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  1. I downloaded some new mods that add a lot of parts to the game, so I'm hoping to be able to program in some custom tabs and reassign those parts to them. If anyone familiar with ksp modding knows how to do this, it would be awesome to get some help. Thank you
  2. I've looked through posts here on the forum, on Reddit, looked at how several mods interpret the issue... What does radial size actually mean? I know that a curved panel of radial size big (2.5 m) is going to fit snugly around a 2.5 m fuselage. But does that mean the RADIUS is 2.5 meters or the DIAMETER? I know KSP size doesn't directly translate to RL size, but taking the Cupola as an example, it fits 2.5 m closest. In that case, it's diameter. But the Saturn V 1st stage had a diameter of 10m, while the KSP version has 5. Am I missing something here or is there just no "canon"?
  3. Hey y'all, Recently I was reading up about a Wii release of KSP that was supposed to come out in 2016. I can't find anything about why it never arrived; can anybody here enlighten me? I don't have a Wii personally, but I'm curious and I have a few friends with Wiis. I know that the Wii is discontinued yet I can't help but wonder.
  4. The question is in the title, I imagine not, as that seems quite daunting to implement, but it would be really interesting to see the MET clock on board a spacecraft to reflect to time elapsed on board the ship, or to run into the exponential decrease in acceleration as you approach c. Even accounting for the 0.1x scaling of the Kerbolar system, distances to the nearest stars will still likely be measured in light years I imagine, so these long range crafts will likely want to reach these speeds, which is why I wonder if KSP 2 plans to tackle it. Interested to hear what you guys think!
  5. Hello, I'm currently stuck on an autosave after a trip to Minimus where i'm re-entering Kerbin quite steeply at 3300m/s and I am just unable to do it... I have a heat shield ant it seems to hold up, but my mistery goo and electrical batteries always explode ruining everything. I would like to ask is it even possible to re-enter. This the picture of the craft. Speed, altitude and the craft itself is visible in the picture below : https://prnt.sc/S2aat8NN3VnI
  6. I have this question, and if you could send me the link to the truly most liked post on this forum, that would be much appreciated.
  7. I want to know if anyone can remember watching a movie they can’t remember the name of for me it’s a movie about the world ending and everyone getting into a huge plane with a garage in it that’s all I can remember
  8. I launched rockets with proper COM and TWR, and with aerodynamic surfaces, I am new to the game and just started making larger rockets to reach Minimus, but at about 3500m~5000m, the upper stage decouples without input(even though my stage sequence is proper) and flips the rocket ,i used the correct decoupler, with SAS engaged. yet this continues for all of the larger rockets. What is wrong here? Everything was proper for smaller rockets....
  9. How do I get multiple saves? Like one is modded, but the other has no mods? Could someone tell me how to do that? Thanks!
  10. I have used the M700 Survey Scanner over Minmus, gotten the resource overlay to show, and gotten a mining vessel into minmus' orbit. Now that its there, I cant see anything in the resource overlay. When I have Minmus selected as focus and open the planet cutaway tab I see the ore percentage in the tab, but it wont show the concentration map overlayed on the moon. I have the cutoff set to 0%, but no matter what it is set at nothing shows. The scanner is no longer in orbit, could that be the problem? Or do I need the surface scanner on my mining vessel? I have full signal strength, full power, and am sitting in a polar orbit under 55km. Any ideas on why I cant see anything? Thanks!
  11. Hi, the title says it all - I was wondering if there was a mod that does something similar to Kerbalism's science module - I think the entire mod is really cool, but Kerbalism's current incompatibility with RemoteTech is a deal breaker for me, but I'd really like the science part of it (or something similar to it). I tried KerbalismScienceOnly, but it was a bit scuffed. Any suggestions?
  12. So I have landed on the mun and I want to place a experiment control station next to my landing site but I don’t know how. I put it in my inventory and don’t know how to place it edit: Im using my engineer kerbal but it says “unsuited kerbal: 1
  13. As the title says: wasn't the model for Wolfhound engine used somewhere else a looong time before? I definitely remember seeing it in an old version about 7, 8 years ago - namely the rectangular bump on a flat circular plate and small yellow circle on the underside around the nozzle. It was certainly modified, but these two thing jumped at me when I first touched them today. Was it perhaps and old Terrier, Poodle or maybe some weird monoprop motor added by a popular mod years ago? Any input?
  14. so im building a sam missile launcher and want to know how to make my sas aim the turret at a target using servos or rotors as when i tried to use pitch and yaw it wouldn't auto aim
  15. I am trying to do a Laythe mission using only about 1000 MPS of Delta-v and gravity assists to get to laythe from LKO, but I just can seem to get a good gravity assist with Tylo. I think that I am missing something, but I don't know what it is. Does anyone have any tips?
  16. I'm just curious, since I have a few asteroids that I've mined, but I don't know what I should do with them
  17. So ive been reading the wiki and posts and stuff, And the versions before 0.7.3 look very interesting! and im wondering, Is there any download links to pre 0.7.3 versions? It'd be really cool to explore the actual oldest versions I do understand that the wiki states that they're unreleased, but im just wondering if there is ANY download links that wont instantly give me a virus, lol
  18. If you need to launch a craft when the station gets to a certain point in orbit on Kerbin, how do I rendezvous after returning from the Mun? I'm doing Science mode and launched a mobile processing lab for more science, and I want to flyby the Mun with another craft to get some science, dock with the station, and have a lot of science points, how does one do this? Or should I launch another station around the Mun?
  19. KSP 1 is an extremely difficult game, especially for people who aren't familiar with orbits and space travel. The developers stated that they are making KSP 2 more accessible by adding tutorials, better interfaces, and other quality of life improvements. Reaching a broader audience and improving the feel of the game for everyone is great, but I am worried that it's going to ruin the best part about KSP. KSP 1 is immensely satisfying when you finally understand how a concept works after playing with it for some time. If the tutorials in KSP 2 are too abundant or reveal the answer to a problem before the player has had time to tinker with it, the "AH HA!" moment is lost. I think the quality of life improvements are amazing; I just hope the developers don't accidentally strip KSP of its magic.
  20. This is something i thought of a bit. It would be nice if KSP2 would be free for the first 24 hours of it's release. Then after that time, they can set the intended price of the product. It wouldn't hurt, right? I would really appreciate the work, if Kerbal Space Program 2 Would have a demo, just like KSP1, which is gone. Can't seem to find it, because it brings some good memories before the purchase. It just feels different, would be really appreciated. . What do you think about it? The most important question here I guess would be the minimum system requirements. I'm a bit anxious about the visuals, they are so stunning, that I know the game will stutter each 3 seconds. The question is, will the game have advance graphics settings? Like tweak the terrain texture mesh, increase or decrease the level of detail, OFF, STATIC, REALTIME reflections. I just want more graphics customization, because i know my PC will struggle to run this. I gotta pray for my computer not to explode lol rip. I think that's it. I will add more questions to disccuss on this thread later.
  21. Something I've always felt that's been missing from KSP since the implementation of Re-entry effects, is the lack blackening/scorching/discoloration resulting from re-entry heating. Seen here on the Apollo 11 capsule after splashdown: So I'm just wondering; is there a mod (WIP or otherwise) that provides that visual effect?
  22. I found parts icons in game files, and there are only few of them but I need all of them. I saw something like that on official wiki but they are looking not really like in-game icons
  23. Im able to install the mod, but i can't find any texture... things that work. can someone help please?
  24. title It gets hard to name my ships in mission summaries when I usually pick KSP up only between weeks, by which time I would forget what contracts I've had a ship and crew working on otherwise.
  25. I am trying to get back into KSP after a long break, and want to try to replicate a famous mission. What missions would be really fun to replicate (besides the very famous ones like Apollo 11) that don't get much attention?
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