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  1. Heyo! Just a simple question regarding radiators and reactors, and dissipating the heat. Mostly to do with the thermal mechanics helper. Im honestly struggling to figure out exactly whats worth keeping an eye on, but my best guess is the parts that turned blue? Ive launched multiple rockets with reactors before that run pretty much perfectly fine but these thermal mechanics are still kinda hard to understand for me. Little help? this mod can honestly be a bit confusing at times (only today did I just finally realize that 1MJ = 1000EC when converted between using the Supercapacitors, which finally gave me some understanding on that part) Also, asking with my own thread cause, quite frankly, the KSPIE thread seems kinda dead right now. image of my current rocket under construction, fitted with an Antimatter reactor that feeds into a thermal nozzle, and a thermal generator (ignore the charged particle generator, I swapped it with a thermal generator after realizing the particular reactor doesnt feed into charged particle gens, a while after taking this image), as well as info on the radiator I plan to utilize. Quick EDIT: the Antimatter reactor is a beam core reactor added by Interstellar Technologies, hence its ability to work with thermal nozzles.
  2. I'd really like to know because i dont like having it in the way. I just really need to hide the kerbal's body in the IVA mode! I cant figure out how though
  3. Heyo again! another question pretty soon after my spaceplane one, this one regarding decoupling issues. I use mechjeb fairly heavily, as my personal skills suck (slowly learning however, I've performed a couple launches and maneuvers manually) I built a Payload rocket for the use of delivering space station parts into relatively low orbit (200km), and have built 2 segments of my space station. But I've noticed that when launching the power module and science module (power is connected, science one annoyed me), it had a tendency to instantly decouple the module part right after launching, I generally use mechjeb for these, and before this has never really been a problem. I'm wondering if it has to due with multiple command modules existing on the rocket (I have a guidance computer for my payload rocket, and the science module specifically has a manned command module (exists purely for the science experiment tied to it, plus lets me bring a ton of kerbals to the station in one shot, as I can carry up to 7 total with it and the science lab on board), and technically a guidance computer in the form of KSPIE's orbital assembly docking port, the ports I'm using to create the space station with). the main control module is the payload rockets guidance computer. Could someone explain this to me why it possibly happens? I did notice that re-rooting the entire assembly to the manned control pod, then switching control to the guidance computer at the launch pad, stopped it from happening and it launched like normal, but I'm very confused. Is it a mechjeb issue? related to the command pods? root part? I have no idea what's causing it. On a side note, what's the maximum distance for docking procedures? how close do I have to be to the craft to dock, its somewhat annoyed me at times that I cant set docking ports as targets, I read that the maximum distance is 200m?
  4. Hello! I've been building and testing a spaceplane (or rather, just a plane, it cant really go much higher than 13k altitude atm), and need some assistance. I'm playing with a good few mods, namely ones like kspie, near future stuff, mechjeb, and a whole bunch of other recommended stuff. This is technically my first fully functioning plane (can take off and land alright). But I'm currently having issues with stability mid flight, the plane likes to roll one direction (mainly to the left) or the other even without input, and does not like to stay pitched up, without input it eventually nosedives. I'm not entirely sure what to do to fix it. Every part on the sides of the fuselage was built using mirror mode. here's some images I took after my last flight attempt:
  5. Should I get a orbital mod? I have been playing for 4 years and have only gotten to another celestial body once(I am new to the forums, though.)
  6. So I launched a Jool misison with the goal of landing on Laythe for the first time. I park in a 105km orbit, dock the mothership and lander, so far so good. I'm not in an ideal spot to launch so I timewarp to the Jool transfer window, but halfway through the warp it stops because I have entered Kerbin's atmosphere. I'm confused but ok, maybe I made a little mistake somewhere. I quickload to the start of the warp and raise my orbit to 130km just to be safe. I double check that my RCS is off and all my engines are manually shut down. OK good to go for timewarp. For extra safety I stop the warp halfway to check my orbital height and what do you know, my orbit has changed from a stable 130 to 85km periapsis and 160km or so apo. I did nothing, and there is no atmospheric drag or anything that could have influenced my orbit. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  7. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but while viewing images taken of the ISS and Tiangong Space Station via ground based telescopes, I have this interesting question. Would imaging a starship currently in orbit around earth via a ground based telescope be possible? And if so, how bright of a magnitude and how large might it possibly look in an image? I'm also asking this because it seems that the first orbital flight test will probably end up happening before the end of the year and I'm sure there would be some people out there possibly interested in imaging it from orbit during the flight if they can and it's visible. You can view the images I was talking about at the beginning of this post by clicking on the links above. Hoping someone has a good answer to my question!
  8. I want to have some lights in my cabin, how can i do this? i heard its about texturing, also i use blender and i hope its possible without unity
  9. I downloaded some new mods that add a lot of parts to the game, so I'm hoping to be able to program in some custom tabs and reassign those parts to them. If anyone familiar with ksp modding knows how to do this, it would be awesome to get some help. Thank you
  10. I've looked through posts here on the forum, on Reddit, looked at how several mods interpret the issue... What does radial size actually mean? I know that a curved panel of radial size big (2.5 m) is going to fit snugly around a 2.5 m fuselage. But does that mean the RADIUS is 2.5 meters or the DIAMETER? I know KSP size doesn't directly translate to RL size, but taking the Cupola as an example, it fits 2.5 m closest. In that case, it's diameter. But the Saturn V 1st stage had a diameter of 10m, while the KSP version has 5. Am I missing something here or is there just no "canon"?
  11. Hey y'all, Recently I was reading up about a Wii release of KSP that was supposed to come out in 2016. I can't find anything about why it never arrived; can anybody here enlighten me? I don't have a Wii personally, but I'm curious and I have a few friends with Wiis. I know that the Wii is discontinued yet I can't help but wonder.
  12. The question is in the title, I imagine not, as that seems quite daunting to implement, but it would be really interesting to see the MET clock on board a spacecraft to reflect to time elapsed on board the ship, or to run into the exponential decrease in acceleration as you approach c. Even accounting for the 0.1x scaling of the Kerbolar system, distances to the nearest stars will still likely be measured in light years I imagine, so these long range crafts will likely want to reach these speeds, which is why I wonder if KSP 2 plans to tackle it. Interested to hear what you guys think!
  13. Hello, I'm currently stuck on an autosave after a trip to Minimus where i'm re-entering Kerbin quite steeply at 3300m/s and I am just unable to do it... I have a heat shield ant it seems to hold up, but my mistery goo and electrical batteries always explode ruining everything. I would like to ask is it even possible to re-enter. This the picture of the craft. Speed, altitude and the craft itself is visible in the picture below : https://prnt.sc/S2aat8NN3VnI
  14. I have this question, and if you could send me the link to the truly most liked post on this forum, that would be much appreciated.
  15. I want to know if anyone can remember watching a movie they can’t remember the name of for me it’s a movie about the world ending and everyone getting into a huge plane with a garage in it that’s all I can remember
  16. I launched rockets with proper COM and TWR, and with aerodynamic surfaces, I am new to the game and just started making larger rockets to reach Minimus, but at about 3500m~5000m, the upper stage decouples without input(even though my stage sequence is proper) and flips the rocket ,i used the correct decoupler, with SAS engaged. yet this continues for all of the larger rockets. What is wrong here? Everything was proper for smaller rockets....
  17. How do I get multiple saves? Like one is modded, but the other has no mods? Could someone tell me how to do that? Thanks!
  18. I have used the M700 Survey Scanner over Minmus, gotten the resource overlay to show, and gotten a mining vessel into minmus' orbit. Now that its there, I cant see anything in the resource overlay. When I have Minmus selected as focus and open the planet cutaway tab I see the ore percentage in the tab, but it wont show the concentration map overlayed on the moon. I have the cutoff set to 0%, but no matter what it is set at nothing shows. The scanner is no longer in orbit, could that be the problem? Or do I need the surface scanner on my mining vessel? I have full signal strength, full power, and am sitting in a polar orbit under 55km. Any ideas on why I cant see anything? Thanks!
  19. Hi, the title says it all - I was wondering if there was a mod that does something similar to Kerbalism's science module - I think the entire mod is really cool, but Kerbalism's current incompatibility with RemoteTech is a deal breaker for me, but I'd really like the science part of it (or something similar to it). I tried KerbalismScienceOnly, but it was a bit scuffed. Any suggestions?
  20. So I have landed on the mun and I want to place a experiment control station next to my landing site but I don’t know how. I put it in my inventory and don’t know how to place it edit: Im using my engineer kerbal but it says “unsuited kerbal: 1
  21. As the title says: wasn't the model for Wolfhound engine used somewhere else a looong time before? I definitely remember seeing it in an old version about 7, 8 years ago - namely the rectangular bump on a flat circular plate and small yellow circle on the underside around the nozzle. It was certainly modified, but these two thing jumped at me when I first touched them today. Was it perhaps and old Terrier, Poodle or maybe some weird monoprop motor added by a popular mod years ago? Any input?
  22. so im building a sam missile launcher and want to know how to make my sas aim the turret at a target using servos or rotors as when i tried to use pitch and yaw it wouldn't auto aim
  23. I am trying to do a Laythe mission using only about 1000 MPS of Delta-v and gravity assists to get to laythe from LKO, but I just can seem to get a good gravity assist with Tylo. I think that I am missing something, but I don't know what it is. Does anyone have any tips?
  24. I'm just curious, since I have a few asteroids that I've mined, but I don't know what I should do with them
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