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Found 17 results

  1. Quicktex Available on Github License: LGPL Quicktex is a python library and command line tool for encoding and decoding DDS files. It is based on the RGBCX encoder, which is currently one of the highest quality S3TC encoders available. Quicktex has a python front end, but the encoding and decoding is all done in C++ for speed comparable to the original library. While it is not only useful for KSP, KSP is what I initially made it for, so I think it can go here for support and visibility. It should have higher quality than NVTT or DDS4KSP, while still being reasonably fast, as we
  2. Hello people, I came here to talk about my new project called KSPython. As the name suggests, it is an open source library made in python for the KSP community, to help with designing and developing new rockets. The idea is to have something that empowers the user to make quick prototyping and to verify designs feasibilities. The library also allows the user easy interactivity with other python libraries, in order enable a great deal of functionalities, like plotting and optimization. While still being accessible to new programmers and python users. If you're interesting in chec
  3. First for those who have remembered my old threads on coding I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and learn python soon. I wanted to ask a few questions. First I have been informed by a mostly reliable source that Python can interface with hardware such as motors and electric "stuff" in general. This is true right? Secondly I have no intention of doing this anytime in the next year but is Python capable of making an AI of sorts. I ask all of this because I want to make a model rocket that has a full guidance system as well as staging system ect and I want to make sure be
  4. So, I have decided to master a programming language. However, I can't decide: Python or C# or C... Which is the hot commodity in the market? There are lots of programming genii here, so I will be glad if someone helps me out on this one...
  5. I have Asperger even if I was kid I was suspected (wrongly) that I have ADHD I could not learn the multiplication table, which was required in my country, Poland I can not do it until today, and I am almost 33 years old I often flunk math I could make calculations, but only with the help of a calculator. I remember once from boredom I started playing with a calculator and started to add numbers to each other. The teacher saw it and asked what I was doing? I apologized to him, and I said I was just having fun. This teacher said that I was just doing the Fibonacci sequence, do not even know
  6. I'm currently looking for a way to read information from KSP (ingame) on my main pc and use a Raspberry Pi 3 to display the information. My main pc will play the game and I want to use my raspberry pi with 7-Segment display. I just need a way to transfer data from my pc to the pi or even simpler just aquire the data, from there I can code the Pi 3 & 7-Segment Display by myself. So how can I read information like the height, velocity etc...? I have a good portion of programming expierence in Python, C++ & Web but some to none expierence with C# which is needed for KS
  7. Hi there. I wrote a small tool to allow for rapid prototyping of rockets before actually building them, as I like to tinker with the components until I get just the dv and accelearation per stage I want. Although I play without mods, I believe this does something similar to KER, but without the need to actually build the rocket. As the tool was getting more and more useful to me, I thought maybe other people might like it. So I made it public (and FOSS) and uploaded it to gitlab. I would love to get some feedback. It runs on python3 and I tested it under GNU/Linux, but I don't see wh
  8. Hi guys, for a school project wanted to to some BFS style landings and tried krpc with Infernal Robotics and a python script to build it. Unfortunatly, my script is not working at all. I can run it and krpc get a popup that a scripts want to connect, but if I run it it says "RESTART" and thats all. As if it never get over the initial connection with krpc. Can somebody please help me? My setup: KSP-Version: Steam, 1.4.2 CKAN 1.25.4 Kronal Vessel Viewer with Click Through Block and Toolbar Controller (installed with CKAN) KRPC 0.4.8
  9. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1 has been released, with the following new exciting features: Support for SpaceDock, Curse and CKAN repositories Clickable links to mod page, source code repository and forum if available Filter on mod name Many UI improvements 60s cool down period after updating SpaceDock and Curse, to limit network traffic Possiblity to do analysis on mods, e.g. "Mods only available on CKAN", with aggredated metadata CSV export Note! Due to recent changes to the Curse page, "Update Curse" is broken, I'm looking into the problem. In su
  10. Hi everybody! I've been playing with kRPC, and loving the fun of learning how to Python (which is how I justify playing more Kerbal) and have a question that's stumped me the last few days. I have a craft with a central LFO engine, surrounded by decoupler attached LFO booster stacks. I'm looking for a way to determine when the fuel tanks that are radially attached are empty. Currently, I can call resources in a specific stage, which includes the main engine, and I can call object instances of all engines. Neither of those, however, help me, because the total resource level will n
  11. KONRAD is Yet Another Telemachus Frontend. It's a curses program, so each console is a character-cell display in an 80x24 terminal. (It's aimed at Linux, but ought to work on other OSes - no guarantees though.) It can be found here, on GitHub. It's designed to be useful for co-operative "mission control" streams like Real Space Program or Go For Launch. Here are screenshots of the current consoles, taken during an Atlas-Agena launch (in Realism Overhaul): Obviously you will need Telemachus in order to use this. You will also need Python and curses, and a terminal emulator.
  12. I’m in the camp where I think “best practice” is to leave my Steam™ installation alone, and copy the entire KSP folder to a different spot and use that to play KSP with. That also has the advantage that you can keep your existing 1.1.3 install while frolicking around with the 1.2 pre-release. Of course there is the boring act of copying over the files from Steam when a new pre-release-release has taken place. A simple file copy will do, but there’s always the theoretical risk of leaving files from a previous release that are no longer needed. More thorough is to remove all existing files,
  13. SpaceDock and Curse analyzer Hi, I would like to share a Python project I have been working on, "SpaceDock and Curse analyzer". I started working on this mostly for learning Python, and now I have a version up and running. The idea behind the project is "How to get a list of all mods that are hosted only on Curse but not on SpaceDock?" My preferred mod hosting site is SpaceDock, but I suspected that some mods are only available on Curse. How to get this analyzed in a nice way, and learning Python at the same time? Long story short, here is how it works, and a description of eac
  14. Hello all! I've been working on this project off and on for quite some time now. (tl;dr, magically rescale parts, follow instructions at bottom of post to install.) Backstory! I like to play on rescaled systems, 6.4x to be exact. But, this brings with it challenges as anyone who has tried it knows. Launch and Reentry are particularly trying. Several solutions exist for this problem, the two main ones that leap to mind are Realism Overhaul and SMURFF, both fantastic works that put mine to shame as far as sophistication goes. Realism Overhaul brings out the big guns as far as
  15. So, here we go. I had/have the idea of creating a mfd (MultiFunctionalDisplay, what raster prop monitor basically is) outside of KSP using the kRPC mod and python. Doing the readouts and whatnot isn't the problem but the UI is. Currently it looks like this (pic) and I'd be great to have somebody who knows python and QT/qtpy and could help me making the actual display (the switching screens, displaying the navball and so on) since I'm fairly new ot the whole thing and I'm currently a little out of ideas. To people who would like know why I want such a display: There would be soo
  16. Debate on what is the best programming language! RULES: Forum rules Examples: 1: Python rules!!! 2: Yes! Python FTW! 3: Pffffffffft! Lua! Lua! I'l start, Look at my profile picture
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