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Found 17 results

  1. Congratulations! You have been placed in charge of KSC's ASAP Jool mission! Your objective? Get a ship to Jool and dock with the alien station in a 1000km orbit above the gas giant, and do it faster than everyone else. RULES: Your ship must carry at least one Kerbal in a pod or command seat, and have at least one useable docking port, but outside of that it can be as barebones or as complex as you want. Your ship should be built and flown in the provided Sandbox save, which includes the target station. (You can add the save to your game by unzipping the file and dropping the
  2. RACE AROUND THE WORLD This is a challenge of speed and precision: Take off from KSC, fly around Kerbin, and return to KSC. Shortest elapsed time wins. The Fine Print: 1. Craft must be Kerballed. 2. Craft can launch from either the Launchpad or the Runway at KSC. 3. Craft must land on the runway at KSC. (At least 1 landing gear touching the paved area.) 4. HTOL and VTOL and any combination are fine. 5. Staging is fine. 6. No crash-landing or lithobraking. (no breaking parts on touchdown.) 7. No mods which add parts, or change physics (DLC
  3. Who doesn't like a good KSC race? This one is simple: Jeb needs to pee and the only working toilet is in the VAB. He's no layman so he isn't using the front door. Get him from the launchpad to the Helipad atop the VAB ASAP! It's just that simple, get from the Launch Pad, to the Helipad in the shortest time. Parachutes are acceptable. Aggressive lithobraking is fine. Kraken driven trebuches are encouraged. Rules: 1. Craft is "Manned." 2. Kerbal must arrive alive. 3. No non-stock parts, DLC okay. 4. Stock physics. Helper and aesthetic mods are fine.
  4. Basically it’s simple: cover the outlined canyon in the mountains to the west of the kerbal space center in a manned repulsor type Podracer (repulsor pads via kerbal Foundries). Command pod can be fixed at the front with a maximum of two engine pods, OR at the back attached via flexible chains (I-beams, Infernal Robotics uncontrolled joints). Video Below to Demonstrate. Requirements: -Craft Max Weight 25 tons. Layout: -Fixed Forward control pod, limit two engine components (i.e. two panthers only). -Rear control pod with flexible chains, limit 4 engine co
  5. So this here is set up to show off race cars made by you guys! Here's what you're going to have to do. 1) Show the car off. (Show pictures of the side (Either side is fine), and the top. You can choose to add a third pic, but no more than 4.) 2) Tell it's features (i.e. RCS, Fins, etc.) And the part count. 3) (Optional) Take it around the test track provided here. (You can make your own track (Just make sure to include a pic or the map) 4) If possible, could you please let me know the setup on the car? This includes wing angles, spring/damper settings, friction control, etc
  6. Hello all Racers, What would you think about a KWRC? Most race challenges take a while to complete. I was thinking of a set of tracks that are smaller. A track that can be finished in minutes not days then each week a new track is opened. For a complete set of 4 tracks / 4 weeks of racing with an overall winner in each class. Classes Stock Hybird stock Full mod. Vehicles must be gas or Electric powered. kerbal scaled. Tires cannot be larger than 2x the stock size. With such small tracks, I thought we could do videos of the race, and an F3 screen to be
  7. Here it is: The OweeBooBoo Run The OweeBooBoo Run is a race! The OweeBooBoo run is a custom contract that gets offered in a career game after you have acheived orbit around Kersex (a Kerbin-like moon orbiting the gas giant Kronkus). You need the mods (Kopernicus, and Kronkus planet pack) for the planet, and (Contract Configurater, and FarOut contract pack) so that the custom contract will show up. It entails you flying to a checkpoint high in the mountains on Kersex, a timer starts, and then you fly as quickly as possible to another checkpoint located at the end of a huge canyon
  8. I've got a bit of a desire to get a Redbull air race type course set up in KSP. I know it's possible but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. Also, KAX is the only mod I know with a similar type engine but it's severely under-performing. Is there another mod with a better engine?
  9. This story will be based on Real And Fictional craft but Alternate History Events. The Kerbal Space Programs
  10. Rally Run Challenge! RULES -Stock Parts Only -Size limitation,entry vehicle must fit inside of mk3 cargo bays -You must include a driver, and they must be in an external seat for the race. -Time Starts with the launch of your vehicle -Time Ends when you collide with or pass the Squad Monolith. To qualify for a leader board spot include a screenshot of your finish time, we're working on the honor system here folks! Video proof is highly encouraged though it's not mandatory. Only your first submission can make it to the leader
  11. THE CHALLENGE Due to contractual problems with Kerbals Broadcasting Interesting Things TV (Kbit TV), Keremy Klarkson is starting up his own TV-show, and has come to the KSC for a location and some racing rovers. Unfortunately, the rovers provided by KSC's developer going by the ominous name of "Squad" have not even slightly met the requirements of Keremy, and as such he calls upon you to enter your best rover to race around the KSC test-track. The Challenge is simple: One must complete the test-track, starting from the spawn-point on the runway, up to the finish line at the top of the h
  12. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard
  13. Intro: Since I got a new computer, I started a new game. This one is a large-scale space race between the KAP/KSP (US) and the C7 Aerospace Division (USSR). There will be several races such as first in space, orbit, landing on the Mun, first to land on a planet, etc... I have the Kerbin-Side mod installed. Since it's only updated for 1.0, it only has 1 other launch site, Round Range, which has a launchpad, runway, and helipad. Other mods installed: MechJeb Chatterer Scatterer Planet Shine OPM (soon) The Near-Future Series KAS KIS
  14. This challenge may sound simple but in reality it is quite hard! So here is what you need to do: You must complete the route without using orbital map. What you're going to do is to learn how the landscape looks at different points. Place a flag at evry point you visited(it means that you need to get close to land and drop your kerbals out of your ship to place a flag.) You must perform the task with a boat made out of mk2 stock parts. Modded mk2 parts may be allowed if they are not overkill for the task. No cheating, but refueling is allowed! Try to be quic
  15. This is a dead simple challenge: * Build an SSTO spaceplane. Must be purely RAPIER powered, although you can use as many or as few as you want. Must be a winged, HOTOL conventional spaceplane. * Take off from KSC runway, get to an orbit of at least 70x70, return to KSC runway. Simple. * No parachutes or other against-the-spirit trickery. Fly to space on wings, establish an orbit, fly back to KSC as fast you can. Wheaton's law applies; if in doubt, ask. * No mod parts, no performance-altering mods (except for optionally FAR). Informational mods are fine, but fly it yourself;
  16. Here are the rules. This is a challenge I have came up with. Try to reach the furthest distance possible within the time limit. Post your scores here. I hope you enjoy this short little challenge. RCS rockets are allowed but you can not add anymore fuel to your craft that other then what is on the based parts. Spinning out does not count against you since KSP 1.1 wheels are weird.
  17. This year while all the staff are away from the KSC on holiday Jeb decided to host a race, but this race is unlike anything anyone would ever approve of, requiring small nimble aircraft to get in between all of the narrowest corridors between the KSC buildings. This challenge is inspired by 1930's air races and modern drone racing and is a combination of the two, with tight drone racing style corridors but with an emphasis on improving aerodynamic design rather than the rather crude bricks which constitute drones. Each race is a single lap around the course starting at the runway, pi
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