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Found 3 results

  1. I find it quite fun to do technical drawings of my KSP craft, but since I'm not that good with a pencil, the drawings never seem to come out quite as nice as I'd like. Does anyone have any suggestions for free technical drawing software for PCs? I know that there's at least one available for mobile devices, but I don't think it would be very fun to draw on my tiny phone screen
  2. I've been studying up on propellers for personal research and possibly modelling my own for use in KSP mods. So for those that model or have modeled propellers, I'd like to know: How did you model them? Did you use any kind of software to get the blade geometry close to accurate, or did you just make it look close enough? I know Firespitter allows for motion blurring of the blades in rotation, but I've seen it on other props that I'm not sure use Firespitter; so if it's possible to blur the blades in the rotation without Firespitter, how can it be done?
  3. So I have been using blender a bit, and I don't mind using it since it is the majority used tool by most people, but I have been wondering does it matter if I use maya and export out the correct file type that blender does? I am more comfortable in maya then blender and it feels less clunky at times.
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