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Found 19 results

  1. Planes may be cool. Rockets may be cooler. But both are overshadowed by the undisputable best method of travel: cars! In this challenge you must create a car and then put it through a series of tests and challenges to determine if yours is the best. There are a few different tests that you can pick and choose from, and some standards that your car must meet. Your car must have at lest one kerbal in either a command pod or an external command seat Your car must be powered by wheels and nothing else (no jets, rockets, etc.) Your car must complete whichever test you put it through without losing any parts or sustaining any damage. The large rover wheel exploit (where slightly turning left and right allow it to go super fast) is sadly not allowed. Part mods and physics mods are not allowed, along with any cheating or exploits not in the nature of the challenge. DLCs are allowed, along with information and visual mods. **One trial per car: each car is only allowed to have one entry per test. It can be updated if you manage to get it done faster with the same car, but the same car cannot have both the #1 and #2 spot. **The UI should be visible in each screenshot, unless it is for the aesthetics test. Include some basic facts about your car when you submit it, like its number of wheels, what powers it, etc. Test 1: Acceleration Usually, acceleration is measured in the time it takes to go from 0- 60 miles per hour. Because wheels in ksp are pretty slow, and measurement's aren't done in mph, your car's acceleration will be measured in the time it takes from first pressing "w" to the moment your car reaches 20.0 m/s Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment it reaches the speed of 20 m/s Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, some time during its run, and the moment it reaches 20 m/s. Or, include a video of the test run. Test 2: Speed A measure of the top speed of your car. The top speed must be reached before the car reaches the end of the KSC Runway. Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. Start accelerating. The highest speed achieved before the end of the runway is reached is the speed recorded. Submission rules. Include a screenshot of your car the moment it starts moving forward, and the car traveling at it's top speed (or at the end of the runway). Test 3: Aesthetics This test doesn't really have a set of rules. It's solely decided on the looks of the car (how much it resembles a real life car). Submission rules: Include a screenshot of your car in any location you like or a short gif or video of your car. Test 4: Drag Race A common measurement of any car. Usually consists of a race in a straight line from a starting point to an agreed upon finish line. In this case, it's the shortest time between the car's spawn point on the KSC Runway to the exact end of the runway. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, immediately toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment the front wheels cross the end line as shown in the picture. Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, two times during its run, and the moment it reaches the finish line, with a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer is stopped. Or, include a video of it's run. Test 5: Lap Time The more official form of testing a car, laps are done all the time by all sorts of car manufacturers. In this test, your car must complete the lap shown below in the shortest amount of time, to test both handling and speed. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, drive it to the starting line and brake. Your car should be on the left side of the double lines (the same side as Mission Control) and your front wheels should be on the starting line, as shown in the screenshot below: The timer starts the moment you start driving forward. You will then drive in front of mission control, between the crawlway and the VAB, and around the rest of the track marked by the red line in the screenshot below. You must try your best to stay on the paved roads during the whole lap. If your car rolls and lands on its wheels, and no parts have been broken, you may continue the lap, but it is not likely worth it. The timer will stop once your car's front wheels cross the line on the side of the double lines opposite you started from. Submission rules: Include a screenshot of you car the moment it begins moving forward, and the moment its front wheels cross the finish line. Include screenshots of your car at every yellow dot marked in the screenshot above, as well as a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer stops. Or, include a video of your lap. Badges are being worked on and should be done fairly soon if people are interested. Depending on how many people are interested, I'll post a deadline sometime in the future so winners can eventually be announced. Happy racing!
  2. Congratulations! You have been placed in charge of KSC's ASAP Jool mission! Your objective? Get a ship to Jool and dock with the alien station in a 1000km orbit above the gas giant, and do it faster than everyone else. RULES: Your ship must carry at least one Kerbal in a pod or command seat, and have at least one useable docking port, but outside of that it can be as barebones or as complex as you want. Your ship should be built and flown in the provided Sandbox save, which includes the target station. (You can add the save to your game by unzipping the file and dropping the "Jool Run" folder into the "saves" folder in your KSP installation directory. If you're not sure how to do this, just ask!) There are no limits on part count, part clipping, etc - go wild! Push your engineering skills to the max! DLC parts are allowed; the only forbidden designs are Kraken/phantom force drives, as those equate to Epstein drives. You can build your ship in orbit using multiple launches, or launch all at once. All of these launches must be flown! The target station has all three sizes of docking port, so don't worry about designing for a specific size. Your ship is allowed to land on and mine any celestial body. Your ship can also freely interact with any other craft you send up before or after it, such as propellant depots or resupply ships. Your time is measured in game time from Y1D1 to the instant you dock - NOT real time or mission elapsed time. THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE WASTING TIME WHEN WAITING FOR A TRANSFER WINDOW! Once you dock, you should still have enough delta-v remaining to safely return to Kerbin. (You must fly this, but it does not count towards your run time.) The run is considered complete once you safely reach LKO or land your ship and/or your Kerbal safely on Kerbin. In the former case, sending up a retrieval ship is not required. Note that rule 3 still applies, so you can also get creative with that. You may use any mod that does not affect the performance of your ship, such as MechJeb, Better Time Warp/PersistentThrust, and KAC/KER. Your ship and the Kerbolar system must be squeaky-clean stock - no functional modded parts (stuff like the radial MechJeb core is okay) or surreptiously shrinking the system to achieve a faster time. Blatant cheating, such as HyperEdit or the stock debug menu, is also forbidden. SUBMISSION RULES (Based off of the ones from the Jool-5 challenge): Submit your run as an Imgur album, with good captions and descriptions, as a video or series of videos, or as a thread in Mission Reports. Pictures or it didn't happen! Please keep the resources tab open, as well as show the informative windows from MechJeb or KER if you use them. Take a picture/video of every important moment, including transfers, stagings, and most importantly, your final docking with UT time visible. (The clock can be toggled between MET and UT by clicking on the button next to it.) Submissions using ion drives as their main form of propulsion will be split into a separate leaderboard category, purely because the trajectories you can achieve with Dawns + Xenon drop tanks are insane. I've designed ion ships with 50kms of delta-v, and I know for a fact you can go even further. This is not meant to disparage the use of ion drives - they are just as impressive in terms of engineering, and potentially even more impressive in terms of required piloting skill. Rather, it's meant to make chemical/nuke designs an attractive option, instead of having ions dominate a unified leaderboard. Good luck! Make KSC proud! DEMO RUN Just to show that you can achieve higher-speed transits in the stock game without cheats, I did a quick-and-dirty run and put it into an Imgur album here. I used a chemical booster to escape Kerbin and a light ion ship for the rest of the journey, and I completed the run on Y1D265 at 3:42:43. Note that the earliest transfer window to Jool is around Y1D180, and I left on Y1D1. An "average" Jool transfer, according to AlexMoon's planner, would leave on Y2D256 and spend three years and 331 days in transit. This is in no way the best possible time; I'm confident that times under 200 days and maybe even 150 days are possible. LEADERBOARDS: Non-ionic: Ionic: BADGES: If you successfully complete a run, regardless of your final time, I've designed a competitor badge! The code block to add it to your sig is in the spoiler, as well as a link to the fullsize version if you want to put it into a composite image or such. Additionally, the holders of the top 3 positions in each leaderboard at the end of the initial challenge period (let's say two weeks, although I can adjust it) get a gold, silver or bronze winner badge! ADDITIONAL NOTES: This challenge and the little story blurb were inspired by John Sandford's Saturn Run. Highly recommended. I am fully open to the possibility of a modded leaderboard. Just ask! If you're going for an ionic design, do yourself a favor an install a mod like PersistentThrust or BetterTimeWarp now.
  3. RACE AROUND THE WORLD This is a challenge of speed and precision: Take off from KSC, fly around Kerbin, and return to KSC. Shortest elapsed time wins. The Fine Print: 1. Craft must be Kerballed. 2. Craft can launch from either the Launchpad or the Runway at KSC. 3. Craft must land on the runway at KSC. (At least 1 landing gear touching the paved area.) 4. HTOL and VTOL and any combination are fine. 5. Staging is fine. 6. No crash-landing or lithobraking. (no breaking parts on touchdown.) 7. No mods which add parts, or change physics (DLC is fine). 8. Time stops when the craft stops (<1m/s). 9. No glitch-drives, Kraken-drives, or drain-valve engines. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submission: It's always more fun to watch videos. If you can't provide a video then show a photo of the craft at launch, the craft mid-flight, and the craft landed (stopped). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leader-board: 1. @ManEatingApe 21:50 2. @jinnantonix 22:50 3. @RoninFrog 23:25 4. @mystifeid 24:19 5. @Mars-Bound Hokie 34:53 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honorable Mention (got close or otherwise earned some extra attention): ... ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is some inspiration to get you started. I won't put it on the leader-board, it'll just provide a benchmark at the beginning.
  4. Who doesn't like a good KSC race? This one is simple: Jeb needs to pee and the only working toilet is in the VAB. He's no layman so he isn't using the front door. Get him from the launchpad to the Helipad atop the VAB ASAP! It's just that simple, get from the Launch Pad, to the Helipad in the shortest time. Parachutes are acceptable. Aggressive lithobraking is fine. Kraken driven trebuches are encouraged. Rules: 1. Craft is "Manned." 2. Kerbal must arrive alive. 3. No non-stock parts, DLC okay. 4. Stock physics. Helper and aesthetic mods are fine. 5. No cheating: hyperedit, F12, etc. The time stops when either; Your craft is moving less than 1.0m/s, or your Kerbal is Standing on the helipad. That's standing, not laying down. Videos are always more fun to watch but a pic of your craft on the launchpad followed by a pic of it on the Helipad will do. Make sure you show the time. Get creative, I'm guessing this is going to be a very tight race. The 5 Second Club: The 10 Second Club: Leader-board (Glitch/Kraken): 1. @dnbattley - 2 Seconds ... ... Leader-board (Traditional): 1. @dnbattley- 4 Seconds 2. @Pro100kerbonaut - 6 Seconds 3. @ZZetho - 11 Seconds 4. @Klapaucius - 16 Seconds ... Here is a little inspiration for you guys. I'm sure this time will get stomped pretty quickly.
  5. Basically it’s simple: cover the outlined canyon in the mountains to the west of the kerbal space center in a manned repulsor type Podracer (repulsor pads via kerbal Foundries). Command pod can be fixed at the front with a maximum of two engine pods, OR at the back attached via flexible chains (I-beams, Infernal Robotics uncontrolled joints). Video Below to Demonstrate. Requirements: -Craft Max Weight 25 tons. Layout: -Fixed Forward control pod, limit two engine components (i.e. two panthers only). -Rear control pod with flexible chains, limit 4 engine components (i.e four panthers). (More are allowed for laughs but cannot compete). -Engines Can be any engine component, rocket or jet based. Rules -Can tweakscale any component EXCEPT the engines and control seat/cockpit. -For chained Podracers, I-beams limited to a minimum of 50% (1/2 scale) and a minimum of 4 links with uncontrolled pivotrons in between and uncontrolled rotatrons at both ends. -Cannot use infinite electricity OR fuel/ox. -Cannot use any lifting or control surfaces in a manner which allows true flight (controlled/limited pitch glide only). This means your craft has the ability to land from large jumps but cannot reliably fly. The control pod alone is allowed the use of true flight surfaces. A craft can use as many control and stabilizing surfaces as the user desires. So long as the above requirements are followed. Submit a reply with a pic of your start time and your end time as well as statistics of your run at the finish line (F3) and an up-close picture of picture of your craft in the space plane hangar with the statistics panel enabled (shows weight, length etc). Even better, submit a video containing the aforementioned information. Best Time Gets Bragging Rights. ALLOWED MODS -Take Command (Spawn Kerbal in control chair) -Vessel Mover (to get to the starting line) -Infernal Robotics -Kerbal Foundries -Tweakscale
  6. So this here is set up to show off race cars made by you guys! Here's what you're going to have to do. 1) Show the car off. (Show pictures of the side (Either side is fine), and the top. You can choose to add a third pic, but no more than 4.) 2) Tell it's features (i.e. RCS, Fins, etc.) And the part count. 3) (Optional) Take it around the test track provided here. (You can make your own track (Just make sure to include a pic or the map) 4) If possible, could you please let me know the setup on the car? This includes wing angles, spring/damper settings, friction control, etc. 5) Have fun! Here's the first car; the AS-1A, a fast, sleek open wheeled car with a tested top speed of 52 m/s with some speed ability still left. (I had to slow down for turn 1. I'll try to get a video of it doing a test lap up asap.
  7. Hello all Racers, What would you think about a KWRC? Most race challenges take a while to complete. I was thinking of a set of tracks that are smaller. A track that can be finished in minutes not days then each week a new track is opened. For a complete set of 4 tracks / 4 weeks of racing with an overall winner in each class. Classes Stock Hybird stock Full mod. Vehicles must be gas or Electric powered. kerbal scaled. Tires cannot be larger than 2x the stock size. With such small tracks, I thought we could do videos of the race, and an F3 screen to be ranked, or just use the system others use. Start screen, finish screen and F3 screen. Tell me what you think ...... And if you wish to help in this challenge.
  8. Here it is: The OweeBooBoo Run The OweeBooBoo Run is a race! The OweeBooBoo run is a custom contract that gets offered in a career game after you have acheived orbit around Kersex (a Kerbin-like moon orbiting the gas giant Kronkus). You need the mods (Kopernicus, and Kronkus planet pack) for the planet, and (Contract Configurater, and FarOut contract pack) so that the custom contract will show up. It entails you flying to a checkpoint high in the mountains on Kersex, a timer starts, and then you fly as quickly as possible to another checkpoint located at the end of a huge canyon by the beach and complete the OweeBooBoo run contract. Fastest time Wins! To enter: Fly the OweeBooBoo Run custom contract in less than 5 minutes, and post a screenshot (or video) showing the time on the completed contract. Fastest time wins! Winners get a spot on the leader-board! (and fortune and glory) Hard Mode 1st: (none yet) 1st: MrChumley time-- 1m25.440s 2nd: (none yet) 3rd: (none yet) RULES Required Mods: Kopernicus ZIP (makes adding custom planets possible) Thanks @Thomas P. Module Manager (bundled with Kopernicus) Thanks @sarbian Contract Configurator ZIP (makes adding custom contracts possible) Thanks @nightingale Kronkus Planet Pack ZIP (adds a ringed gas giant with 4 moons, and a moon for Dres) FarOut Contract Pack ZIP (adds several custom contracts, also adds Kerbal Konstructs bases when used in conjunction with Kerbal Konstructs)) Optional: Asclepius ZIP (Adds Asclepius the planet with sand, oxygen, and canyons, and it's lonely moon Kruel) Kerbal Konstructs ZIP (add for bases on Kersex that you can launch stuff from) Thanks @Ger_space Kerbin-Side continued ZIP (adds additional buildings for use with Kerbal Konstructs) Thanks @AlphaAsh @Ger_space Waypoint Manager ZIP (add this to make waypoints visible in flight mode) Thanks @nightingale Other mods will be allowed. Please indicate what mods that you are using that have a direct effect on your time. I reserve the right to disqualify you from the leader-board in the rare case you use a mod I deem too "cheaty". Most part mods are ok... Even if they have insane thrust. Just ask if you are unsure. Hyper-edit, (and ALT-12 cheats) are allowed to position your craft for a run, and to orbit the planet initially, etc., but can not be used after the first checkpoint is reached. The craft you begin the OweeBooBoo run in should be the same craft that you finish in. Hard mode: Only 1 engine allowed. Please include craft in screenshot. (extra fortune and glory) Note: The Contract requires that you Orbit Kersex before the contract is offered. FarOut will only offer 3 total contracts at a time, and The OweeBooBoo Run can only be completed once (remember to F5!). Sometimes the OweeBooBoo contract refuses to show up even after repeatedly declining other FarOut contracts. You just have to be patient and check back after warping a few days. I had a lot of fun making and testing this particular contract. I think you will enjoy it too. Example entry screenshot: I understand that few players are willing to set up an entire new set of mods just to do one challenge. Part of what I am trying to do here is to generate some interest in mods that I am involved in, and to show off some creations that I have poured my heart and soul into for YEARS. There is more than one custom contract included. All my planets have custom science. Images have been compressed into .dds format for memory savings. You would not imagine the maths it took to get some of the orbital parameters (1:2:4:8 resonance of Kronkian moons, and a moon for Dres that is tidally locked to the sun). If you install this set of mods, it will open up a whole new avenue of career progression in game. Also- If there is a modder out there proficient in getting Scatterer to work on a new planet, and would be kind enough to consider contributing, your efforts would be most welcome. Tickets are free, there are a few mods to download, and you must provide your own ride. Good Luck!
  9. I've got a bit of a desire to get a Redbull air race type course set up in KSP. I know it's possible but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. Also, KAX is the only mod I know with a similar type engine but it's severely under-performing. Is there another mod with a better engine?
  10. This story will be based on Real And Fictional craft but Alternate History Events. The Kerbal Space Programs
  11. Rally Run Challenge! RULES -Stock Parts Only -Size limitation,entry vehicle must fit inside of mk3 cargo bays -You must include a driver, and they must be in an external seat for the race. -Time Starts with the launch of your vehicle -Time Ends when you collide with or pass the Squad Monolith. To qualify for a leader board spot include a screenshot of your finish time, we're working on the honor system here folks! Video proof is highly encouraged though it's not mandatory. Only your first submission can make it to the leader board, to promote competition and critical thinking! Though feel free to post your faster times for bragging rights! Leader Board (wheel based, must maintain ground contact for more than 50% of the course) 1. qzgy 1:36 http://i.imgur.com/cZh82ep.png 2. N_F_X 1:45 https://youtu.be/CAwZFMP7Uiw 3. SpaceTrashCan 2:30 http://youtu.be/QAQgSgevb_8 4. Krog34 2:52 http://youtu.be/W_dYMD4N 5. Electric-Powered Only Leader board 1. klond 2:04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOQF3Q_jlhI 2. 3. 4. 5. VTOL/Hovercraft Leader Board (no-wheels) 1. Jollyfellow (VTOL Craft) 2:02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwH_Adaqa84 2. 3. 4. 5. EXPERT CHALLENGE Use a VTOL or Plane to complete the full track while maintain very low flight. Once you take off, do not touch the ground until completion. 1. 2. 3.
  12. THE CHALLENGE Due to contractual problems with Kerbals Broadcasting Interesting Things TV (Kbit TV), Keremy Klarkson is starting up his own TV-show, and has come to the KSC for a location and some racing rovers. Unfortunately, the rovers provided by KSC's developer going by the ominous name of "Squad" have not even slightly met the requirements of Keremy, and as such he calls upon you to enter your best rover to race around the KSC test-track. The Challenge is simple: One must complete the test-track, starting from the spawn-point on the runway, up to the finish line at the top of the hill. Best time wins. Alternatively, you can enter ZE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, where you must drive your rover from the spawn-point up to the flag called "The ultimate challenge". Best time wins. SCORING, RULES AND LIMITATIONS General scoring and rules (applies to all categories) Scoring is simple: your time (in seconds) is your score. However, total score may be influenced by the following penalties and bonuses: Per part lost underway, a 5 second penalty is implied. Per succesful "accidental" flip (along the vertical axis), a 15 second bonus is implied Per extra kerbal, a 5 second bonus is in place, you can bring a maximum of 6 kerbals. Should you be unable to finish, you can stop at flag number TEN. However, a 240 seconds penalty is in place. Rules: Your rover must be manned. Your rover must have an antenna for radio reception (The Stig requests it). Your rover may only be powered by the rover's wheels, but you may use a maximum of two sepatrons for EXTRA POWERRRR. You are allowed to create extra downforce using downward thrusters of any kind. (yes, this includes the Mainsail). Cheating is not allowed, the settings in the save-file may not be changed. So no unbreakable joints, et cetera. Quicksaves and reloads are allowed, since this implies having to stop and accelerate (costing time), do please mention if you have had to quickload. Should you pop a tire, you may fix this. There is no penalty for this (other than the time lost). Power sources: All power sources (solar, RTG, Fuel cells) are allowed. Only non intrusive Mods allowed (so KIS/KAS are allowed, but no wheel mods) The use of landing gears is allowed. Mod: Take command is allowed, however, the Kerbals must be visibly seated in the command chairs. All command pods are allowed. Rules for "The Ultimate Challenge" General rules and scoring applies, unless overruled by the rules stated below. For the ultimate challenge, per seperaton used, a 5 second penalty is put in place. The usage of sepatrons is unlimited. Rules for "The Wacky Races" (For racers that do not fit in the general category) General rules and scoring applies, unless overruled by the rules stated below. Your rover may NOT be powered by jets or rockets or monopropellant, but may be powered by all other means. Surprise me THE TRACK The track: SAVE FILE (place in your saves folder) The Rover Test Track is a test track where Keremy Klarkson tests the latest in auto-motive design. The track is designed around a local spaceport and features tight bends, jumps and a hill climb. Lastly, completing the ultimate challenge (flag) by rover only grants you instant entry to the wall of fame and admission into the OP. The track is from start (runway) to FINISH around 14,5 km long. Track lay-out Run around of the track, please view for your own sake. WALL OF FAME Leaderboard Keremy's Test Track, lowest score wins @quasarrgames with 161 points @Hesp with 170 points @ajburges with 173 points @EpicSpaceTroll139 with 175 points @quasarrgames with 183 points @MiniMatt with 186 points @rocketengineer1982 with 216 points @Chempwith 221 points @DoctorDavinci with 242 points @Heimder with 250 points Gatecrasher: @EpicSpaceTroll139 with -54 points Leaderboard Wacky Racers, lowest score wins. @EpicSpaceTroll139 entering with a rotax powered, eh, landplane? with 194 points Leaderboard The Ultimate Challenge, lowest score wins @Hesp with 1664 points @Heimder with 2085 points In your post, please mention your total time (in seconds), bonusses and penalties. Also, post pictures of passing every flag or post a video as proof Upcoming expansions on Keremy's Test Track (to be included later): Downhill fury: After the Finish, race on to the waterline. The semi-ultimate challenge: After the finish of Downhill fury, head back to KSC and jumpjet onto the VAB. The jet-challenge: Only jet-engines allowed, no rover engines. The rocket-challenge: Only rocket engines allowed. Armoured Assault: Race your tank to the finish, taking out targets of opportunity and defensive structures along the way. If interested, please share your battletanks and defensive structures, I'll then make a selection of what will be put in the game. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to improve your rover building skills (since building a good rover is rather difficult), as well as be able to share your best working rovers with the community.
  13. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard: 1. Cunjo carl with 3:15
  14. Intro: Since I got a new computer, I started a new game. This one is a large-scale space race between the KAP/KSP (US) and the C7 Aerospace Division (USSR). There will be several races such as first in space, orbit, landing on the Mun, first to land on a planet, etc... I have the Kerbin-Side mod installed. Since it's only updated for 1.0, it only has 1 other launch site, Round Range, which has a launchpad, runway, and helipad. Other mods installed: MechJeb Chatterer Scatterer Planet Shine OPM (soon) The Near-Future Series KAS KIS Kerbal Engineer Tweak Scale Chapter 1: Post-War It was five years after the Kerbin War. Nations had grown stronger, torn apart, or obliterated all together. The two strongest nations, United Kerbin (UK) and the Kerbal's United Republic (KUP) were the leading nations in aerospace, fighting alongside each other in intense aerial battles until the end of the War. Relations slipped a bit at the end of the War and cooperations with the two nations ceased. They set their Air Force funds towards world exploration and developing more advanced aerospace technologies. The two agencies were called the Kerbal Aerospace Program (KAP) and the C7 Aerospace Division. They had the most advanced aerospace technologies in the world, proven by their unreal amounts of wins in aerial battles in the War, only losing an average of 20 planes for every year the War raged. After the War, a total of 15 countries signed a pact against war, outlawing any means of war including the use of fighter planes. 2 of those countries were UK and the KUP. After the ratification of the KAP, they went to work on achieving the goal of developing the world's first supersonic aircraft. Development had started before the program was even put in place, so testing and building didn't take long. On Day 14 of Year 1, test pilot Valentina climbed into the Supersonic (SS)-1, a modified SX-4 jet fighter plane. It was fitted with an new J-33 jet engine to propel it faster than any other manned aircraft before. The engine was activated and the plane started to roll forward on the runway. The plane pitched up off the runway, building up speed. A little after 30 seconds, the aircraft reached 342 m/s, the speed of sound. It accelerated past the speed of sound for a couple of seconds. Valentina then pointed it back towards the Kerbal Aerospace Center (KAC). It landed on the runway and rolled to a stop. Mission results: Success; Successful application of a new jet engine to send a modified SX-4 fighter plane past the speed of sound. Meanwhile at the C7 Aerospace Facility (C7 AF), a top-secret technology was being developed: a rocket-powered bomb, or missile called the Rattlesnake. This was being developed by order of the KUP's government for protection against another war. This was directly against the pact signed by the KUP and 14 other countries, however. To keep it unknown from the rest of the world, it was to be test-launched towards a remote area north of the C7 AF. The missile consisted of a nuclear warhead like that of what was used by the KUP to end the War on top of a tall rocket stage. After the trajectory would be set by the rocket stage, the warhead was to be jettisoned, coasting across the sky until it reached its target. As it decoupled, for tiny solid-fuel motors pushed the rocket stage away from the warhead so a premature detonation would not occur. On Day 18 of Year 1, the missile was ready to be launched on its first test flight. It was fitted with a dummy warhead so that no noticeable explosion would give way to the secret C7 project. The engine ignited and the four launch-clamps let go of the rocket. It ascended quickly into the air and pitched north. It made its way over the mountains completely surrounding the C7 AF and towards its target site. The engine stopped even before all the fuel was depleted as it had reached its target. The warhead was jettisoned and the four separation motors fired. The rocket stage was to impact the ocean just north of the warhead target site. The warhead tumbled around in the air until it hit the ground with a small explosion. The rocket then impacted into the ocean. Mission results: Success; Successful test of the Rattlesnake Intermediate-Range-Ballistic-Missile Shortly after the first successful test of the Rattlesnake IRBM, the KUP government ordered another test. A new missile was built and prepped for launch. On Day 27 of Year 1, another Rattlesnake was placed on C7's launchpad. The engine ignited, the launch-clamps were released, and the missile lifted-off into the air. It pitched south-west of the C7 AF and over the mountains towards its designated impact site. During flight, it gained too much speed and started to burn up. Unexpectedly, the whole assembly exploded mid-air. It happened that it exploded over a small town on the mountainside south of the C7 AF. Word was spread about how a large pencil-like object flew over the mountains from the C7 AF with smoke trailing behind it and exploding over the town. However, most of the world took it as a rumor as the C7 AF was government-run by the KUP, a nation which signed the international pact against war. Mission results: Failure; Failure at further testing of the Rattlesnake IRBM The KAP realized that if there was any way of reaching space, rocket power would have to be utilized. Rocket power had been used by engineers for moving heavy objects across work sites, and those had only been solid-fuel engines. It wasn't until recently that the C7 Aerospace Division announced they had made the first successful liquid-fuel rocket engine. They didn't say what it was being used for, only that a successful static-test had been conducted. Now that the KAP knew it was possible, it was time to start developing one to fly high into the atmosphere. On Day 33 of Year 1, the KAP placed the new Pulse liquid-fuel rocket on a launch stand. It was a small rocket that was stabilized by canted fins to send it into a spin. A pre-programmed computer was to turn the engine on and separate from the stand during launch. The time had come and the computer turned the engine on and the rocket separated from the launch stand. It started to spin slowly at first, but picked up rotational speed within seconds. The engine burned until it ran out of fuel. The apoapsis was determined to be around 27 kilometers high. The rocket coasted to the apoapsis and started to fall back to Kerbin, crashing into an unpopulated area west of the KAC. Mission results: Success; Successful test of rocket propulsion and spin-stabilization After the close-call of getting caught violating the international pact, C7 decided to develop a supersonic plane like the KAP as a side-project to cover up the Rattlesnake tests. It was loosely based off the KAP's SS-1 but mixed with the KUP's Y87 fighter jet. It included two air intakes opposed to the SS-1's single intake. On Day 42 of Year 1, the Soundwave was ready to fly. KUP test pilot Verette was to pilot the mission. The plane took off from the C7 AF's runway and flew east, breaking the speed of sound before it reached the edge of the mountain range. It then started to fly back towards the runway. As Verette was flying back, she failed to gain sufficient speed, ending up crashing onto the edge of the runway. The cockpit and Verette was recovered in good condition. Mission result: Partial success: Successful testing of a supersonic plane to cover up the Rattlesnake program In response to C7's partially-successful flight of the Soundwave 1, another flight of the SS-1 was authorized. This was to test maneuvering at supersonic speeds. On Day 47 of Year 1, Valentina again took off in the SS-1. She lifted off the runway and quickly broke the sound-barrier. She practiced several maneuvers, pulling upwards of 10 Gs. She maneuvered back towards the KAC still at the speed of sound, eventually landing successfully. Mission results: Success; Successful testing of supersonic maneuvers C7 had made several precautions for the next test-launch of the Rattlesnake. What they didn't know that spies were stationed on the mountain range to look out for the rumored missiles. On Day 48 of Year 1, the third Rattlesnake IRBM was launched. It flew north-west over the mountain range, right in the spies line of sight. To stop it from exploding mid-air, the engine was throttled down after it broke Mach 3. However, the electric charge in the probe core ran out, causing the engine to shut off and the missile to be short of its target site. The warhead also could not be jettisoned. It crashed in a lake south-east of the target impact site. Mission results: Failure; Failure of testing the the maximum range of the Rattlesnake After C7 and the KUP government was caught with an act of war, the other 14 nations that signed the pact banned C7 from launching missiles. They would, however, allow them to utilize the missile technology for peaceful uses such as space exploration. As a result, C7 found that it would allow a perfect opportunity to challenge the KAP. The challenge was to send a rocket into space before the other program does. The KAP accepted. After the new challenge between the two nations and aerospace programs was finalized, the deal was sealed by a flight by the KAP with its new SS-2 and a second flight of C7's Soundwave 1. The SS-2 was an SS-1 equipped with two side-boosters that allowed it to approach Mach 2, but it came just short of breaking that barrier. The second flight of the Soundwave 1 saw its first successful landing. To be continued...
  15. This challenge may sound simple but in reality it is quite hard! So here is what you need to do: You must complete the route without using orbital map. What you're going to do is to learn how the landscape looks at different points. Place a flag at evry point you visited(it means that you need to get close to land and drop your kerbals out of your ship to place a flag.) You must perform the task with a boat made out of mk2 stock parts. Modded mk2 parts may be allowed if they are not overkill for the task. No cheating, but refueling is allowed! Try to be quick and finish the route as fast as you can! No flying or driving when started! But if you are not in rush, try doing it whith ion propulsion! Advices: Try deleting the mass that comes with the fuel and make ship more dynamick in the water! How to navigate whithout a map? Try using navball or if you are a 1.2.1 use KerbalNet or how is it called?.... Watch your speed , you may bump up and crash into the water! Why mk2?- it is the dynamikc and looks like boat! Why would i spend time for this? - Because you are a KSP player, and you know what are you doing, you are explorer of everything, evry rock that may lay on your path! What kind of propulsion should i use?- everything except nuclear engines...they are dangerous to enviroment! Can i use autowarp?- Yes, sure but that is a bit dangerous... After 2 weeks i will find the fastest completion of this challnege! and rate it in the table. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good luck and don't forget that too much mass will make you sick sink!!
  16. This is a dead simple challenge: * Build an SSTO spaceplane. Must be purely RAPIER powered, although you can use as many or as few as you want. Must be a winged, HOTOL conventional spaceplane. * Take off from KSC runway, get to an orbit of at least 70x70, return to KSC runway. Simple. * No parachutes or other against-the-spirit trickery. Fly to space on wings, establish an orbit, fly back to KSC as fast you can. Wheaton's law applies; if in doubt, ask. * No mod parts, no performance-altering mods (except for optionally FAR). Informational mods are fine, but fly it yourself; no Smart A.S.S. or other autopilots. * Separate leaderboards for stock aero and FAR. * Prove your time with a screenshot showing you in orbit and another showing you stopped on the KSC runway. Extra shots detailing the whole flight are welcome. * Post your craft file as well. * Fly in the morning if you want a well-illuminated ship. Demo Run Orbital return time of 20:07. I know that I can do better than that. Can you? Full album at http://imgur.com/gallery/yGcVO Craft file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/wt8jqrlps5kjbir/Kerbodragster.craft?dl=0 LEADERBOARD STOCK Obi_Juan, 11:09 Nefrums, 11:17 Wanderfound, 16:57 NightshineRecorallis, 19:17 FAR
  17. Here are the rules. This is a challenge I have came up with. Try to reach the furthest distance possible within the time limit. Post your scores here. I hope you enjoy this short little challenge. RCS rockets are allowed but you can not add anymore fuel to your craft that other then what is on the based parts. Spinning out does not count against you since KSP 1.1 wheels are weird.
  18. This year while all the staff are away from the KSC on holiday Jeb decided to host a race, but this race is unlike anything anyone would ever approve of, requiring small nimble aircraft to get in between all of the narrowest corridors between the KSC buildings. This challenge is inspired by 1930's air races and modern drone racing and is a combination of the two, with tight drone racing style corridors but with an emphasis on improving aerodynamic design rather than the rather crude bricks which constitute drones. Each race is a single lap around the course starting at the runway, pilots then guide their craft as fast as possible over the SPH, as close to the tower as possible. The second marker is the launch pad water tower, each pilot must pass to the right of the water tower and head to the east side of the runway which is the third mark. Rounding the third mark, the next mark is the cylindrical fuel container with the blue stripe which is between mission control and the VAB. The player then continues through the corridor past the administrative building and makes a left turn around the R&D complex and flies behind the VAB avoiding obstacles. The course ends when you cross the midpoint of the runway. Record your time at this point and land safely for a valid entry. This is the course, the red outlines the boundaries of gates with reference to buildings. The Rules: 1) Ferram Aerospace Research is necessary 2) Passing under gates is necessary, flying above the highest point of a structure is considered passing over a gate 3) You must add 5 seconds to your time every time you pass over a gate 4) One should consider an entry invalid if the course is not followed (cutting inside a gate, flying over corridors) 5) Your power plant of choice will be included on the leaderboard, I hope to see some interesting choices 6) Flying above the VAB while racing renders the result invalid. 7) And I almost forgot, absolutely no torque reaction wheels or cockpit torque! Suggestions: 1) Wings may be helpful 2) The aircraft/rocket should not be wider than a corridor 3) Stay subsonic, this challenge is all about cornering, precision and speed is last in terms of concerns 4) you need about 1 minute and 30 seconds of fuel, no more is necessary. Leaderboard:
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