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Found 19 results

  1. Real Scale Sea Dragon - Parts Pack Realistically scaled Sea Dragon rocket --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This is still an alpha/beta development project. New parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Dependencies: Module Manager Hangar Extender Highly Recommended: QuickSearch (you can just type "dragon" to quickly find the parts) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (big parts = big flexing?) Real Solar System FAR --------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Simply copy the "RSSeaDragon" folder into your GameData folder. If upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete the old one from GameData first (this is the cleanest option). --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on. They will certainly WORK in stock, just with severe overkill. SECOND NOTE: This is still in alpha/beta development. Parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Design Notes: Primarily meant for use with RSS or other large scale Kerbins, however you can certainly fly this in an otherwise stock game. In stock, it will be ridiculously overkill, but since it's a bit of an overkill solution anyway, that's part of the fun, right? Known Issue: Fairing "confetti" is rather deadly. KSP 1.1 should allow us to eject it further. Known issue: Steering authority in upper stage is weak. Already artificially inflated though! (should be worse!) Currently doesn't have a set of ballast tanks for water launches. This will be looked into, but it's unclear how well it will work, until experimenting. To-Do List: Ballast tanks for sea launches (works in testing, tank model coming soon). Larger smoke trail for first stage (completed for 0.2). Extending second-stage engine bell. Primary design diagram used: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: SpaceDock -or- curse.com (soon) -or- ksp.necrobones.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: 0.3.4 (2016-07-12) - Tweak. - Slightly increased heat tolerance of first stage parts. 0.3.3 (2016-05-11) - Minor hotfix. - Corrected staging problems in sample rockets. 0.3.2 (2016-04-22) - Tweaks. - Added collider setting for procedural fairing base. - Adjusted tech node to play more nicely with Real Scale Boosters. 0.3.1 (2016-04-03) - KSP 1.1 Hotfix (1.0.5 compatible, except for the sample rockets) - Sample rockets were locking up KSP 1.1 when sending to the pad/runway. Updated for 1.1, but are no longer compatible with 1.0.5. - Sample rockets saved with fairing settings to use maximum ejection force, and 4-way clamshells. 0.3 (2016-04-02) - The Sea-Recovery Update. (1.0.5 compatible) - Increased crash tolerance of first stage engine and tank to 150 m/s to support oceanic crash-landing recovery. - Removed stack attachment node from end of skirt extension on second stage tank, and instead added it to second stage engine. - Added inflatable "recovery flare" to the first stage engine, and updated sample rockets to put it on action group 2. 0.2 (2016-03-28) - The Sea-Launch Update. - Increased crash tolerance considerably on all parts, to allow bouncing around in the water. - Added attachment node at bottom of first stage engine to allow attaching the ballast tank. - Extended first stage tank's lower skirt, and removed extraneous attachment node corresponding to it. - Shortened first stage engine length (and updated sample rocket accordingly), after discovering miscalculation. - Reworked colliders for first and second stage main engines, and first stage tank. - Added ballast tank for sea launches. - Added SPH sample rocket with ballast tank. - Updated VAB sample rocket to ignite the verniers at launch in the staging. - Added an animated bell extension for the second stage engine, and updated sample rockets to use it (action group 1). - Added custom smoke trail for first stage engine (known issue: runs regardless of air pressure). - Removed smoke trails from upper-stage engine + verniers (hydrogen burns cleanly). 0.1 (2016-03-25) - First test release. - Mostly complete. Using stock procedural fairing system. No ballast tanks. - Known issue: Fairing "confetti" is rather deadly. - Known issue: Steering authority in upper stage is weak. Already artificially inflated though! (should be worse!)
  2. I can't make any mod, but I'd like to get a mod with real parts like an air compressor that transforms intake air in oxidiser (with an IRSU-similar texture and design), that doesn't make much heat but a lot of noise, some rover cargo bays , long cargo bays and eventually some powerfull air breathing engines for a takeoff without any oxidiser use and big jet engines to use as VTOL hidden engines or engines integrated with a cargo bay.
  3. SuperPenguin160's Launch Vehicles Contains: New Glenn 3.75m Rocket with landing legs Electron 0.9375m Rocket that is capable of taking at least 500kg into orbit The Rutherford engines use EC and LOx and therefore have a very high efficiency Additional Pictures: Plans: New Shepard Vector MX1HH Haas 2CA Demonstrator 3 Recommended: Tweakscale (The New Glenn is 3.75m) RealPlume (Every engine is compatible) Downloads: SpaceDock Curse License: Thanks to @Shadowmage for his amazing TexturesUnlimited mod All Rights Reserved
  4. Hello everyone, i don't like squads idea of batteries. The parts in the game called "batteries" actually behave like capacitors: unlimited re-/charge rates, and low EC storage capacity. My idea of a new mod: increase the available EC-storage per mass, and to keep the balance: a) limit the "fuel" flow rate (if that is possible) or b) convert EC to another type of "fuel" and thus enable some sort of re-/charge rate. I present: Real Battery Imgur album: http://imgur.com/gallery/mb01Z With this mod you get a realistic battery behavior: Charge and discharge rates are limited (dependent on battery tech ie. Lead_Acid or Li_Ion...) and is displayed in the right click menu Charge rate degrades, if the battery comes close to full charge or becomes too hot/cold (see wiki for detailed behaviour); Heat behaviour is customizeable in the cfg file EC range of operation is configurable in RealBattery_mm.cfg file; What this means: Discharge RealBattery until EC is at xx% level, and recharge until EC reaches yy% level. defaults are 10% and 90%. Much higher EC per mass ratio than stock "batteries" Stock batteries are currently cloned and enhanced with the new behavior RealBattery uses Stored Charge (1SC = 3600EC) Fits perfectly in the realism suite of RO, RSS or RP-0. Compatible with Ven's stock revamp mod altering battery models Support for @Nertea's DynamicBatteryStorage DOWNLOAD https://github.com/blackliner/RealBattery/releases and CKAN SOURCE https://github.com/blackliner/RealBattery WIKI https://github.com/blackliner/RealBattery/wiki Required Addons: Community resource pack (not provided) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83007-12-community-resource-pack-060-new-resources/ Module Manager (not provided) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-12-module-manager-273-november-4th-better-late-than-never/ Todo: Balancing (done some with v1.1.5) Single use batteries (currently lead acid) DONE with v1.1.4 a nice model(currently using stock battery models) charging behavior dependend on soc DONE with v1.1.0 different classes of battery DONE: Li ION with 1.1.2 1.2 upgrade system (lead acid -> li ion -> future...) stock heat system (fast initial discharge, slowdown when getting too hot/cold) DONE with v1.1.1 load balancing algorithm DONE with v1.1.3 License: MIT
  5. Dragonfly mission to the ocean moon Titan Your mission is to create as realistically as possible the upcoming proposed Dragonfly mission to Titan, the ocean moon of Saturn. You can read about it here, its really cool. Basically, you have to fly to Titan (Laythe if playing stock), and set up a self sustaining base with explorer quadcopters that can go out and take samples and readings, then return to the main base. Categories are full Stock (visual and info mods only, nothing that modifies parts or physics in any way) or Modded ( I recommend Firespitter for excellent rotors, although your quadcopters will be large) as much as you like. Basically your job is to recreate the mission as close to real life as possible, either in Stock or Modded. I'll accept pretty much any entry, but if you need rules, then the rules are as follows: You must fly the mission, no cheats of any kind, although quicksave/quickload may be used as needed. Be careful loading/saving too much in atmo, parts can do strange things especially offsets You must leave Earth/Kerbin, fly to Saturn/Jool. Next you must make an entry with a heat shield and parachutes to Titan/Laythe, land and set up your base. Your base must be self-sustaining - if playing stock this will require an ISRU to allow multiple quadcopter missions. Your exploration vehicles must be VTOL, preferably as close to a quadcopter as you can make it. You may use jets or rockets since there aren't working electrical props in stock. They must be powered by RTG (like in real life). They must be able to fly 10-100km, take a sample, and return with it. There should be at least a conceptual way to refuel them, although I won't require a demo if the piloting is insane (landing on a docking port, etc). Lots of pictures! We are recreating a real mission, make it look cool!!! Scoring may evolve as new entries come in, since I likely haven't thought of everything, but for now it's as follows: Quadcopter points: Real Weight: 100 points if close to 450kg, subtract points for anything over (10 points/ton) Honest Quad: 25 points if 4 engines VTOL Real Science: 25 points if you recreate sample collection and analysis, seismological studies, meteorological monitoring, and local microscopic imaging using LED illuminators Reusable: 50 points if you show a full round trip copter sampling mission, and are prepped for another More Copters!: 25 points for each additional quadcopter up to total of 4 Mission points: Low Mass: 100 points if launch mass is under 100 tons, subtract 10 points for each 50 tons over weight. Orbital Genius: 25 points for each clever maneuver - aerobraking, gravity slingshots, anything that lowers dV and looks cool. Phone Home: 10 points per relay set up in system for a max of 30 points, it's nice to be able to call home. I will also award an arbitrary number of points for general realism, including but not limited to: Using Real Solar System Accurate models of rockets Making the spacecraft look and function as realistically as possible Finding something cool about the mission that I don't know about, and including it. Have fun! If you are ready to get technical, Here is more detail in a pdf
  6. Let's make KSP more real with some speeches, fluctuating budgets in some modes, constructing bases on other planets and launching ships from their, expanding kerbol system.
  7. NicheParts A small'ish parts pack which adds some real life engines and RCS parts. This pack is recommended for use with Realism Overhaul mod & is not well balanced for the stock game. RealPlume is also a must. In action: https://imgur.com/a/DNOd4 The parts: http://imgur.com/a/8IueS Installation: Just copy into GameData, Realism Overhaul & RealPlume Configs provided. The mod is not intended for use in the stock game, however if you do wish to play in stock delete the following folders in the NicheParts mod: RealPume Configs Realism Overhaul Configs Download: SpaceDock License: If you like this mod, please do check out Zarbizaure's awesome mod which adds even more realistic engines: Forgotten Real Engines.
  8. Anyone know what the heck is VVV-WIT-07?
  9. REAL SPACE: THE MISSIONS “The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space - each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.” ― Randall Munroe Pop Chart Labs Join us, @DiscoSlelge, @HooHungLow and me in a journey trough the history of man's space exploration!! This is a series about real space exploration missions complemented with their history, objectives and details about the boosters who launched them. Missions from the past, present and future are planned, always trying to be accurate but without exhausting details, and also keeping stock-alike aesthetics. Guide: Chapter 1 LEO communications - the TDRS Network Mars and Phobos observation - Phobos 2 Operation Paperclip: The German Connection
  10. Besides Real-Solar System are there systems that are made “real scale”?
  11. This is a continuation of my mod Realistic Remodel. (Almost) Real Solar System is kerbalized version of Real Solar System. It keeps the stock planets but changes them to be more realistic. The orbits and sizes of planets have been changed to be in the same ratios as our solar system. Some planets have been moved around to fill in some gaps, and names of some planets have been changed as well. A few color changes have been made, and more are planned. Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions are required and OPM is highly recommended. Download Imgur Album Scaling: I have added a scaling feature using Sigma dimensions to allow you to change the difficulty according to you. The default setting is about 2.5x stock scale, while the atmospheric height and rotational period are the same, but this can always be changed in the settings file. Color Changes: Some of the planets have a had their color changed to be more similar to reality. Marcx (Previously Duna) have been changed to be more of a rusty color than a bright red. All four gas giants have slightly different colors, with Jool's being the most extreme. Compatibility: Distant Object Enhancement: Added configs to support color changes of planets. KSC Switcher: Added 4 additional launch sites around Kerbin. (In my testing the download from the RO repository here works) RemoteTech: Added an assortment of preset configs to choose from in the in-game settings. You can also create your own. Planned Features: Color change for other planets, including Vixen, and various moons. Support for visual mods. (SVE and EVE kinda work) Maybe additional bodies. MIT License
  12. What have you done in real life, (Space Related) oh awesome people of the forums? I saw Jupiter and 2 of it moons for the first time through a telescope a week ago. how about you?
  13. So - this is where I am going to post reports and pics from my ongoing space program. Boring explanation: Okay. Here we go. Part I - Another beginning. Part II - Munstep's aftermath Where are we? Two Kerbal Nations - american and soviet - have been battling for the Mun. Yeah, quiet common so far. Surprisingly US-american Kerbals made it there first during the flight of Apollo 8 with Jeb planting the flag in the surface. Recently after successful completion soviet Kerbals have been launched to the Mun aboard Soyuz LOK-4 mission making Boris Kerman the first soviet Kerbal on munar surface. But contact to the kerbonauts has been lost ever since during EVA-activities! UP NEXT: Starting desperate rescue-missions both american and soviet missions ran into technical difficulties with their vessels leaving the two Kerbals lost somewhere on munar surface. While trying to improve inflight-safety both nations came up with plans of spoiling the space with stations to increase mission duration and space knowledge. P.S.: So. Introdutional part done. Feel free to love it or hate it. More to come with more in-depth detail. Don't mind the misspellings on the pictures - had to be quick there . This first should have also given me a better overview of which functions are available for creating posts. So I hope my quality of writing will improve soon. Cheers!
  14. I Thought i'd post a pretty easy challenge The goal of this challenge is to send a Cygnus spacecraft to a space station it can be your own original space station or an actual ISS or ISS inspired space station. Make the Cygnus as realistically as you possible same goes for the Antares rocket you will use to send the Cygnus up to the space station and try and make it as realistic as possible Note: when i say realistic i mean the design Mods allowed: Tweakscale KIS (for cargo) Vapor Vent Infernal robotics Winners 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good luck!
  15. I built the X-3 Stiletto in Kerbal Space Program. It is an old aircraft that worked in between 1952 to 1956.The X-3 Stiletto was manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company, It was designed to be very aerodynamic and to go past supersonic speeds, 2000 m/h to be exact. The craft failed to do what it was supposed to achieve, supersonic speed, but the information that was gained from it helped make some of today's military aircraft. Here it is! The X-3 Stiletto in KSP Top View The real aircraft. On the runway. On flight. More on flight. The model I made, like the real aircraft, fails to reach supersonic speeds, it goes up to 213.3 m/s. Takes off at a speed of about 110 m/s which isn't that good. It can climb up to around 6000 meters in altitude with minor stalling. What surprises me is that it is very controllable and aerodynamic, despite its two small wings. It is only controlled from the rear of the craft, and a remote guidance unit. I had to make it very light and small for those small engines to be able to carry it into the sky. It can easily change its prograde which makes it a nice stunt plane and it just looks pretty cool! It is also EXTREMELY easy to land even though its two back wheels are not that spread out. Aircraft Information Crew Crew Count: 1 Parts Part Count: 33 Mass Total Mass: 4.717 Fuel Mass: 1.5 Dry Mass: 3.217 Size Height: 3.7 Width: 5.5 Length: 15.0 Fuel Total Fuel Tanks: 6 Fuel Tanks Per Engine: 3 Total Fuel: 300 Fuel Per Engine: 150 Engine Total Engines: 2 Air-Breathing Engines: 2 Liquid Fuel Engines: 0 Total Maximum Thrust: 41.2 Download I recommend trying it out yourself, its quite fun to fly! Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/RonnieThePotoat/X-3-Stiletto Tip: If the craft's landing gear explodes at take off due to stress, set the wheel's spring strength to about 0.75. Thanks for viewing! I hope you have fun with this craft!
  16. I know about all of the RSS and texture mods, but is there a mod that makes the sizes of the stock planets and other objects realistic?
  17. The purpose of this challenge is to create real life rockets/missions that launched or didn't.(Looking at you, Constellation!) It would be nice to have it stock, but it's no matter, I have a list of approved mods below. KW Rocketry TweakScale Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Outer Planets (for New Horizons, Juno, Cassini-Huygens etc.) I have an Atlas V with new horizons that may be posted on imgur. What will you build? Happy Ship building!
  18. Hi all. Is there any ISP scaling mod that works with KSP 1.0.5? Back in 0.9, I would install the real solar system mod and an ISP scaling mod (Kerbal Isp Difficulty Scaler) which I prefer to installing realism overhaul since it was extremely complex and requires too much planning that it takes out the fun for me. I remember the ISP scaling mod automatically calculates how much ISP it needs to multiply in order to make it feel like a "normal" KSP game. If there's a mod with this functionality that would be perfect.
  19. I recently got in the mail the real life flag version of the KSP flag Blorbs, my flag of choice (Also the first flag I picked when I started my first save ever), and the flag of my nationstates nation. What'd you guys think?
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