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Found 2 results

  1. I think maybe a tweak got un-twuck. I have RO installed, and the fuel cells show that they require Liquid Hydrogen, Liquid Oxygen, LiquidFuel, and Oxidizer. I attach one to the side of a tank that contains LH2 and LOX, and it says "Fuel Cell: Missing LiquidFuel." The same is true for both the fuel cell and the fuel cell array. I was considering editing the parts manually, but then I thought I'd consult the collective wisdom of the Internet to see if there was a better approach. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed. EDIT: I did eventually find the source parts and removed the LiquidFuel and Oxidizer inputs. Some MM patch adds in LH2 and LOX, so now it's working fine, but I imagine some upgrade or patch will break it one day.
  2. This is the SPS engine for the Apollo Service Module. It looks like they took the ant engine model and blew it up until the bell is the right size, but the top part is so large that my service module sits inside it, rather than the other way around. Has anyone else seen this? Could someone suggest a way to replace the model with one from an existing engine that's approximately the right shape?
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