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Found 1 result

  1. This add-on adds a pack of engines that exist / existed in real life. Note: The motors not 100% copy of their real counterparts. Version 1.1: 1. Renamed folder basis from the "Engines" in "RealEngines" 2. Added engine RD-58 3. Added almost all engines line support "node_attach" Version v1.2.1. Some changes texture NK33/43/RD58/RD0146, as well as RD0146 engine received some changes in the model.2. Added gimbal for NK-33/43 and RD-01463. Fixed a bug with the fairing in the selection window, now he does not close the engine.4. Replaced thrustTransform on thrustTransform2, the steering engines5. Added new engines RD120/RD275 and RD8. 6. Added mouth for RD120 Zenit style and NK33 Soyuz 2.1v style. Version v1.2.2 1. Changed emissive animation system for 2/4 chamber engines, they are now using a one animation 2. Removed from the game RD0120red variant (in the previous version) 3. Added cfg for RD0120 CAP, the new version has the engine inclination so it will be easier to carry the load on the rocket back in style rocket Energia. 4. add more description in the cfg engines and changed the name RD0110 models, now it's just RD110 5. Reduced traction control motor 6. Added new engine S5.92 that use booster block Fregat Version v1.3 1. Fixed a typo in the text for the engines and some other 2. Again renamed RD110 in RD0110 3. Create all engines own Emissive animation 4. Added two more versions of the engines S5.92 5. Added engines RD-0210 and RD-0212 the second and third stage of the Proton rocket ... Version v1.8 1. Fixed a problem with RD-108. 2. Made a small restoration of textures and models for engines RD-107/108 and A7. 3. Added two new engines for US pack, OMS/Orion engine (AJ10-190) and Apollo engine (AJ10-137). Engines that are included in the add-on at the moment: NK33: NK43: RD0110: (orientation engines are separate) RD0124: RD0146: RD170: RD180: RD191: RD0120: RD58: RD275: RD120: S5.92: RD 0210/ 0212 RD 100 RD107/108 RD0124A SUPER DRAGO: AJ10-137 AND AJ10-190: I express my deep gratitude Snark,CobaltWolf and liquidhype for their advice, which helped me move forward significantly in a short time! Special thanks Phineas Freak. RO cfg: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/tree/master/GameData/RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/RealEngines LINK: https://spacedock.info/mod/1212/RealEngines
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