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Found 3 results

  1. I think the KSP2 team was waiting for the 2021 LTS release for Unity so they can lock features into a stable product. Now we can expect some very cool features in the game related to environments and like it was designed with KSP in mind (I wonder if there was some collab between Intercept and Unity): "HDRP performance upgrades and features like NVIDIA DLSS for desktop, Volumetric Clouds, and Static Shadow Caster." I've seen some pre-LTS environment videos, everything looks absolutely amazing. Some of them even show storms with wind, rain, lightning and snow. There's also Expanse with some impressive demos, I don't know if the KSP2 uses this or their own tools. Wonder if we'll also have Ray Tracing..
  2. How about dynamic, realistically generated weather? It's always GPU, GPU & GPU related improvements like prettier graphics but let's give our CPU's something new to work with. I for one would like to experience this.
  3. Could someone make some sort of rain? maybe a filter, or some sort of particle effect in the 3d space? I'm not exactly looking at wind or anything else, but those would be nice too. I want something compatible with stock aero. (Yes I know someone did this, but it used far and hasn't been updated since 0.90.)
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