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Found 2 results

  1. Several months ago, a rising star of an engineer newly employed at Justin Kerman's Tank & Engine Salvage found it wholly unacceptable how absurdly that some cockpits were obscenely more massive than some other cockpits were when attached to air-breathing rockets not intended for space flight, that the novel notion of completely rethinking the way we dream of looking at space flight while dumpster diving scrounging for new junk, we mean parts, somehow resulted in the engineering of internal fuel tanks for old rockets in our new airplanes. Anyway, we need your help. We want you to test our fuel tanks and engines somewhere in the Kerbol system. Objectives: To perform the test, build a new ship, and activate any of our engines while attached to any of our fuel tanks. I'm not sure if this is a "mod," per se. What it is is the culmination of several months of work designing internal fuel cells that would fit within the models of the stock fuel tanks. I added three well-known fuels to the stock tanks: HydroLox, KeroLox, and MMH/NTO. Jet-A1 has also been added to the Mk0, Mk1, Mk2 Fuselages, as well as the Swept Wing, the Airliner Wing, and the Airliner's stabilizer. In keeping with what I felt was good standard, all liquid engines have had their masses reduced dramatically to bring thrust-to-weight ratios back to reasonable terms, with the Ant being the lowest at 10:1, and the Rhino being the workhorse at 100:1. Aircraft cockpits have had their masses reduced (and also their crash tolerances) to bring their CG moments back to realistic terms. Reaction wheels were removed, and anything Monopropellant has been converted to MMH/NTO. A complete changelog is included in the archive. Available on Curse: https://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/248280-justin-kermans-tank-engine-salvage Change Log V0.1.2 Rewritten for ModuleManager, much cleaner V0.1.1 Fixed Mk1 lander can not appearing V0.1.0 Initial alpha release, very messy
  2. For some reason can't get engine light mod working with real fuels? I've tried messing about with the mm configs but no joy. Please help!!!
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