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Found 7 results

  1. PUT YOUR PITCHFORKS DOWN AND JUST LISTEN TO ME FOR JUST ONE SECOND, i feel like this needs to be said and i just needed to get it off my chest, i don't trust take two with making ksp 2 because they have a history of screwing over thier fanbase and thier modders, when GTAV first came out, take two (rockstars parent company) decided to and DMCA all the people who made mods for it and only because of the IMMENSE backlash they they received, take two decided to back off and let the modders do thier thing, but something has recently came to surface and when i mean recently, i mean i just found this
  2. If you've played KSP for a while, you start to have a bunch of complaints and possible improvements build up. This is the place to let that all out. This is the place to rant about whatever (but please stay on topic). However, to keep this place sort of civilized, you must follow basic guidelines: No harsh language Must include evidence and/or comparison of idea Must include logical reasoning Other than that, I would love to hear your opinion on things.
  3. I did an entire apollo style mun mission, crushed the docking like a champ, collected tons of science, and guess what I realized JUST AS SOON AS I START REENTRY? I forgot my freaking parachute. These are the types of events that instill a rage quit. I legitimately had to get up and walk away from my computer because I was so frustrated with myself. Why oh why could I not have realized this mistake sooner? Like, you know, on the launchpad?
  4. I made the mistake of using time-warp while having the focus on my deployed science station on Gilly. When I stopped the time-warp this happened: Yes, on of the solar power generators decided to take a jump and do several somersaults. Luckily it landed upright without breaking anything. The jumpiness of, well, all kinds of legs is really annoying! Is it really impossible to fix that? P.S. If I thought it would help I would use stronger language. But it wouldn't really say more, just with more emphasis.
  5. I've finished my first Eve/Gilly mission in my current career save, and what does the next exploration contract entail? Go back to Gilly, where I've already been, and transfer crew between vessels, which I've already done. I think to myself, "I'll just warp time and hopefully get that Jool or Bop contract". I do that, what do I see? Transfer crew between vessels around Ike, which I did ages ago. Warp again, "Dock around Mun", already done that. It's giving me repeated contracts to do mundane tasks that I've done before and I'm not getting contracts to go any further than Duna, and it's really
  6. So I was using a old plane from 1.05, and the gear won't extend. "Gear Blocked : Yes". Could someone make a MMConfig/Mod that disables this monstrosity?
  7. Okay. So for a while I was wondering, why does everyone care so much about IVAs? I mean, who even uses them? I never fly from them, and they're downright stupid on my tiny keyboard. The thing I'm particularly annoyed about is that modders refuse to release cockpits until they have IVAs. Seriously, modders!
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