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Found 67 results

  1. So, I was trying to make a Tekto base (picture enclosed) and I noticed that when I separated the first stage, the craft randomly torqued west. HELP!
  2. So i started playing career mode and i accepted this mission about placing a satellite in orbit. Everything was going like expected but when i finish with the circularization this happens. Yeah, the game suddenly ignores me and dont let me finish the mission :/ Any clues of what´s going on?
  3. So I finally got around to trying 1.1.2 (upgrading from 1.0.5) yesterday, and just now I suddenly noticed something disconcerting: The "info" box (the "i" on the map screen that shows the name, part count, mass, etc. of your ship) now appears to be an "app." That's fine on its own, but it seems to mean that I can't have the "info" window and, for instance, the "resources" window open at the same time! This is rather annoying, because I often need to compare the ship's mass and remaining fuel when I'm doing ∆v calculations, and the best way to do that is to open BOTH of those windows and pause the game. Is the inability to have both windows visible at once the new intended behavior, or is something going wrong here?
  4. My game stops on the loading screen at Squad/Spaces/PodCockpit/internal/PodCockpit Log file:!6737&authkey=!AOi1a0XK74MG5Bc&ithint=file%2ctxt Please help, this always happens, I don't know what I am doing wrong, it is very annoying. Mods: KW Rocketry redux for 1.1 Module manager 2.6.23
  5. I seem to be haveing some problems getting a VTOL running. Not because of balance issues, but one of the two engines always fails! I've rebuilt the plane several times, and each time, one of the VTOL engines on either wings just flames out for appearantly no reason. I'm not really familiar with the game's air flow logic, but it seems like it shouldn't be happening. The engine on the left flames out during spool-up, but the one one the right runs fine Plane side profile Plane top profile
  6. I get this kind of message after my screens flicker black and after a while crashes. This happens when I edit big ships in hangar (over 100 parts) I've found out there have been similar problems before but all posts i see are few years old. Is there any way to fix this issue? I use GTX 780, i5-4670K and 16 gigs of ram.
  7. I have problems with the autodock funcion in mecjeb 2. The auto dock window says: choose a target to dock with. But when i choose a target it changes nothing. I right click on a docking port and click set as target the nav ball indicates that the target is selected. But the docking autopilot docking windows does not react. Please help im so mad!!
  8. Hello, I am having a problem with my KSP. Every once in a while my KSP would crash when I try to launch a vessel from the SPH. I would edit the craft, do a couple simulations (KCT), and then when I try to simulate (or launch) from the SPH again, my KSP would crash. I'd love if you guys can help. Thanks! Heres the logs:
  9. Hey there, I have a problem with the window tabs while playing with the latest MechJeb version (2.5.5). When I engaged autopilot in the ascent guidance tab everything was good until I pressed space bar to initiate the launch where suddenly all the information in the window disappears and it goes blank! Also executing nodes does not seem to work and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a techincal error? Thanks, Paul
  10. The T1 runway is the only runway. The "upgraded" runways are only a graphic effect. They have NO COLLISION. What we are driving on is the same old crappy gravel with the pot holes and little hills, not the smooth flat paved surface we are presented with. Your landing gear is dipping into and over these very large imperfections in the T1 gravel runway, hidden under the paved runway model. That's why it suddenly goes one way or another, and why it seems to go randomly left or right. Temporary workaround until this is fixed: Use the flat ground left of the runway. It's ACTUALLY flat, and will not make your plane suddenly steer left or right on it's own. Don't believe me? Build a little lander probe with landing gear and launch it on the runway. Watch it sink into the runway model and settle on uneven terrain below. Good luck!
  11. Hey fellow KSPers. I have a bit of a problem. I've downloaded the B9 Aerospace mod and I'm missing those awesome, gigantic parts! I put everything in the Game data folder but When I start everything up, i do not have them. Please help me in the name of Jeb.
  12. Hi guys I recently started modding KSP, when I load into a ship though, the navball refuses to display my speed even after I takeoff and the mission time is similarly not displaying. Further more my esc button just pauses the game when I am flying a ship. Mods that I am using. -[x] Science! -Toolbar -Asteroid Day -BoulderCo -Many Contract Packs -Contract Configuration -Contract Window -Crowd Sourced Science -Custom Barn Kit -Environmental Visual Enhancement -Kerbin Cup -Mission Controller -Moduale Manager -Planetshine -Remote tech -SCANsat -Science Alert -Way point manager
  13. Hey I was trying to do a survey of the mun and it wont work I launched a probe to survey the mun and when i push the survey button nothing happens If you want more info here my output log Thank you
  14. Hi all, I have a quick question. I found a setting Called AMD Compatibility Mode Should i enable it?
  15. Got a problem with Kerbalstuff. I've been trying to publish update to my mod, but after upload progress bar reaches end, nothing happens. This is my 3rd update for that mod, didn't have that problem with previous updates. Any idea what's going on?
  16. Hello, I couldn't help but notice that, in the 1.0.5 update, you made it so that jet engines drain fuel equally from all tanks at the same time, even those separated by decouplers. The things is, this only works well with ordinary planes which are not intended to fly into space. For spaceplanes, it does NOT work that well. This is because the jet engines drain the fuel from the tanks which are intended to be used by the rocket engines, which is not a good thing. So, my suggestion is that you make it so that players can select (or toggle) which tanks they want the jet engines to drain fuel from. That way aircraft can be set up so that the fuel is burned in such a way that the plane remains balanced, while at the same time preventing the jets from burning fuel intended specifically for rockets (or detachable craft). Please make this happen! PLEASE!!!!!