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  1. "As we know the liquid engines in KSP can ignite for infinite times at any moment as you want, which seems a bit making life too easy." This words has been said ages ago by HoneyFox and i completely agree with him. But his mod has not been updated for ages, also behaviors has been broken by KSP version changes and i have decided to rewrite. All inner logic has been changed but functionality is about the same, according to my vision. Well. What this mod can? 1. Each engine have limited number of available ignitions. 2. Engines requires resources (hypergolic fluid) an
  2. Realistic Remodel is a Kopernicus Mod that makes the Kerbal solar system more like the real solar System. It rearranges the planets and changes the system almost completely. Changes to the Solar System: All planets and moons have had their orbital and physical characteristics changes to be more similar their real life counterpart. Some bodies have been moved completely to take the place of a real world object. (Ex: Minmus now orbits Eeloo, Ike now orbits Jool, Gilly and Bop now orbit Duna) The entire solar system is on a ~20 degree tilt to simulate axial tilt for
  3. Real Agencies Collection v1.0.4 - for KSP 1.2.2 About: The Real Agencies Collection is not a real mod, it is just a small framework, a collection of real world companies, inlcuding their logos and some basic information, configured into KSP-agencies, so parts from realistic-ish-esque-alike mods, that have a matching manufacturer tag, will show up in their respective manufacturer categories in the VAB, with neat logos. I've selected original, as well as fused companies and consortiums, from the pioneering times to the modern world of rocketry and aeronautics, just to have
  4. Hello, and this is my first mod, Realistic Heat Managment. Currently, it only adds new heat shield resources, but new features, like planets radiating heat, are on the way! Download: Click Here Dependencies: Module Manager License: MIT Source Code
  5. Hey there, KSP community! I posted a couple years ago a thread regarding my desire to create probe parts, as I felt probes in KSP were desperately lacking the love they deserve. Unfortunately, despite the kind words and encouraging comments, the process quickly overwhelmed me, as I was unsure how to process with the mod-creation process, and my texture work leaves alot to be desired. Well, that was two years ago, and now I ask all of you a seemingly simple question: which areas of the game do you believe need improving upon; what niche or niches need to be filled to make the game more of
  6. Right, so I can't get any engine plumes in my modded KSP 1.2 install which I have kept for realism overhaul with real solar system. So basically, there's no engine smoke/exhaust or plume and that's pretty much it. I hope someone can guide me on what I need to make them work. I first had RealPlume put in my Gamedata folder and then I tried putting the realplume configs in the Realism Overhaul folder into the Gamedata folder itself with no luck. Also I do have smokescreen installed and I have also tried keeping the RealPlume_stockconfig something folder in Gamedata as well. I would r
  7. This is just a funny idea I had, but what if you had a mod that you could toggle on and off while on a mission. When toggled on, it would purposely add a user-defined number of seconds of input lag. It does take time for signals to move the sorts of distances involved in space after all (from Earth to the Moon is what, about a second?) If you wanted to make it a more automated "challenge" mod, rather than a just-for-fun thing you toggle, you could have it add some amount of time for any vessel in a sphere of influence without a manned vessel it can connect to. Naturally, to avo
  8. Ever use remotetech, and then sling your space probe out to space, not realizing that your antenna power drain is just slightly more than your power output? Ever wish you could shutdown your antenna while your batteries recharge, and have it activate when they're replenished? Wish no longer! With Antenna Power Saver (or APS), you can do just that. Simply add a remotetech antenna, adjust your min and max sliders, and enable "Auto Power Save". Download: Github View the Source cfg changes powered by sarbian & ialdabaoth's ModuleManager plugin. Changelog:
  9. Is there a way to create a coolant resource mod that makes radiators require it (losing effectiveness without it [maybe dissipation times percentage of coolant in the system]), and leaks if hit (BDA) or damaged (KerbalKrashSystem) or randomly leak from DangIt. Ideally, 2 resources (coolant and hot coolant) and coolant lines (redone fuel lines is fine), that can also leak, with engines converting coolant into hot coolant, cooling it down in the process, whilst radiators turn hot coolant into normal 'cold' coolant. This is for my WW2 and Korean War reenactments for better engine damage Bonu
  10. RealisticComponents Suite is a collection of small mods for KSP 1.2.2; the aim is to provide parts that look like the real ones. I make them in my spare time and, since I am usually quite busy, it takes a VERY LONG time to see them growing... I'm very sorry! Be patient, please Tested parts are highlighted in green. Parts with issues are highlighted in yellow. Parts to do are highlighted in red. All textures are currently in .png format, and very simple handmade ones. I am planning to convert them into the .dds format in future versions. Top: 4 m HGA. Bottom, from left to right:
  11. Hello everyone! Recently I thought about realism mods in KSP and I think I got the idea not yet covered by any of mods. Because you know, dust on solar panel can be an issue if you don't have Mark Kerman to blow the dust away... As far as I remember, it can be real problem for solar powered unmanned rovers... What do you think. Could be nice to have KIS item (pressurized gas tank) to clean up solar panel on landed bases/rovers and so on?
  12. What mods should I use to make KSP as beautiful and realistic looking as possible.
  13. Does anyone here play any of the Combat Mission games? I just got into them, so I'd like to hear your experiences about them.
  14. Hey guys, so I was looking at a beautifull sight on earth in KSP, and just say the clouds miles away, curving round our planet. And that made me wondering, in KSP it looks like you can like infinity far in atmosphere. Not the vessels, unless you install distant object enhancements, but clouds and terrain. In the stock game it doesn't really matter that much because you're on your tiny planet, but in RSS I think it would be a really good improvement if there is a fog in the atmosphere. Just like in real life. That everything eventually 'blends' into the atmosphere. Not the sharp lines of
  15. This is a small plugin with a singular purpose: as the air around your ship gets less and less dense, your audio is muffled, until it's nothing more than a deep bass rumble. There's a config file included with the plugin - currently used to toggle its functionality on and off, and to activate debug mode (which spits out a bunch of info to the console as it does its thing). Known issues: ALL audio is muffled, not a thing I can do about that. Unity's audio system is currently unfortunately quite limited. Also, if your audio system has poor bass response, you won't be able to hear much of
  16. Hi KSP! I wanted to say that the aerodynamics are quite advanced, very beautifully and awesomely made! but I can't support it none the less. for two reasons: 1. "Monoplanes produce more lift than for example triplanes, having less wing bodies. that is because triplanes have wings that are so close together that their aerodynamics mix (don't have enough space)" (That is what they thought me on school) So the problem here is: In Kerbal Space Program you can cheat by putting wing(s) in each other and producing more lift, for example. You see that often in large or unrealistic craf
  17. Hello world! We all love kerbal space program (why would I be writing on the forums?) and with the new KerbNet and satellite network feature, I was thinking that maybe the whole tech tree should be refurbished in a little bit more of a realistic way. Probes for example should be unlock able FIRST, along with cheap solar panels and antennae. Then, after collecting science, and unlock new parts, manned space flight comes after that. Another thing would be that certain parts unlock when you do certain science experiments. Say you do a butt load of experiments around Kerbol, since Kerbol is very r
  18. LCS adds water spray to the launchpad, to keep it cool when your engines are blasting heat down on it. There are going to be 20 different types of nozzles, added incrementally over several updates. For all your cooling needs, use LCS water nozzles! Check out the Falcon 9 nozzles! V0.1 No release yet... sorry about that.
  19. Hello there kerbonaughts! This post is particularly aimed at those of you with a talent for modding or a keen desire for a more real and progressive way to explore the kerbol system. I was watching some videos of various landers and rovers that have touched down on Mars (curiosity and Viking) , Titan (Huygens) and many other celestial bodies in our solar system when it occurred to me just how much information these un-maned devices have allowed us to explore the far eat reaches of our solar system. That started me thinking , I wonder if there is a KSP mod that can emulate this, one
  20. Greetings fellow space nerds! Since early alpha I've been an enthusiastic player of KSP. The game has thought me alot about the mechanics of spaceflight and motivated me to study the history of spaceflight. When career mode was added, at first I was quite exited about the prospect of playing the game like a real space program manager. However, I find myself exclusively playing sandbox mode these days again because I keep getting frustrated with the way career mode functions in KSP. Being the stickler for historical accuracy and realism that I am, I always found it rather odd that th
  21. Solar Cycle Simulator (SCS) Hello everyone! Whitecat here, creator of the Historic Missions contract pack, Orbital Decay plugin and the Boat Navigation Plugin. Here I present to you a small project which I required as an addon to my Orbital Decay mod. This plugin simply generates and tracks the constantly changing solar cycles of the sun, this can be used in conjunction with RSS or a Stock game. This however is more of a tool for modders than an actual plugin, installed on its own it will simply track and display information on the solar cycle in the Tracking
  22. Hey guys! After abandoning my A.R.S.E. series due to too many bugs and complications and crashes with 1.05 and effectively leaving KSP for 6 months, I'm back and a few weeks pottering around with the ability to run a stable mod heavy setup, I'm looking to do a video series once more. Hopefully this one will last longer than a few episodes! I'm still unsure on the formatting and whether I should voice it or not. I'm not a big talker but I've given it a go regardless. As stated in the video, the ultimate end game for this is to establish a self sustaining colony for each planet,
  23. Factorizing values... Calculating trajectories... Treating kessler syndrome... Results: A lot of numbers. What I found out with a (hacked) K.E.R. was that engines in the stock game are about 200 to 300% less efficient than they should be. Thus meaning, your mün rocket should have enough delta-V to get you at least to Eeloo. So I made a fix. Release in 2 weeks. LOADING...
  24. Hello, I'm not an expert, but I think that the reaction wheels power are very (too) powerfull... This is a lil bit of cheating isn't it? For example, take the Mk1-2 Command Pod, jettison it on space, and apply full pitch or/and roll... The pod will just rotate close to the light speed and the Kerbals inside will just have a brain attack. This issue have to effect to make useless the RCS for the little ships... Thanks and regards. EDIT: to complete my statement: The RCS is just totally useless in attitude adjustement for a regular sized ship... I
  25. Okay, so larger planets are great in many respects but they take up SOOO MUCH RAM!!! Here's a solution to make the planets act like they're huge without compromising performance or accuracy. What if instead of inflating the planets, we deflate the parts! They'd have the same abilities as normal parts and fuel and all other properties but be a tenth of the size. It's a little hard to explain and I don't have much time because I'm REALLY TIRED and want to go to sleep. Basically the planets would LOOK huge but facilities, kerbals, flags, rocks, asteroids, and parts would all be tiny
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