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Found 2 results

  1. Good Afternoon to the community of KSP, I have been apart of the community since .19 and have loved this project. It was inspiring to me as I grew up with this game and it continues to impact my gaming life even in college. Currently, I'm conducting research about how space is humanities next step in exploration and I found Kerbal Space Program as a prime example of introducing the gaming population to the idea of space travel. I have no idea how to contact the initial programmers of KSP, so I'm asking here if I could be given the chance to interview the legendary people behind this game virtually. I only want to ask questions such as: what made them start their project? How has it evolved over the years and have their points of views shifted? How much has NASA supported this? Etc. This is a long jump and I know the chances are low, but I would love to get to talk to them. Thank you, Chris Johnston
  2. Hello all, The SSTL outreach team are looking for a couple of volunteer KSP proficient programmers to work with SSTL_Pete and Akron (author behind ProbesPlus) on the SSTL Satellite Pack mod . SSTL would like to add some gameplay features that enhance the game around the use of satellites. We are also thinking about adding to the parts pack some of our more unique satellites, one being a satellite that removes debris that has a number of technologies to capture space debris, including a net and harpoon capture system. However this has a number of technical game challenges if we want to replicate. If you’d like to volunteer please get in touch and or post below with some examples of past work. A few features/ideas we had were; Create code to allow a harpoon to attach to another part Create code that would capture another part Create a solarsail that can be used for propulsion and also as a means to deorbit within an atmosphere Create a mod that when a satellite (Core Probe) has less than 10% electricity it enters "SAFE" mode. Which triggers WARP to return to x1 speed, turns off any payloads, points solar panels towards sun. Minor animation that moves the 300S1 X-Band antenna towards the closest communication node Create a mod that allows you to write a set of instructions that can be uploaded to the satellite and when a specific time is reached, the instruction is actioned (to be used with the RemoteTech mod). This would be a reasonable representation of what we do in reality which we call SKEDS. Create a 'Frequencer Filer' mod to pseudo replicate 'Frequency filer missions that are done in reality. The mod would issue a contract to get a satellite to a specific orbit range within a specific time limit. If the contract fails then no communication can occur to any probe cores in that orbit range. Create observation contracts that if successful allows players to earn a code, with that code a player can then download a password protected file from the internet containing a unique SSTL satellite image or video. i.e. in-game Easter eggs. Create a mod that whilst under WARP the 300S1 satellite imager points towards the orbiting planetary body Enhance SCANat mod to; When two or more satellites are connected their combined FoV are increased FoV is dictated by the orientation of the 300S1 satellite imager and the direction it is pointing in, with regards to planetary body The science collected is a function of the satellite being located at its optimum altitude If anything here can be replicated by an existing mod we would like to hear about these as well Kind regards The SSTL Outreach Team
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