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Found 1 result

  1. ...presenting the Untitled Space Raft KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/MunsterIII/Untitled-Space-Raft The technology at the KSC has reached heights never met before with the freshly downloaded Breaking Ground DLC! This craft is powered by cutting edge propulsion tech: Oars! With a top speed of 0.3 m/s, it can provide a relaxing ride and a nice place to sooth your nerves after landing on Tylo or aerobraking on Eve. The oars are actually quite simple, just an antenna and fan blade stuck to a motor. The end result is much flailing about and jostling around, with some slight forward movement. The motor defaults to 50 RPM, but I prefer around 105-110. I haven't tried any higher, since the raft starts bouncing around and looks like it's being throttled by the kraken. If you want to adjust the motors, turn them off first. The craft contains a rover mount which is used to get the raft to the water. It has two full ore tanks strapped to the bottom to ensure that it will sink when decoupled. Warranty void if decoupled on land. The oars should swing freely while driving but the raft should be high enough that they don't hit the ground. The raft probably won't be level in the water, so transfer fuel between the back and front tanks to balance it out. The fuel cells in the back should supply enough power to keep the raft moving for a long time, but not for a very long distance. Once everything is ready to go, use action group 1 to start paddling. If all procedures are followed and all manuals are read, the end result should be something like this: Also, it is a Space Raft, so it should work on Laythe and Eve also, but I haven't tested it there.
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