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  1. [KSP 1.8.1-1.11.X] (V0.2.0) Interstellar Technologies by Kepler [Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Engine Powered Interstellar Spacecraft - Kepler] An Interstellar Propulsion System mod, made by Kepler- At long last, after months of hard work practicing modeling, and after finally unlocking the secrets to textures, The mod is finally released. This parts pack will be used to expand from the mod Kerbal Space Program Interstellar Extended. Those parts are extremely imbalanced with going around the stock system. The engines are made off the base of the KSPI-E engines' statistics,
  2. Current Version v0.5.5 Solaris Hypernautics is proud to bring you the very latest in virtual particle tech! This a parts pack that takes the all parts of the venerable Ion Hybrid Electric Pack, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/31286-0-22-Ion-Hybrid-Electric-Pack-30-08-13-Soon-FKSP!!!-See-Development-Monitor, and reimagines them in the next generation propulsion devices that use virtual particles! Now we've expanded our line of technology and engines to include adaptations of Nazari1382's Aurora Atomic Thruster part, nil2work's Retro Future Planes parts, dtobi's Asteroid Ci
  3. Cargo Accelerators Maxim 24: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a big gun. This mod aims to provide mass driver parts (gigantic coil and maybe even rail guns) and control aids that can propel engine-less unmanned cargo vessels with high acceleration to effectively perform precise orbital maneuvers with enough dV to go from, say, LKO to the Mun. And with careful planning even beyond. With the help of mods like MechJeb and TCA it should be possible to organize a network of accelerators and decelerators (still not present) for moving cargo around the sys
  4. After finding these articles I was wondering if the Devs knew about this. They did say they were planning on adding realistic engines to the game and this, while very difficult to build, could be an amazing way to do interstellar travel. https://interestingengineering.com/a-faster-than-light-warp-drive-powered-spaceship-may-be-possible https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a32449240/nasa-warp-drive-space-time/ https://www.sciencealert.com/how-feasible-is-a-warp-drive-here-s-the-science For those of you who didn't read it: A bubble of Space-Time is created, you sit
  5. You're looking to, or you've already downloaded @Nertea's shiny, shiny things so the air filters on your Laythe base keep filtering, or so the cryogenic fuel in your Eeloo probe doesn't escape. But how do you use these exactly? How do you balance the reactors, engines, radiators and overall dry mass to get decent TWR, consistent burns and keep the reactors in their prime too? Here is all the introductory info you need to get you going. Topics will be added over time so don't worry too much about things missing from this post. Glossary Reactor + Engine Balance Re
  6. The quest for fusion power has been a long one. Sadly it seems that fusion is doomed to be decades away for quite some time. However, fission reactors are a well understood technology. Indeed, fission reactions are much easier to initiate than fusion reactions - fission requires interactions between heavy nuclei and neutrons whereas fusion requires light nuclei to overcome the electrostatic barrier between them. So fission is easier to initiate. However current conventional fission reactors - while efficient and better suited for baseload power than other low emission concepts -
  7. Aerospike Industries Had enough of boring old nozzles? Want to have great efficiency? Then this mod is for you! In development, just a simple mod aiming to provide more Aerospike propulsion to the game. Not really balanced yet or textured. Current parts: "Mtirala" Hybrid fuel booster To-do: Texturing More engines/boosters Balancing Download: SpaceDock https://spacedock.info/mod/2291/Aerospike Industries License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
  8. KSP desperately needs larger (1.875 and 2.5 meter) jets, to bring down part and engine-count for players who build really large spaceplanes (since they take so long to get to orbit, the only way to do them, IMHO). I would like to request a modder build a simple mod with stock-alike 1.875 and 2.5 meter jet engines. The objective, eventually, would be to hopefully get SQUAD to work with that modder to make the engines Stock. So focusing on doing a really, really good job with just a few parts would be preferable.
  9. So it looks like we're getting a few new engine types in KSP 2. My analysis is that we'll get Orion drive; atmo and vacuum rated metallic H, the Daedalus ICF, and the torchdrive we see in the trailer. It appears to be performing a brachistochrone deceleration burn, Expanse-style. I think the tech progression will be roughly Orion>Metallic H>Daedalus>Torchdrive; though it would be interesting if they are alternatives to each other on the tech tree. This would force a strategic decision on which branch to pursue short-term. Also can't wait to see colonies and stock clouds! An
  10. Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30 m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be required to tilt it pi/180 rad or change its trajectory by some degree, please neglect the change of mass due to consumption of fuel because the value calculated with this assumption is going to be a a value higher than required, so that is not an issue. Will the force required mid air be the same as t
  11. V0.8.0 (Southern Cross Plays Softly in the Distance) Welcome to the Prakasa Aeroworks Release Thread Freshly imported from an interstellar race with no Prime Directive, Prakasa is a pack aimed at aircraft and spaceplanes, namely with the objective of filling the 2.5 meter void between the diminutive Mk2 and massive Mk3. The parts are themed towards a somewhat more distant future than stock, offering greater interior space and a cleaner, spaceship-er aesthetic. The focus is on pods and associated IVAs, but propulsion, utility, and aerodynamic parts are included/being developed as
  12. The propellants in KSP: Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer. (Sorry Monopropellant, you are for another discussion). The classics, designed to be unambiguous. However, the KSP community has always tried to put a definition on them. Liquid Fuel was easy - liquid hydrogen. It can run as a high efficiency vacuum engine, or as a jet engine along sea level. As a first stage or in a NERVA. Liquid Hydrogen checked all boxes. Oxidizer, on the other hand, has stayed in debate if not given up on. Liquid Oxygen feels like a good candidate, but fails in one area: hypergolic-ness (Okay, that’s the dumbest way
  13. I have been trying to create a mod and made this: New! The super-boosters 1 & 2 are the latest way to get into space without more than the bare essentials. Ridiculously overpowered and ridiculously overpriced the super-boosters are the latest way to get into space-with a price. Comes in rockomax and 1.25 sizes. They are on 1.2 and uses lv-t30 config with extra power. It is my first mod and 3D creation so it is rather shoddytm . I want support from the community, so don't be afraid to criticize. Anyone who can help me with part attachment node offset will be greatly thanked. I am
  14. I think I mentioned this back in 2013, but there wasn't much science behind the concept. Basically I propose an inline rocket engine (nozzle). It's an upside-down inline aerospike (only noticed that after functionally modeling it) that let's you stack tanks or other engines directly behind it. Back in the day IIRC we didn't have radial thrusters yet, so I realize that three years later the utility is a little lost, BUT, I still think it's interesting that it may actually work, and may potentially be used to reduce surface drag. In any case, it would have helped with regular staging i
  15. dear community, as discussed here first images of following mod 'Rocket Factory' : STS - AIAKOS 1 - Space Transport System projectstatus : work in progress. get AiKOS Project album on IMGUR view album on IMGUR and here
  16. Remember the fusion rocket concept I posted a couple months ago? It turns out the company responsible behind it is also developing what the thread is named after - ELF thruster, for short. Here's a couple papers. In a nutshell (as far as I can understand), the thruster turns whatever propellant it was fed (water and simulated Martian atmosphere was tested) into a blob of field-reversed configuration plasmoid, then accelerating it with magnetic coils. If this works, we may have what could be a revolutionary engine for aircraft - an electric jet engine without moving parts. S
  17. Dear KSP Kommunity, i have just published my second release. - the follow mod of 'Rocket Factory' - AIAKOS 1 - Space Launch System < this project is currently on hold > HD Trailer coming soon ! stay cool cheers ! Mod Focus : - a complete Space Launch System for Interplanetary Exploration and Adventures. - Specials : real Rocket Engine & SRB sounds ! sound sources : Ariane V boosters, nasa Delta-v and many more.. mixed, looped and specally provided for KSP Moding requirements.
  18. My first mod, an EM drive. No external dependencies, no-frills thingy that is more of a curiosity than a game-changer, due to 0.1kN of thrust (vs Dawn's 2.0), higher EC consumption, serious heat production, and a bit higher mass and price. But primarily, the thrust. Maybe, just maybe you could use it on Gilly to keep yourself pushed to the surface? Download here. The model is a "brass&copper" recolor of stock Ion drive, and it's available in the same research node.
  19. *points to the title* Now there's a combination of words I never expected to see... or at least not in a serious context! But a company called Tethers Unlimited is quite serious about it. They've built a hydrolox thruster for microsatellites - main propulsion for large cubesats, or attitude thrusters for slightly larger craft. However, it doesn't carry cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. No, it carries plain old de-ionized water. And it will use electricity from the satellite's solar panels to electrolyse that water, creating oxygen and hydrogen which is then injected into the co
  20. http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/18/nasa-origami-solar-panels/ I was going to add this to a pre-existing thread that would have been perfect for this topic, but for some reason moderator locked it, if said moderator feels the urge to unlock the thread, then please merge this post with that thread.
  21. DESCRIPTION: This is standalone expansion to my Rusty Star Rockets mod. It adds parts for new propulsion system: ZPE (Zero Point Energy) propulsion system It also adds new fuel resource: Quantum Fluctuations. ZPE propulsion system works like this: 1. Quantum Fluctuations are generated in Quantum Fluctuations Extractor (QFE) 2. Quantum Fluctuations are stored in Uncertainty Containment Chamber (UCC) 3. ZPE engine uses Quantum Fluctuations and electricity to create thrust. Since Quantum fluctuations are generated constantly by QFE, this is sort of infinite fuel
  22. Hi! I have been much idle time, but I'm back and I'm back with a new idea: more nuclear propulsion. Justification of more nuclear propulsion: In Kerbal no evidence of the existence of a cold war, nuclear testing and non nuclear proliferation treaty; and also the only life there are those green people living in the rocket base, so no problem with nuclear contamination. (forever alone) The atomic propulsion that I suggest: - Nuclear thermic engine (update): Now make use of only hydrogen (more down) instead fuel and oxidizer. - Radioisotope engine: A little engine
  23. One major reason to mine asteroids and the moon is to get water for rocket fuel in space, rather than having to lift it out of Earth's gravity well. Suppose that you've got to build a generic solar-powered water-fueled rocket for something like an unmanned space tug. You have to budget tankage, solar collector, engine, and associated structure/modules. Assuming that you have access to mined water in orbit at each possible destination, what makes more sense: building a solar-thermal water rocket, that simply uses giant mirrors to focus solar radiation, boil water, and eject it out the
  24. We have been having a running discussion in this subforum for the last year or more concerning a type of energy that does not require an apparent mass to generate momentum. Although energy can be converted into light which has momentum it has very little momentum given the energy contained within, and so finding something that has a magnitude more momentum per input energy created alot of discussion. In the end here I hope to show that it really matters little. To start off this analysis lets imagine the settlers of the mid 19th century American west. To accomplish their journey they ha
  25. I have a proposal for a (really really)endgame engine that is a nuclear powered R.A.P.I.E.R in it`s open cycle it utilizes the nuclear reactor to heat and expand the atmosferic air to provide thrust,when clear from the atmosphere you would change to the closed cycle that uses the internal propelent like the Nerv engine. Well: It would be much overpowered? Yes. Even for a endgame engine? I guess not,it would be the game`s last engine. Why would you make such a engine? To make more dinamic SSTOs that can make a bit longer trips not using mk3 parts. So, what you guys think o
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