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Found 67 results

  1. Hi, I am using Real Fuels stockalike. Everything works, but the SRBS show SolidFuel instead of PBAN or some other solid fuel. I have seen Realism Overhaul players have SRB fuels, why do I not? P.S, there are no SRB thrust curves either
  2. Hi, I attempted to use RO so I downgraded to KSP 1.2 and that was all fun and games but today I tried to switch back to 1.3 it doesn't work and stays on 1.2, but when I uninstall the game and reinstall it goes back to 1.2. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me. Im running Windows 10
  3. Hey Sooo i have this sort of odd problem with this one plane i build. it pitches the wrong way. W pitches the nose up and S down. I don't know what is going on, it all workes on all my other planes. Even if i invert the deploy direction it stays upside down. Does anyone know, how to fix this issue. My plane is a flying wing, in case that is a part of the problem. Heres a picture of it with the aerodynamic overlay: Thanks in advance
  4. So, I can see imgur albums (Like in this thread), but it seems whatever forum feature for albums or something doesn't appear. Tried in Internet Explorer, (not edge), Firefox, Chrome, all doesn't work. I believe it hasn't worked since the forum got its new snazzy look (I still dislike it but oh well) Example:
  5. Hello everyone, I'm having some issues while playing ksp, when my ship (stock or costum) is in orbit arroud any planet or the sun my screen gets black. I can still control the vessel and the navball and other instruments are still functional, however I can't see my ship nor the planets, sun, etc. I've recently noticed that when I engage the vessel engine or RCS thruster, the gameplay gets normal again. Does anyone has faced this problem before? I took some pictures of the problem, maybe it will help. orbit 2.jpg?dl=0 orbit.jpg?dl=0
  6. Good evening all. I have run into a Dilemma while trying out the KSP ADDON Scatterer. When piloting over the water, there are white pixels outlining the craft. Furthermore, when flying low altitude over land, there is a white-line-tear through the ground that follows me when flying and turning camera. please help? White-Pixles: Ground-Tearing: Thanks in advanced
  7. I installed kerbin side with CKAN and ever since, all the ground stations except for KSC do not work, please help
  8. Hello everyone, Is there a way to make orbit in RSS? I was worst at making rockets (probably) and I hope you guys can give me some tips.
  9. Every craft i made that's in space is shaking. How do i post a video?
  10. Whenever I used to rotate something, it would snap to the nearest tick mark and I could get exact angles. Now, it is stuck so that when I rotate a part, it has infinite rotation snap.(I'm bad at explaining) Any Help?
  11. Hi guys, I'm having trouble with the Rpm Mod, it is not working. I've searched all over the internet, sometimes people do not install it in the proper way, so i checked and i did intall the mod in right way, everything is fine (location in GameData, .dll locations) yet, when i launch the game, it seems that it is not working, the cockpit it's still the same as in the vanilla game. I need help guys, i really want to play with this mod.
  12. Hello, since today i have a strange issue with KSP. I subscribed to the 1.2 Beta and then later switched back to the 1.1.3-Version. Now, everytime i start KSP it opens at the wrong display (i have two). When i try to unset fullscreen it doesn't react. I have to force it with alt+enter to exit fullscreen-mode. Now the fullscreen-setting reacts but also fullscreens at the wrong display, regardless of where i place the window with fullscreen switched off. I changed nothing in the system, just switched to 1.2 beta and back and now this occurs. I'm using steam and started it there and with CKAN, same Problem. Every other game starts normal. Is there any known help? Thanks. I tried the launcher-settings, the start-settings of steam, switched which display is the main, i deleted and reinstalled the game and worked inb the config-sfc... nothing works. switching again to the beta the game opens at the right display, switching back to 1.1.3 its the same issue...
  13. Hello Guys, I´ve got a problem with my rockets. No clue why, but the tend to flip over after rolling a little bit. btw. I´m a beginner A time ago I didn´t have this problem, but with the time my rockets kept getting bigger and the problems started. That´s my rocket at the moment: Could you please help me prevent this or improve my rockets? Thank you IRobot
  14. KSP freezes launching at the last second, when module manager is on the final patch. I've tried removing the mod that the patch was appliying to, but it just happens agian with the next remaining mod. Please help?
  15. Okay, maybe this has been asked before but I can't find anything that helps. I have put RemoteTech for 1.2.2. into my GameData folder, as per usual, and KSP loads fine, until it reaches RemoteTech. As far as I can tell it will load up to the RemoteTech parts folder and stop. It won't load past it. What am I supposed to do?
  16. SO I played the game last in 1.1 and sas was fine no problem worked as it should and kept my rockets flying straight. When after many months I come into 1.2 and decide to launch a rocket I turn on sas and launch. And the rocket has no sas on or so it seems. before sas kept the rocket stable stopped the spinning worked all round as expected. now it acts like nothing is happening, doesn't correct (or if it does it's not helping) wont stop spinning rolling or anything of the sorts and makes the rocket give the ground an unpleasant explosive kiss.
  17. After a watching youtube videos of KSP i decided to buy the game, now i have been playing it like crazy and it is really fun, but every i do a big timewarp (100x and bigger) the stage lock goes on, i´ve tried all of the suggestions Alt-l ( i have not changed the keyboard settings ), quicksave and reload, go to the space center and back, close and open the game. The stage lock is then permanently on, it is really annoying because i have to redo the mission entirely just to get same problem again and it has made the game unplayable. The problem is in all the gamemodes
  18. Since I updated KSP to V1.2, it loads all the way until it reaches the file "Spaces/PodCockpit/Internal/PodCockpit" asset. Then it stands there forever. RAM usage at this point is about 1 GB and I have still plenty of RAM free. Same happens with x64 version at the same moment during loading. Before the update from V1.1.2 to 1.2 I was able to run it in x86 and x64 mode with a couple of mods without problems. Oddly enough, it loaded exactly once after I made a completely fresh, unmodded install. But the problem recurred after starting it a second time and has since the exact same problem as described above. The output_log file does not give any immediate clue what's going wrong. - at least not for me. Can someone help here? I have found some similar topics with google, but no reliable solution was given in any of those. I'm running Win7 x64 on my laptop (it's not my gaming PC) 4 GB RAM 2x 2.13 GHz Intel Core2Duo CPU nVidia GT 230M with 512 MB dedicated VRAM
  19. So for some reason my game crashes very often, in the VAB I will place a part or move my cursor and the game will freeze and then I have to restart the game to continue plying. Also it crashes somtimes while I'm launching a ship. And my saves often get corrupted, I have had 4 game saves corrupted and I've only had the game for a few weeks. This makes playing career mode very difficult and tedious, I was wondering if other people have encountered these isues on the ps4 version, and if so is there any way to fix these problems?
  20. I need help! Every time I expend one specific solar panel on a rocket, it expends but it doesnt move after it has been extendet. It always says that it stuck in any part of the rocket, its always a other with a new launch. The other one works. Sorry if my English isnt so good im German. Please help me!
  21. Hi! I'm trying to replace duna surface textures and heightmap using copernicus mod. I succesfully replaced heightmap, Scaled Space Color Map and Scaled Space Normal Map but I have a problem with surface textures. I used this configuration : @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Duna] { @ScaledVersion { Material { texture = NewPlanet/Duna_Color.png normals = NewPlanet/Duna_Normal.png } } @PQS { Material { saturation = 1 contrast = 3 tintColor = 1.000,1.000,1.000,0.000 powerNear = 0.6 powerFar = 0.2 steepPower = 2 steepTexStart = 0 steepTexEnd = 50000 steepTex = NewPlanet/Stone_Color.png steepBumpMap = NewPlanet/Stone_Normal.png steepNearTiling = 8000 steepTiling = 500 lowTex = NewPlanet/Sand_Color.png lowBumpMap = NewPlanet/Sand_Normal.png lowNearTiling = 2000 lowMultiFactor = 10 lowBumpNearTiling = 2000 lowBumpFarTiling = 10 midTex = NewPlanet/Rocky_Sand_Color.png midBumpMap = NewPlanet/Rocky_Sand_Normal.png midNearTiling = 4000 midMultiFactor = 10 midBumpNearTiling = 8000 midBumpFarTiling = 10 highTex = NewPlanet/Rocky_Color.png highBumpMap = NewPlanet/Rocky_Normal.png highNearTiling = 4000 highMultiFactor = 10 highBumpNearTiling = 4000 highBumpFarTiling = 10 } Mods { VertexHeightMap { map = NewPlanet/Duna_height.png offset = 0 deformity = 9000 scaleDeformityByRadius = False order = 10 enabled = True name = _Height index = 0 } VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute { order = 12 enabled = False } VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 { order = 13 enabled = False } VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 { order = 14 enabled = False } VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 { order = 15 enabled = False } } } } } And this textures : Rocky_Color: Rocky_Normal ( All Normal Maps were created using Gimp and normal map plugin). Rocky_Sand_Color Rocky_Sand_Normal Sand_Color Sand_Normal Stone_Color Stone_Normal When I'm on the surface of Duna, everything is ok ( textures are a bit dark but this isn't a big problem). But when I'm flying above Duna , this happens : Does Anybody knew how to fix it ? I'm using KSP 1.1.3 and Copernicus 1.1.3-1.
  22. I'am new to the forum so just wanted say Hello first... Hello And here is my problem: I've downloaded such mods like Odysseus etc. (mods that adds new planets, star systems), and unfortunately skins of thouse planets are not loading. Planet do exist but without skins - blank dot. What should i do to solve this problem?
  23. I have KSP on my MAC, was running fine until i decided to try and right click on my command module, i then realised that i couldn't select any ship parts. For example, i cant select solar panels to extend them or light to turn them on, the only thing i can select is the crew hatch. Please help! love the game and played it when it was in early access and loved it! Thanks!
  24. When I play KSP on version 1.1.3, the shadows are flickering and sometimes even the screen. I have reinstalled the game multiple times, removed the mods and checked my DirectX version and It's still a problem.
  25. I'm trying to set up a LIFX bulb using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, when I go to the "Connect Light" menu, tap the listed bulb, my phone disconnects from the WiFi and I get a "Oops, that didn't work" error. So is there anyone that can help? EDIT: I have fixed this issue, I have no idea how, it just worked.