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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I’m Matt. If you want, you should try and cram those radiators together and send a screenshot of how close you can get to the sun. Have fun.
  2. I am looking for a heat generation mod to use heat sinks to remove heat (since they are useless now and are only used in low solar orbit). I mean, any part is heated by the sun, the human body emits heat and computers too. Large radiators are installed on the ISS to remove heat, but in KSP it is possible to build a space station without radiators or with one radiator, and this will be enough. In my opinion, this is not correct. I would like to find a way that corrects this by adding the mechanics of heat generation (in all parts) depending on the proximity to the sun and the presence or absenc
  3. I am not happy with the way that radiators work or rather not happy with the way radiators 'seem' to not be working properly. Example. If I have an ISRU and or some drills and some radiators. The equipment overheats before the radiators have reached anywhere near their potential cooling ability. So you are watching the radiators slowly creep past 16% cooling and the ISRU or drill is over max. While as a veteran player I am aware that a certain amount of radiators are required to cool certain equipment however it still feels wrong that the equipment is overheating and the ra
  4. The solar array is shaking my space station apart. It’s two infernal robotics trusses with four gigantor solar panels and four extendable medium radiators attached. After everything is extended the panels and radiators begin shaking violently. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. The smallest stock ISRU with 4 of the tiny stock drills. I have the drills mounted on the ISRU I have 4 small radiators mounted on the ISRU I have 4 medium folding radiators mounted on the ISRU Still the core temperature of the ISRU keeps going up
  6. Hi, sorry to ask even more awkward questions again, but I've not been able to search up any definitive answers, or yet figure out for myself (even from the copious thermal debug info) what exactly is happening under all circumstances, here. This Reddit thread did a great job of fathoming the equations and figures for drill's surface harvesting mode (with different level engineers on board). I've confirmed them myself, experimentally, and re-arranged the relevant wiki page a little. I've also expanded the information on the wiki about radiators, regarding their core cooling stats, add
  7. I built a large first stage booster using several of the "Twin Boar" LF boosters, as they were the most powerful engine available to me. I discovered that, when fuel crossfeeding was being used, these engines could run long enough to heat up to the point of explosion; before my last one could use up all its fuel and/or get the payload to orbital speed, it would go boom. But I think, I have all these radiator parts! I only needed to buy another 15-20 seconds, so I slap a couple of the small radiators on that last engine - even a little bit of heat reduction would probably be enough since i
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