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Found 2 results

  1. I have a save game I'm playing now, and I have a ship currently on a Mun flyby. I plan to take a lander down to Mun, then perform a hyperbolic rendezvous with the main ship on a second Mun flyby about 18 days later. The trouble is, when I try to EVA Bill Kerman and get him to the lander seat, at about 600km above the Mun's surface, he IMMEDIATELY ragdolls and gets flung out at about 5 m/s relative to the ship. He breaks several of the still-retracted! SP-L 1x6 solar panels mounted to the lander can I just took him out of. Should breaking retracted solar panels even be a thing? I can usually recover using a quick time warp burst, then fly him back and get him in the lander seat, but I don't want him breaking my ship! I have not been able to get him to successfully and safely EVA at all. Is something wrong with my save file or something?
  2. I've often thought about trying my hand at modding KSP, and I think I finally know what I would like to mod. How hard would it be to mod the game so Kerbals simply don't ragdoll? I don't find the mechanic funny anymore, as it most often occurs a times that make no sense. Is this something I would need visual studio for? If I could accomplish that much, I might be able to add more interesting options later on instead of just eliminating them completely.
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