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Found 9 results

  1. Can someone link the RAPIER settings? I was messing around and messed up the gimbal range and I don't know how to exactly did it.
  2. So, today i downloaded the 3.2x rescale mod, and I'm loving it for the rockets parts and imho is a nice middle ground between RO and stock, and is doable with stock parts (and for bigger rockets i have spacey/spacey expanded). However i would love to do also some SSTO, but here lies the problem: orbital speed at 3.2x rescale is around 4.1 kms/s ( from the 2.25 of stock) so i would love to rescale also the rapier engine so they can bring me around mach 8 at 25-30kms in air-breathing and then from there on switching to the closed cycle. I already know how to change the perfor
  3. Inspired by the Blohm & Voss BV-141, I decided to give creating an asymetric monstrosity a shot and see how it flies. My own yet-to-be-named kontraption uses a MK-1 sidecar design with a MK-2 main body and three rapier engines.It is, unsurprisingly, hard to control at low airspeeds or at high altitudes, but with the throttle up, engine gimbal and good pressure over the control surfaces give it a decent flight profile. The first test flight ended with an overheat at ~1400 M/S and the second made an orbit and came back down beautifully. Unfortunately, asymetric braking lead to an accident on
  4. A re-imagining of the stock R.A.P.I.E.R. engine, with brand new art to match the fantastic style @Porkjet has created. It's a separate part from the stock version, but it has the same stats and is the same size. Download from SpaceDock (1.2) Download from CurseForge (1.2) Download from Dropbox (1.2) 1.2 Changelog 1.1a Changelog 1.1 Changelog This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  5. Okay folks, ive built a ship based off of Matt Lowne’s Duna SSTO design and all I’ve done is replace the extra passenger space with science equipment in a cargo bay and a MKII docking port, which in total weighs less than the MkII passenger pay used by Matt. i can’t get the blasted thing into orbit. My current flight path is: fly 10 degrees on takeoff till I get to 300 ms^1. pitch up gradually to about 35 degrees (I start to lose speed very quickly if I pitch up any more as my thrust isn’t very large) once I get above 10000m I flatten out my trajectory. this is wh
  6. Since most of us would agree that the RAPIER is the Kerbal equivalent of the SABRE engine, I'm wondering if the thrust and velocity curves are realistic in view of what i've read about the sabre elsewhere. As we can see, the RAPIER produces more than 8 times it's static rating at mach 3.8. However from this site (http://www.astronautix.com/s/sabre.html ), I read that So if the chamber pressure and flow rate are constant, from mach 0.6 to mach 5 , and sea level to 26km, then there should not be much variation in thrust. Perhaps the multiplier should get n
  7. So, I decided to finally try to make a spaceplane SSTO. It's all going well, until i got to the altitude where i need to switch mode. My engines didn't change mode, so i used the action group i set to change their mode. Didn't work. Ok. I tried manually changing their mode. Still didn't work. I've tried everything, and the Rapiers won't change mode. I've restarted the game (as well as my computer), i've done everything i can think of and it just won't work. can someone please tell me why this is happening? Craft file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx91FQJHP8inZkI5QWs5OTFNaXM?usp
  8. Anyway? I made an plane that is heavy and need the closedcycle mode to take off, but I need to click right mouse button on all the engines one by one to change from closedcycle to airbreathing mode. Anyway to make an keybinding to make this easier?
  9. Ok, The image above has been photoshop'ed - original was too dark anyways... but anyhow - the ship itself is a real thing - it flies, not only that, it also makes it to orbit with fuel to spare and some payload to boot! Ironically, this is a first for me in KSP (see signature below for why this is ironic) Really, all my previous Kerbal spaceplanes were more or less death traps less-than-perfect pieces of machinery... This one, on the other hand has only cost the lives of about a dozen or so kerbals to become a veritable "ticket to space" deal for anyone willing to settle for a South-of-Unbel
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