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Found 2 results

  1. [WIP] PartFinder v0.2 WHO: This tool is for modders, or those who want to have control over their modded installs parts. (Windows) WHY: I wanted to have a tool, wich can scan the GameData folder and lists all parts from any mod, by name and in-game title so I can find them easily. And then I wanted a mechanism to create prune files automated. WHAT: - Lists all parts and of the GameData Folder with Name and path (right-click and click on "Path: ..." to open the file) - Easy creation of prune files - Applicaiton of prune files or lists of prune files - Automat
  2. Is anyone interested in developing a mod that would detect if you prune a part it will delete the craft in your save game? Or at least a mod that stops loading your save game and asks you if you want to continue in the aforementioned circumstance. What would be even better is if you could prune parts out of your packs straight from the VAB/SPH or Techtree. Thanks!
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