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  1. Deadly Space Environment Realism Tired of things being Semi-Realistic, or Life Support isn't enough or to easy? Well I have a heck of an idea! Space is deadly, beyond the protection of our spherical home we face a variety of dangers. Not just the complete lack of oxygen, heat, food, water, and not being able to scream to your fellow kerbalnaut when that space plane you launched last week went out of control in mid orbit and is unexpectedly flying towards him and knocks him out of the sky without warning! No, we face an even greater
  2. I was just wondering which style of KSP gameplay the community prefers: stock or realistic . Personal, I like playing in Realism Overhaul because of the challenge. But with stock, you can go crazy and create truly kerbal machines. What is you all's choice and why? Edit: Sorry guys for any misunderstanding, I forgot the Overhaul part of the title I'll be making an edit to the title. Edit: Just realized that I can't edit the title. I really should stop speed typing Edit: I just wanted to say that I'm not trying to see which style is superior to the other, but to see the pros
  3. Hi, So I installed Realism overhaul and all the prerequisites using CKan. Everything installed fine, no crashes or problems. Once I had started, I noticed the first set of solid boosters, couldn't lift the command pod despite having enough thrust. They always "stuck" to the launch pad, including the 2nd upgraded launch pad and would only take off after using 1/3 of the "fuel". Also, the contracts to "haul thing" in to space, doesn't work, I completed "haul the 30X" solid booster to 40km and got nothing despite all green ticks ... :EDIT: Twealscale doesn't seem t
  4. Watched Elysium yesterday, it's not that bad of a movie, i expected something worse. So, while i watched it i was asking myself if the space flight in that movie was possible. You know they just take off from Earth and then reach the orbiting Elysium in a straight line. So i guess Elysium is synchronized with the Earth so it keeps relative to the same spot to the ground, in that case i'm assuming -but i don't really know- it would be possible for a ship to behave as in the movie: just point at the big thing in the sky and go full throttle. But then again, for Elysium to be synchronized like
  5. Recently I've been bit by the RSS bug. Maybe its the allure of a new challenge or the fact that my major is aerospace mechanics and I need to study. Regardless, I've been looking into ways to make cheap, efficient, and "reusable" launch vehicles. My first initial thought was to asparagus stage everything, however in RSS this leads to large amounts of drag. I did some reading and came up with an engine dropping lifter. I dub it the "Delta I". Unfortunately, due to issues with mechjeb not recognizing the dropped engines as stages, I had to do some fun hand calculations.
  6. My game continuously crashes after updated the game(and the mods of course) to 1.0.5. I had no problem in 1.0.4 but after I updated the RO mod (before 1.0.5) some parts of game disappeared like Aerobee Engine.I can send modlist. Crash Reports
  7. When you all go to create manned exploration you take a command pod attach docking port,rcs,decoupler and so on...But when you make a service module you use a poodle engine.But in real Gemini missions They did not use rocket engines they instead used RCS thrusters for maneuvering in orbit to rendezvous also in A Cake odyssey video only RCS thusters where used.Like that in one spacecraft try using no engines. I recommend Making the RCS design like the cake odyssey video but under that putting the shortest 2.5 meter LFO tank and putting as much vernor engines.
  8. For those who are too young to remember the game Buzz, it was a great simulation of the space race between USA and the former Soviet Union to be the first to land on the Moon. That game introduces you the concept of risk management. Which I think will greatly improve the game and provides more realism. Risk management is something that the space program have to deal everyday. Basically, a prototype component has great chances of failure and increases its reliability as it is tested and used. As the rocket becomes more complex and there are more steps in the space mission, the risk
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