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Found 7 results

  1. Fancy lights and animations on your Kerbals will make them look like a Christmas tree! Customize and make them shine with these glowing props during upcoming holidays and ever after. Current parts: Helmet Lights for those times when you wanted to take kerbal selfies during nights. Cupola Helmet for better angle of view when playing with the Through The Eyes of a Kerbal mod. Jetpack Light, useful when your Kerbal doesn't wear the standard helmet. Omni-Tool, a fancy replacement of the screwdriver tool (left handed, so use the "H" KIS hotkey). Holo Goggles, brings diversity to Kerbals, has a Firespitter color switcher. Aviator Sunglasses, "Eyepatch" Holo Visor, has an EVA propellant level indicator (male and female versions) Blinking Mic Headset Hard Hat (4 colors) Cowboy Hat (the hat color and the band color are changeable independently, 11 hat colors and 8 band colors) Fedora Hat (the hat color and the band color are changeable independently, 11 hat colors and 8 band colors) Academy Hat (animated) Walkie Talkie (couldn't make it work like an antenna, so it's gonna be just a vanity item for now) Download from Spacedock Requirements: - Kerbal Inventory System - Community Category Kit - The Holo Visor has an EVA Propellant indicator which is there for users of the Through The Eyes of a Kerbal first person view mod and requires the Indicator Lights core plugin for animation. Suggested: - Firespitter (for switching the color on the Holo Goggles) License: ARR
  2. This pack is for the modders who create IVA's for the aircrafts Some time ago I received a request from the user MasseFlieger to make a couple of aircraft instruments for his projects. I love aviation, I fly in MFSX and DCS so I decided to do them. But I didn't just made only ones that what requested - instead I made a whole pack of classic analog props for the planes. Altitude indicator (ASL) Radio Altimeter Air Speed Indicator (EAS) Mach Number gauge Vertical Speed Indicator Heading gauge Turn Coordinator Dynamic Pressure gauge Temperature gauges (Engine, Skin, Internal, Enviroment and Surface) Ground Speed Indicator Artificial Horizon Indicator RMI HSI Navigation Radio Units Comm RAdio Unit DME Unit AoA gauge Trim Indicator Throttle/Thrust gauge G-meter Compass Battery charge gauge Fuel/Air Flow gauge Fuel Quantity gauge Flaps setting indicator Gear Lever Brake Force gauge Engine mode toggle switch Engine Reverce toggle switch GPS Display Power Supply Display Flaps control lever (FAR) Spoilers lever (FAR) Yoke Heads-Up Display "Boeing"-style Toggle and Rotary switches You can download and install this mod to see all these devices in action If you want me to make any other instrument write me in this thread. Jebbesen® Kerbin Aerocharts (clickable) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attention all IVA-makers, who created there own props based on the ASET props. In the next major version of ASET PROPS old tumblers and buttons will be removed. All IVA makers are advised to switch to new, modular buttons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8+ RasterPropMonitor v0.30.2 ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: FAR v ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: ASET Avionics Pack v 2.1 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues: - DME unit uses the flat map model to calculate the distances, due to which the calculations might be incorrect especially closer to the poles. The issue will be resolved with the release of "MAS". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer @chimpbone @Dragon01 @lazar2222 @simtom @Zapo147 @lennie @PhantomC3PO @Chaumas @Mecripp @panarchist @Ghosty141 @Lo Var Lachland @sebseb7 @harrisjosh2711 @Falco01 @>The Amazing Spy< Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @Dragon01 and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'ASET Avionics' by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: 26/11/2017 ASET avionics - V 2.1 *Optimization and various improvements *Fixed an error in Aero Charts thanks to lazr2222 and MOARdv. 09/02-2017 ASET avionics - V 2.0 What is changed: Almost all props were rebuilt due to the migration to Unity5, and also for the possibility to use new RPM features most props now support the "COLOR_OVERRIDE" feature, which give all IVA-makers ample opportunity to customize their own IVA the switches "ASET_B-Knob" are now modular, you can combine the switch model, the collider model and label using the MODEL{} module to create your variations of this prop. 2 to 6 positions of the switch are supported. What’s new: *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for temperature is added *analog indicators (gauge) for the brakes force is added *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for the engine is added: -air flow -fuel flow -engine mode (primary / secondary) -throttle-limit -the new design of throttle/thrust indicator *the new design of the vertical speed indicator *the new design of the heading indicator *LCD-display for the estimated time of the flight and distance *LCD-display for the GPS coordinates *toggle-switches for the engine's reverse control, engine's mode control, fuel cells and emergency power generator control *a fully functional system of radio navigation, which includes: -realistic RMI and HSI indicators, which support NDB, VOR and ILS -two NAV-radio units -DME unit -network of Nav facilities covering the surface of Kerbin -ILS complex for the KSC airfield -Kerbin Aerocharts
  3. This is a pack of the Props I've been using in the ModPods mod and NAR MEM (aka NKR DEM). Rather than keeping duplicates, I'm splitting this off to a mod to mark as a dependency. On it's own, this does nothing. If you're creating IVAs, feel free to use the props, although they're really not very polished yet. They're also more furniture pieces than gauges etc. But if they help anyone out, then that's good. Available from SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1546/TDProps Or Dev version on Github https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/TDProps Album (hopefully imgur don't change their embedding again)
  4. KSP 1.12.x Near Future Props [0.7.1] Last Updated August 8, 2021 This is something rather different than my other "products". It's a set of props designed for use in creating IVAs and is really of no use for your average user. That's why it's in Addon Development. Unlike say, ASET props, this set is more designed to extend stock props and be used for decorations rather than interactive functionality. I hope it will be helpful in increasing people's IVA work velocity and removing some pain. Currently most of the props are station-focused, but there are enough bits that they can be used in many other situations. What's in the box? Hatches: A number of prop hatches Seats: several seat types, from pilot seats to fold-up wall seats Science: lab equipment, including beakers, microscopes, lasers, etc Cameras: various handheld cameras Habitation: A number of hab-focused props like beds, tables, whiteboards, lockers, fans, radios... Cargo: Some general cargo props including re-exported versions of the stock cargo bags Payload Racks: A bunch of props vaguely based on the ISS payload rack concept. Some frames, plus many things to go in said frames Lighting: A few different models of light Food: Really should be called "Coffee" Rails and Ladders: Handholds and ladder components Console pieces: Some props that can be used to create flight consoles Computers: A few actual computer bits, like laptops, screens, keyboards and the like Static Screens: Flat screen planes with a number of designs, like engineering readouts and orbital displays. And SimFarm. Paper: A bunch of various paper labels and props, like clipboards, notebooks and manuals RPM Assets: Some props have RPM versions, specifically the MFD screens. This support will only be enabled with RPM installed though. The full current list is here. You can check out the following screenshot gallery for a general glimpse at the props, though it is by no means complete. Screenshot Gallery Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you have RPM support? A: Some props have support. Not all of them. Q: Add xxxx please! A: No. Licensing All assets are distributed under a CC-NC-SA-4.0 License Artwork for the Posters prop set is courtesy of @DiscoSlelge Download Locations Primary (GitHub) Issue Tracking and Source
  5. >>>Pack ONE!<<< Pixelated Back Shades, Isaac Kerman Helmet, Full Glass Helmet, Potato Chips, Alcoholic Drink, Eye Protector, Mask Type A, Joint, Beret, Baguette, Bong, Bowtie, Rifle, Assault Rifle, Personality Core, Poncho, Mate Cup, Cheese, Eye protector, light-bulb, Sandwich, Soda Can. >>>Pack TWO!<<< 3DGlasses, 2001Helmet, Antenitas de Vinil, Black Shades, Crowbar, Dave Kerman Helmet, Hair Mohawk, Headphones1, Iron Kerman Helmet, Lago Space Helmet, Mask Type B, Mood, Mustache Prop, Smart Galaxy Phone, Sombrero, Space Janitor Helmet, Storm Trooper Helmet, Viking helmet, Walkmin, XmasHat. >>Viking Pack!<< Viking sword, Viking helmet, Viking shield, Leather vest, Horn >>>Pack TRES (alpha)<<< Blaster, Combat pilot helmet, Dark Vader helmet, Guitar, Horn, Leather vest, Light Saber, Scifi CokeMan helmet, Scifi Hussar helmet, Robotic arm, Viking shield, Viking Sword, and more to come. Is not my intention to promote the use of alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, or any brand in particular. I made this for fun, and especially for those people that want to do MLG PRO Montage Parodies. All the parts are working with >>>Kerbal Iinventory System<<< People helping with this mod. nli2work -made a very high quality helmet (Space Janitor/Planetes) Space Scumbag - Heavy user of this parts. Thanks to promote Pro Props!. Checkout his channel --- Space Janitor Helmet (Planetes helmet.) Made by nli2work --- Guitar Combat Pilot Helmet Is a modified model from a guy called erik90mx in blendswap.com. And the textures are from around internet. scifi_cokeMan Based on this Viking Sword Leather Vest Horn Viking Shield ! scifi_hussar Based on this TowelHolder (RobotArm) Dark Vader Helmet (Darth Vader) Light Saber Blaster (storm trooper blaster) ------------------------------- If you want to use the models for something else, you are totally allowed. Just credit me somewhere, in the files, or post of your mod (If you want to use the potato chips in a life support mod, please do.) If you want to collaborate, using models, or helping me with the config files, or texture variants, I am open to it. --- Log of the last work done:
  6. Design a SSTO that uses propellers or rotors instead of jets during atmospheric ascent I like useful challenges, and I hope this one may be considered as such. The goal, besides challenging oneself, is to create a new type of SSTO that can explore atmospheres with props or rotors, thereby saving fuel and enabling the exploration of oxygen-free bodies, like Duna. This would enable a craft to biome-hop for science or transport resources much more effectively than slow rovers and fuel-guzzling rocket planes/landers can in said atmospheres. While these kinds of biome-hopping and transport crafts do exist, they don't seem to exist in reusable SSTO form, it seems. Props and rotors, unlike jets and intakes, also have the benefit of not being dead weight on Duna. So while props may offer worse performance on Kerbin, they'll pay you back during Duna ascent. Or at least, that's the theory. Requirements: No airbreathing engines. The craft must be capable of flight using rotor/prop power alone in the destination planet’s atmosphere, but you can obviously use rockets to get to and fly in space. Self-sufficient SSTOs only. So, ISRU mining is allowed, but no assistance from external ships (asteroids are OK). You may not jettison any parts other than payloads that don’t help the main vessel in any way. Normal difficulty or harder, but for convenience, you may ignore commnet—pretend a network is already in place. The SSTO must be useful in career mode. There’s no point in a spacecraft if you can’t bring any Science, Kerbals, or payloads along. Carry at least one kerbal (chairs allowed), OR if you wish not to carry kerbals, carry at least 0.2 tons of parts from the “science” category, OR deliver a payload weighing at least 0.5 tons. You may drop payloads once you are landed at your destination. If your destination is Jool, you may drop it low Jool orbit or into the depths of Jool. Payloads must be attached/detached using docking ports, not decouplers. No mods or part tweaks other than official DLCs, FAR, aesthetic mods, and piloting or planning assists. Challenge Tiers: Tier 0: "Proof of Concept" (Normal): Build a prop/rotor SSTO that makes it to Kerbin orbit. Must be capable of takeoff/landing in Kerbin’s atmosphere on rotor/prop power alone. Example: Reddit user u/chargan’s Orbital Chopper Tier 1: "Practical Problems, Sober Solutions" (Hard): Fly your prop/rotor SSTO to Duna's surface and back. Must be capable of takeoff/landing in Duna’s atmosphere on rotor/prop power alone. The challenge is simple in concept, but hard in practice. But, if you manage to accomplish Duna, there are other destinations to try, where almost no SSTO crafts have ever gone before... Bonus Badges: Within each tier, entries can receive the following awards. Ordered roughly by importance in career mode. (ISRU comes last as you are strongly encouraged to use it.) V: Heaviest payload delivered IV: Greatest tourist capacity (No chairs - tourists can’t go on EVA) III: Cheapest craft II: Lightest craft (Wet mass, excluding payload mass) I: No ISRU (Multiple entries can earn this.) Leaderboard: Good luck! If you have any trouble completing the challenge, browse this thread or just ask for help—there are many posts here with tips and links and instructions.
  7. Hi, I'm having a weird issue in Unity that's making it quite tricky to get an IVA right. I made some new props using Raster Prop Monitor (although I seriously doubt it's an RPM issue so much as a prop issue). I made the meshes as normal through blender, imported them fine, tagged as Kerbals layer, exported out, created props config, and I can adds them to an IVA via the part tools screen just fine. But the added prop mesh is invisible in Unity. The transform of where they are is fine. And they show up in game just fine, and function fine. But obviously placing them just right by iterative guesswork and reloading is going to make me lose hair, turn to the bottle, or both. Searching for visibility issues with props has netted me a vast collection of reminders to set the layers to get things visible in KSP. But that's working just fine. It's Unity that's not showing things. HALP!
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