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Found 4 results

  1. Hi its me DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE and i think we need black holes and Neutron Stars in KSP2. the problem is, we do not know if there will be Black Holes in KSP2 or not... So that's why we need your help! to support this addition to KSP2 so we can have an even better gameplay. All you have to do is either say that you agree to this or vote in the Poll above... i kinda recommend that you use the poll instead because it is MUCH and i mean MUCH easier to gather up the data and support than having to look through10 whole pages full of people who agree or disagree (although i highly doubt this Thread will EVER reach 10 pages) Anyways, feel free to drop in whenever ya want to... and make sure to use the poll so we can gather support.
  2. So......after chatting with @Triop on this subject, I have decided to throw my hat into the preverbal ring and drive around Kerbin within 80 days. How hard could it be? Driving is easy.....boring but easy, right? WRONG!! Kerbin is one of the toughest places to drive a rover, truck, dune buggy, race car, etc. Whatever you drive, you're driving on a planet that has some of the most varied, roughest and unforgiving terrain in the KSP universe. Add it's rather strong gravity, and you have a challenge. Some other planets have rough terrain, but most of them have lower gravity (with exceptions of course). So you're rover/buggy/truck has to be well built, tough as nails, your driving must be razor sharp, and you have to pay attention the entire time you're driving. Your speed must be well regulated because wheel blowouts are the least of your problems (they can be fixed). Go too fast, don't pay attention to what's coming up ahead of you and BLAMO!! you're careening off a cliff, going end over end and most likely killing your intrepid but less than experienced pilot and engineer if you managed to drag one with you, probably kicking and screaming. So...... DAY ONE Early morning. The MEGA Truck is finally ready. Our most experienced pilot and navigator extreme GDJ Kerman (yeah for real) is ready to take the wheel with a few somewhat willing crew. Kerbal Foundries was generous enough to supply a high powered APU unit for the truck's power source which a claimed 17 units of electrical charging per second and a fuel consumption of no more than 0.03 units per second. With additional fuel (1250-odd units) the frame of the truck was creaking with it's total weight of 20.4 tonnes. This was no ordinary 2019 Kerbal Star truck. This was a custom made Tri-Drive Tandem steer unit with a extended cab for two other occupants. Nearly 10 metres long, almost 2 metres wide, this was a beast of a truck with the power of the Kraken. After firing up the APU, a quick test was done and a plume of exhaust shot up in the air nearly as high as the VAB. Everybody smiled. Yeah baby! After KSC gave everybody in the truck their best wishes for success, the intrepid 4 nutcases were off and running. The truck spun around from the runway, sprinted north at a pace that was nearly dangerous on level ground. GDJ Kerman looked at the speedometer: 41 metres per second. After leaving the level grounds surrounding KSC the most experienced pilot in KSC history remembered some advise from his mentor and former teacher Gene Kerman: "Less is more. Don't push your luck and risk everything. This is not a race. Nobody has done this before, and the only other one crazy enough to do it @Triop is still out there. Take your time. Besides, the truck is brand new and bloody expensive." Time to slow things down. 30 to 35 m/s would be sufficient. The plan was to travel to Kerman Lake on the first day. Kerman Lake was roughly north east and had a small airport for smaller regional aircraft. Most of the terrain was not really rough until one got to within 20 km of Kerman Lake, then it was a lot more challenging. Bill Kerman was the chief engineer, Jebediah Kerman was backup pilot, and a newbie Scientist that was still wet behind her ears was in charge of ......the science stuff. For the most part, the day went off without a hitch. A few times the truck was airborne for a few seconds, but the robust suspension handled the abuse like a dream. Bill did some adjusting to the steering parameters as the drive progressed and made the high speed handling a little less....hazardous. The APU sipped at the LF, keeping all 1600 units of battery power charged at 99.5% and only went full blast when driving up hills. The brakes were equally impressive. Kerbal Star equipped the truck with 10 Krembo disc brakes and all together was able to stop the 20 tonne monster to a halt within 150 metres, give or take a bit. After a few hours and in dwindling daylight the crew arrived at Kerman Lake, tired but not too badly shaken (thank you air-ride seats!) and decided to plan out the next days trip in a nice hotel. SUMMARY FOR DAY ONE
  3. The Official KSP Racing Season Are you ready to race? Round 1 January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period! If so then welcome to the KSP Racing Season! Myself( @Oliverm001x) and @TheEpicSquared are organising a race every 2 months with the new race tracks and rallies. There will be a leaderboard, and points will be distributed depending on the position of the drivers! How will it work? Every 2-3 months a new track will be created, with different specifications(to keep things intriguing ). The participants will have 2 months to engineer their craft and post their times on the multiple stages (more info below). Points will be awarded to the drivers depending on how fast they are during the events. A leaderboard will be constructed, and will be updated with new points after each race. General Rules and Regulations: The drivers that enter the competition will be administered under 2 main different categories, namely modded and stock. In each main category, there are more specific sub-categories: Electric only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel only (F) The drivers must take a screenshot at the moment of departure, and at the moment of arrival to demonstrate their lap/stage time. Videos are highly encouraged, but screenshots are the bare minimum required to enter. Flying is not permitted under any circumstances. However, jumping is allowed. More specific rules on this will be specified in each racing event, as there will be multiple tracks. Cheating is not permitted, and all screenshots will be scrutinised by the rigorous KSP community >:D. VesselMover is not permitted as a means of competition. Refueling and fixing is allowed, however only after completing a stage. The Points system: In racing, points are the only way to determine which driver is in the lead of the championship. So we have devised a set of point systems: 1st position: 10 points 2nd position: 9 points 3d position: 8 points 4th position:7 points 5th position: 6 points 6th position: 5 points 7th position: 4 points 8th position: 3 points 9th position: 2 points 10th position: 1 point The drivers (regardless of how many points they have) we be listed on a leaderboard, and at the end of the season one of you will be crowned as the champion! Round 1: The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) Info below in the spoiler: Dropbox link for track download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51esn08h184rtrh/AADEj35YVyqXYjqQT7YdDRf5a?dl=0 Click here for the special thread: Specialised Round 1 Thread Round 1 KCCR (The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally ) January 1st- February 28th- Post your times below between that period!
  4. The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) This is part of the Official Kerbal Racing Season rover race event, organized by myself and @Oliverm001x The KCCR is an off-road cross-continental rally consisting of 8 stages. The race starts off at the Stage 1 flag (next to the KSC runway), and heads north along the continent towards the finish flag. The 8 stages offer every type of terrain, from smooth ground to rocky mountains and sheer cliffs for the racer to navigate on and around. Each stage is roughly 60km, not too short and not too long. THE DURATION OF THIS CHALLENGE IS FROM 1ST JANUARY TO 28TH FEBRUARY. AFTER THAT A NEW RALLY/RACE WILL BE HELD. Save file for the rally: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51esn08h184rtrh/AADEj35YVyqXYjqQT7YdDRf5a?dl=0 Screenshots (behold my amazing MS Paint skills! ) : Full track Stages 1-3 (Stage 1 starts at the KSC runway) Stages 3-4 Stages 4-5 Stages 5-6 Stages 6-8 Rules: Main categories are Modded and Stock, subcategories are Electric only (E), Fuel/Electric (F/E), Fuel only (F) and Hovercraft (H). Only one vehicle is allowed for the entire rally, the vehicle cannot be replaced. However, fixing the vehicle (things like repairing wheels) is allowed. Using KIS/KAS to replace parts of the vehicle is allowed, but will put you in the modded section. Chutes are allowed. Flying is not allowed. Jumping, however, is allowed. A jump is classified as a jump if the craft is in the air but is not being propelled by anything. It should follow a (rough) arc and hit the ground again. If the throttle is active while the craft is in the air (resulting in the engines, if any, producing thrust), this is considered flying. Boost flaps are allowed. These block the thrust of engines instantly, avoiding the dreaded spool-up and spool-down times of jet engines. Junos are the only jet engines this method can be used on effectively. If boost flaps are not being used, then cutting throttle (using the X key) when the craft is in the air is sufficient. Even though the jet engines will still be producing thrust due to their long spool-down time, this can be disregarded as there is really no way to get around this. The method for submitting an entry is as follows: A screenshot of the vehicle inside the SPH/VAB. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage start flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage finish flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. Screenshots while driving the stage are welcome. Videos are highly encouraged, but the screenshots listed above are the bare minimum. A suggested way of keeping track of your time for each stage: When you start the stage, make a note of the mission clock (at the top-left of the screen), for example 01 mins 00 secs. When you finish the stage, make a note of the mission clock again, for example 15 mins 57 secs. And then do the maths: the start time subtracted from the finish time. In this example, the stage was started at 01 mins 00 secs, and finished at 15 mins 57 secs. 15:57 - 01:00 = 14 mins 57 secs, and that’s your time. You will be placed on the leaderboards according to your total time from each stage. Obviously, a lower time is better. Leaderboards: Stock Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) Modded Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) This is part of the Official KSP Racing Season, so any participants will get points, contributing to their season finish position (kind of how the F1 driver championship works). It's a WIP, check out that thread for more info. Good luck! Please tell me if I missed anything, I'm sure I did.
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