестали появляться маркеры цели, управляемых аппаратов и просто мусора. Пытался найти решение проблем в настройках, но так ни к чему и не пришел. Помогите пж
  20. I have tried installing B9 procedural wings on my ksp 1.8.1, but it keeps stopping at "verifying expansion: breaking grounds. I have had b9 aerospace before b9 procedural wings, and it worked fine. now, with b9 procedural wings uninstalled, it isnt working, and i am getting the same error. has anyone encountered this/know a solution to this? seeing as most of the crafts from kerbalx that I like have this mod, it would be great if it worked.
  21. When I try to launch KSP, it gets stuck on loading expansions, and stops, though I have no expansions. I have checked, and it is up to date. Is there any way to fix KSP so I can play again? It just stays like that forever and doesn't go to title screen!
  22. i am brazilian so sorry for my bad english i got ksp 1.2.2 recently and when i tried to put the graphics on max and clicked in apply the game stayed loading for hours, so i restart the game and tried to play with defaut settings, and my pc run it very good but when i was making a prototype of a reusable rocket, the game closed with no windows saying that the game crashed and i don´t use mods info from my hardware OS: windows 10 pro 32 but i will install a 64 bit system processor: intel core i5 2.60 GHZ RAM: 8gb ram (2.89 usable)
  23. I have installed KSP 1.5.1 on a Mac (Sierra 10.12.6, MBP). No language package nor mods. When running from an administrator account KSP works fine. When running KSP from an account without admin privileges it stalls during loading. "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" is displayed and loading does not proceed any further. (To be precise: In the admin account loading pauses for about three seconds at that stage, too, but then goes on; in the non-admin account loading stalls for minutes until I quit the program.) I have searched the forum and found the suggestion to move the KSP.app to the desktop (or any other place, I suppose) and back in order to avoid the Gatekeeper issue which has been mentioned. This does not help for the non-admin accounts. The problem persists. All other suggestions to similar problems did not seem to fit our situation. (Sorry if I missed something.) The log file says basically the same as what was reported in other posts and indicates that part of the contents within the KSP.app package as well as some files in subfolders could not be opened. (I can provide more log file info if needed, but I am on a different Computer now.) I have tried setting the permissions of the KSP.app for everyone from read-only to read&write, but that did not change anything either (same freeze). Changing the permissions of all the subfolders and the files seems to be unpractical (could only do it one by one). Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions beyond moving the KSP.app? Any help would be deeply appreciated!
  24. Hello Kerbonauts, I'm rather new in this forum, but I've been playing KSP since it came out. Anyway, My game is heavily modded, and theres a mod that keeps giving me trouble. As the title says, its BDAc. I dont currently have it installed, but its given me trouble in the past. The first time I installed it, it Kraken'd my save file and corrupted my entire game. The second and third time i downloaded it ( third time from spacedock, first and second from curseforge), it worked but i couldnt right-click anything except the Rotary Launchers and Adjustable Missile Rails.  Anyone able to help? Thanks A Million.
  25. Hi, so i finally bought a Joystick (Logitech Extreme 3d) to play KSP with and everything works fine, besides the throttle. when i put the throttle to 0% or 100% it works perfectly fine but everything in between slowly starts to wander either to 100% or to 0%, depending on the setting it was switched to prior, even when the physical throttle on my Joystick stays at 50%, for example. I tested if it is a problem with the controller or its interaction with my PC but in the properties slide of Logitechs Profiler the problem doesn't occur, which tells me its a problem in KSP. i searched the internet but no one seems to have similar problems so i want to ask this community. Am i doing something stupidly wrong? Is there an in game setting i couldn't find? A bug maybe? Thanks in advance
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