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Found 11 results

  1. About: RealFuels-Stock is a set of configs for the Real Fuels Mod intended for Stock or up to 3.2x scaled Systems. It provides real propellant types (all with their pros and cons), limited ignitions and ullage simulation to all engines. It was originally created by Raptor831, but he was last seen more than a year ago, so i decided to adopt RealFuels-Stock and update it to the newest version (Old Thread) Download: GitHub SpaceDock CKAN - Search for "RealFuels-Stock" Dependencies: RealFuels (Forum Thread, GitHub) (CPR, SolverEngines, ModuleManager included in Download) NOTE: You can ignore the "not supported" message, when launching your game. (Optional) RealPlume (Forum Thread, GitHub) NOTE: Do not install RealPlume-Stock, all configs are already included into RealFuels-Stock If you're playing with RealPlume install SmokeScreen (Forum Thread) Supported Mods: ReStock ReStock Plus Bluedog-Design-Bureau (by @Bellabong) Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Spacecraft Tantares TantaresLV Cryogenic Engines SDHI Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit reDIRECT Kerbal Atomics (by @TotallyNotHuman ) Kerbal Reusability Expansion Mk-33 Parts Pack Provenance Aerospace KK's SpaceX Pack and more... a list of all mods supported can be found on the Wiki Others: Tundra Exploration (WIP) Changelog: v5.1.0. New: * Bluedog Design Bureau (@Bellabong) * KerbalAtomics (@TotallyNotHuman) Updated: Squad: * Fix Vector (KS-25 Plume) * New auto-generating RCS configs for unconfigured Parts * Move RCS Pass to :FOR[RealFuels_StockEngines] * PR: RCS Rebalance (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: Make LV-1(R) and O-10 pressure fed (@TotallyNotHuman) Restock Plus: * PR: Various Config fixes (Fuel Mixture inconsistencies, new Fuel Configs, Rebalancing) (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: RCS Configs (@TotallyNotHuman) Tantares/TantaresLV: * PR: Fix Andromeda Engine typo (@Bellabong) NearFutureSpacecraft: * PR: Various fixes (Thrust & Mass Balancing) (@TotallyNotHuman) NearFutureLaunchVehicles: * PR: RCS LFO Configs (@TotallyNotHuman) * PR: Fix Hydrolox Config on RD-701/704 (@TotallyNotHuman) Huge thank you to both @Bellabong & @TotallyNotHuman ------ v5.0.1. Misc * PR: Fix unbalanced brackets (@7ranceaddic7) ------ v5.0.0. New: * Include Parts from 1.10 Update Updated: * Fix too low mass on MK1-3 Pod * Rebalancing Misc * Fix Near Future Launch Vehicles B9PartSwitch Tanks Warnings * Basemass/Drymass now dependent on volume * Added Xenon Tank Conversion ------ v4.2.0. New: * KK SpaceX Pack * Mk33 Pack * Provenance Aerospace Updated: * NearFutureSpacecraft: Integrated Fuel Tanks for OE-25 Engine * Squad: Add new KS-25 Engine Config Variant Misc: * Deleted No-RealPlume-Installed Patch (As suspected there were some issues with it) ------ v4.1.0. New: *Kerbal Reusability Expansion *RealFuels Engine (Coxswain Engine) Updated: Squad * More Ignitions for KR-2L Rhino Engine (2-12) ReStock Plus * More Ignitions for KR10-A Corgi Engine (12) ` Misc: *Add KSP Min & Max Version to .version file *Reduce ElectricCharge Utilization/Density to be inline with Stock Batteries ------ v4.0.0. New Supported Mods: *NearFutureLaunchVehicles *ReStock *ReStockPlus *ShuttleOrbiterConstructionKit *reDIRECT *Tantares *TantaresLV Updated Configs: Squad * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs * PR: Allow 2 ignitions for RE-I2 (@cartersm) SquadExpansion * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs CryogenicEngines * Fuel Configs (Update to CryoEngines v1.0.0+) NearFutureSpacecraft * Plumes Configs * Fuel Configs Misc: *Adopted by @ValiZockt *New File Structure *Add Configured Parts Tag *"Resolve" no plumes without RealPlume *PR: Resolve some MM Issues (@blowfishpro) Known Issues Due to replacing the ModuleEngines to ModuleEnginesRF in every RealFuels-Stock Config, the "Stock" Plume thats normaly in that Module get's deleted. Thus RealPlume is highly recommended. When playing with Kerbalism: Engines won't fail despite Part Failures turned on. Kerbalism has no integration in the Reliability Module for the ModuleEnginesRF used by Real Fuels. If you find any issues please report them in this Thread or open a issue on Github. Huge Thank you to: @Raptor831 - for originally creating RealFuels-Stock @ialdabaoth,@NathanKell & @Starwaster - for creating/maintaining Real Fuels @Zorg- for giving me permission to use some of his plumes, maintaining RealPlume & helping me with Plumes @woeller - for playtesting & general feedback This work is licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  2. Heat Pump version 1.3.1! Heat Pump is derived from the heat pump code that originated in Modular Fuel Tanks / Real Fuels, originally created by ialdabaoth (who is awesome!) HeatPump from RealFuels Version 1.3.1 updated for Real Fuels (any version of RF that works with KSP 1.2.2) The purpose of Heat Pump is to intercept heat and cool down cryogenic tanks to prevent boiloff. Pumps can be configured with the following features. An amount of heat is removed from protected parts (active refrigeration) equal to a flat rate multiplied by a temperature delta. The flat rate is capped at ten times the flat rate value by default. The heat pumps also attempt to remove any heat that leaked into the part's interior (from the skin and adjacent parts) Resource cost per kilowatt of heat removed. The amount of heat moved into the radiator is split up among any symmetrically added radiators. This mod comes with a radiator part created by zzz (licensed by GingerCorp) and Heat Pump versions of all stock radiators are also included. Another feature is that the conductivity of protected parts is lowered. This represents the addition of multi layered insulation to the outside of the part. (generally cryogenic fuel tanks). In real life applications, this would be an important part of thermal management. This feature will require balancing against the loss rates of Real Fuels tanks which assume that insulation was builtin but don't take into consideration ZBO applications. The radiator will drain heat from whatever it is connected to. It drains a flat rate of 50kw + a amount equal to whatever heat is leaking through the insulation. (this because the goal is zero boiloff) KNOWN ISSUES Time warp faster than 100x (technically this starts at 1000x which is one step up from 100 in stock) will cause problems because KSP's thermodynamics switches into analytical mode which doesn't simulate heat transfer in a time based manner. If you must warp faster I recommend doing it from the space center until a solution can be found. Download Latest Github (source) If you find this mod helpful and want to throw some money away, feel free to click the donate button below! License for the plugin is CC-SA-BY as it was in Real Fuels. (with the provision that derivative works must proclaim that ialdabaoth is awesome) License for the zzz radiator is public domain as all of zzz's released parts are public domain. (the part is renamed to avoid conflict with any other mods that may be using it) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/
  3. Hey all, Recently started another RSS career with about 90 some odd mods. The most important one obviously being real fuels. I dont think my issue with oxygen boil off is related to real fuels as I've made a config file with the FINAL designation to change all the tanks with the variable 'loss_rate' to '0' and have confirmed that it is working by checking modulemanager.configcache. So my only conclusion is that its a different mod. I had cryogenic engines and tanks installed and found variables called BoiloffRate and some other localization stuff related to that mod, but I wasnt sure I had found all the instances within its configuration so I elected to play without it. Deleted my configcache so it would generate a new one and I'm still experiencing Liquid oxygen boil off and I can't find the variable responsible for it, so I've come here for help. Here's a combined pic of my mod list. Appreciate everyones time. - https://imgur.com/L9ldERG
  4. Hey all, been messing with my RSS/Stockalike/Kerbalism install and I'm learning a lot about writing Module Manager configs. I've got everything set up pretty much how I want, except one thing that's really bugging me. Note that I am NOT using Realism Overhaul, but used RF Stockalike configs as a template to make my own for the stock engines. My problem is that my RCS works when there are no highly pressurized tanks for it to draw from. If I have a rocket with a hypergolic stage, I can just set my RCS ports to use the same type of fuel, and voila, they work as if they had pressurized tanks of their own. This is not the case for pressure-fed engines, which won't work without a highly pressurized tank attached. I'd like to make the RCS behave the same way, but I think they use the stock ModuleRCS which doesn't care about RF tank type. Is there a Real Fuels RCS mod I should download? Or is there a way for me to write or modify a config to implement this? I'm not a programmer, so I don't think I'm really in a place to write my own whole mod, but minor Notepad editing I can do.
  5. For all those passionate players of RO/RSS who struggle with the boil off problem... I tried many different ways to handle those liquid fuels, tried radiators, heat pumps etc... As far as i can see... when you pass the 100x time warp (switching to analytic physics calculations) boil off happens... I found a way. I tweaked the realtanktypes.cfg (realfuels) and the rftanks.cfg (procedural parts) to get a tank type which prevents boil off. First it feels (and looks like) cheating I know... but considering that in the end every "feature" you need in space has to be paid with "weight" (insulation, radiator, electricity...), i suggest you alter the basemass to stay in a realistic scenario.... I´m not the author of the mentioned mods, i just edited the cfgs. Here is how.: \gamedata\realfuels\resources\RealTankTypes.cfg add.. //Ultra TANK_DEFINITION { name = Ultra highlyPressurized = False basemass = 0.000039 * volume outerInsulationFactor = 0.0005 TANK { name = LqdOxygen mass = 0.0000112 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 16 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 temperature = 400.15 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdHydrogen mass = 0.0000016 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.15 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdAmmonia mass = 0.0000096 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.65 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdMethane mass = 0.0000096 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.45 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } } \GameData\ProceduralParts\Parts\ZOtherMods\RFTank.cfg add the bold line.. { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 1060 utilizationTweakable = true type = Default typeAvailable = Default typeAvailable = Cryogenic typeAvailable = ServiceModule typeAvailable = Fuselage typeAvailable = Balloon typeAvailable = BalloonCryo typeAvailable = Structural typeAvailable = ElectricPropulsion typeAvailable = Ultra } } The temperature in the first cfg is the key... What it does....: Now it is possible to choose "ultra" as a procedural tank type which is capable to store the configured fuels up to the given temperature in K. Many thanx to all the modders out there who do a great job... P.S. please excuse the fact that i´m not a native speaker/writer
  6. Hi, I am using Real Fuels stockalike. Everything works, but the SRBS show SolidFuel instead of PBAN or some other solid fuel. I have seen Realism Overhaul players have SRB fuels, why do I not? P.S, there are no SRB thrust curves either
  7. Is there a mod that replaces stock engines with engines that use the kind of propellant you can find in mods like Real Fuels (liquid hydrogene, liquid oxygen in place of Fuel and Oxydizer, or hydrazine in place of Monopropellant) ? I thought Real Fuels would do that, but it provides only the fuel tanks, not different engines (or am i doing it wrong ?) Also, i heard mods like Kerbalism or Realism Overhaul can do this, but they come with many other functionalities I don't want. If possible, I want only the engines. The main reason is I am contemplating to start a new carreer campaign using, among other mods, Interstellar Extended. KSPI-E lets you use real fuels in top tier engines and provides ISRU solutions for extracting them, but you have to start your carreer with stock engines, fuel and oxydizer. It somewhat feels cheap until you do the transition, and requires having double the number of ISRU facilities in order to provide both kind of fuel (Which is in no way a criticism of KSPI-E).
  8. Can't help thinking this is an area the game could use an overhaul. Switchable tank contents would greatly reduce the number of parts in game, as would being able to have engines run off different fuels. However, which fuels should be in game, what's the best compromise between realism and needless complexity? Stock As it is we have just 3 liquid resources - monopropellant, liquid fuel, and oxidizer. Due to it's lower ISP, there is no reason to ever use mono. Real Fuels This is a fun mod. With Boiloff and density to consider, cryogens are not always the best choice. It also means new fuels could be unlocked in career mode, giving a reason to spend tech points in this area of the tree. On the other hand, the sheer number of fuel choices would make the game hard to maintain and balance between patches. Also unless the number of engines was vastly increased you'd frequently find yourself in situations without an engine to match to your tank of choice, or vice versa. Semi Realism (compromise) Increase to four liquids. Two oxidizers, one storable, one cryo, and two fuels, one storable, one cryo. If one half of the propellant mix is cryogenic (eg. storable fuel with cryo ox or vice versa) you get a 15% boost to ISP. If both are cryo, 30% more ISP. However cryo tanks suffer boiloff. This would at least force some choice on the player, depending on mission type. Unlocking cryogenics could be something to put points in the tech tree.
  9. Hello, I am not the only person in my playgroup experiencing this issue - I am trying to put RCS engines on a craft for orientation and stability, but am always running into an issue in that the game constantly says that there is no monopropellant getting to the RCS systems. I've configured both the tank (tried both procedural and stock monoprop tanks) and the engines for Hydrazine, but still won't show that they're getting fed. Here's a Steam screenshot - I've tried putting the RCS ports in different places, and tried a few hypergolic fuels, and nothing works: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728219557
  10. Hey everyone, I am playing KSP on 1.12 with about 100 mods and it runs great (only about 55 add parts, and most are slimmed down). However, I have a problem with procedural parts. Every part in the pack appears in the editor and performs as advertised with the exception of the Procedural RCS tank. The RCS tank will not even appear, in sandbox or career mode. I thought it might be because real fuels is blocking it? There is the file in Procedural Parts which gives the liquid fuel tank the parameters it needs for real fuels, but I didn't see anything for the RCS tank. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks.
  11. When I resize RT10"hammer" and RT5 solid fuel boosters using tweakscale with real fuels mod installed the only thing (apart from the size) that changes is the weight. Thrust and fuel amounts stay the same. I've testing uninstalling Real Fuels mod and then resizing those rockets and it seems to be working ok. Thanks for any help. List of installed mods:
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