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Found 21 results

  1. After a couple days of research and understanding the Real Solar System files, I've finally figured out how to change the date in RSS DateTimeFormatter. It's not too complicated and just takes a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is go into your Kerbal Space Program file (with your GameData and whatnot) and type into your file explorer's search bar, "persistent.sfs". Depending on how many saved games you already have, there will be the same number of these "persistent" files. Choose any because what this will do is going to affect all your saved games (if you don't want your othe
  2. I'm making configs for mods so that they can be used in Realism Overhaul. Configs for our favorite mods! Currently working on configs for: TBD Planned configs: Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares (SP, LV, and Neptune Camera support) Nertea's 'Near Future' mod suite, 'Cryo Engines' suite, and possibly 'Far Future Technology' KNES Endurance Restock and Restock+ Suggestions for more are welcomed! Unplanned/Won't Happen Configs: Tundra Exploration (Due to conflict with FAR. If this changes, I might consider) Benj
  3. CH-4: Changing History Iter Deinceps, In Perpetuum Moving forward, Perpetually ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Changing History (CH-4) we are a lategame addon to Realistic Progression One(RP-1) aiming to reimagine and redesign what is possible following your first moon landing! As an expansion to RP-1, and thus realism overhaul, realism and achievable technology is at our foundation. We aren't aiming to design warp drives or fusion energy, we simply want to enable the exploration hu
  4. Hi, i´ve been trying to install realism overhaul and real solar sistem but it keeps saing Kopernicus and Real Fuels is not copatible with 1.10, can someone help me?
  5. hello, I'm running RO in ksp 1.8.1 thought to launch sputnik but RCS does not work (i have chosen nitrogen tank with nitrogen rcs ) but when i launch rcs never works it is really frustrating. plz help
  6. Hello, I just installed realism overhaul with rp1 in ksp 1.8.1 (according to github guide on ckan). Without any additional mods the game runs fine. But when i install additional mods such as eve,rssve, scatterer,procedural fairings the game just gets stuck at loading screen i even restarted but nothing happens. Please help...
  7. Hey guys, I changed now to RSS/RO and I like the realistic mechanic BUT I have some problems. First of all the rocketbuilding center. When I want to seset something with "ctrl" and "z" parts remove change their place and also hover in air.... and often the nodepoints disappear. Second I have installed RSSVE but the clouds and citylights are not there. The texture is red see picture: And third when I load a save data while I am in flight veeeeerrry strange things happen im not able to control anymore and the camera view is not avaible anymore. See also Picture
  8. Race into Space 2020 is a new series of Race into Space (original thread here). Using the Race into Space mod by @soundnfury, Race into Space is an Asynchronous multiplayer mod for Realism Overhaul/Realistic Progression 1. Each player chooses their launch site, and must compete to set milestones as quickly possible, and then sync their games through the Race into Space mod. Submissions are closed, but further details on RiS and RO/RP-1 can be found in the RO Discord server here.
  9. I have Realism Overhaul installed with Remote Tech, and I can't seem to understand how to get an connection going. I added an antenna an it is activated but it does say no target? But to set a target I need a connection. Help pls. https://imgur.com/a/MmnmeDn
  10. Hey guys, There are already some mods on my list for a new RO-safe. I found some mods that are proved to be RO compatible (FASA, Raidernick's mods). But I wondered whether anybody has more specific information, about RO-compatible mods, because the section in the RO-thread for parts-mods has been removed and I can't find reliable Information in the wiki. Thanks in advance
  11. Whenever I launch KSP with realism overhaul (and all of its dependencies) I always get this crash log. Any help? Here's the end of the log when it starts the stack trace. ========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ================== 0x00007FFA29800E6A (mono) mono_reflection_type_from_name 0x00007FFA29801723 (mono) mono_custom_attrs_construct 0x00007FFA2980538A (mono) mono_reflection_get_custom_attrs_by_type 0x00007FFA297B3ECA (mono) mono_domain_finalize 0x0000000005990971 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) System.MonoCustomAttrs:GetCustomAttributesInternal (Syst
  12. Community Real Agency Pack v1.1 for KSP v1.3.1 Intended for RealismOverhaul The Community Real Agency Pack (short CRAP^^) is a collection of real world agencies and companies and serves as a manufacturer-framework for modders who make replicas, but can't really decide which manufacturer a part should get, or simply don't bother with that. The mod started out as a small private learning project, the "Real Agencies Collection", which I have now 'transcended' into some sort of extended community project, since there was 'some' interest in having such a thingy. RAC and C
  13. Real Agencies Collection v1.0.4 - for KSP 1.2.2 About: The Real Agencies Collection is not a real mod, it is just a small framework, a collection of real world companies, inlcuding their logos and some basic information, configured into KSP-agencies, so parts from realistic-ish-esque-alike mods, that have a matching manufacturer tag, will show up in their respective manufacturer categories in the VAB, with neat logos. I've selected original, as well as fused companies and consortiums, from the pioneering times to the modern world of rocketry and aeronautics, just to have
  14. Heya! I'd like to present my very first puny little mod, although it isn't a real mod, it's just a long list of companies and entities generally involved in rocketry in the real world. Since I'm a newbie in regards to KSP modding and using GitHub, things might be off... Don't hesitate to point out any issues, whatsoever those might be^^ The 'mod' has a GPL v3 license, I hope I applied it correctly and it's the correct one. I need to find out how to 'properly credit' external resources, I want to be thorough with those things. And I'll be of course adding more an
  15. I am just getting into messing around in RSS with realism overhaul. I'm fairly confident I got it installed correctly and is running fine. However, when it comes to getting anything to orbit, I simply can't. Even using the Atlas rocket I fail. One big issue is that my engines are burning out long before my fuel is used up and I'm not sure why. Any helpful tips or video suggestions to help me out would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi there, Ive installed RO with RSS to make RRS more playable. The only thing that dissapoints me is every time i try to install RO it breaks tweakscale for almoast every part. I have seen RO tends to disable tweakscale for parts, is there a way to enable it again? PS: I am using RO 11.5.0 and TweakScale 2.3.3 Thanks in advance!
  17. Hey guys, Since yesterday I have been having issues with my KSP installation. First of all, I play RealismOverhaul, Real Solar System, Realistic Progression Zero, RemoteTech, and some other mods. (about 43 in total) The problem started yesterday, and was caused by, or at least coincided with, me installing the newest RealismOverhaul-Master from Github. When I use Mechjeb's auto-ascent to launch from Kourou (you know, the equatorial South-American base) into the Moon's plane, MJ rolls the rocket (even though 'Force Roll' is disabled) after launch, an
  18. Hello everyone, I have now Realism Overhaul installed and my RCS don't work. I have filled the Tanks with the right fuel but the engineer report shows me always the consumers are not receiving the right fuel. What should i do?
  19. Found a strange bug in RO today. My rocket slowly ascends at a speed of 0.2m/s surface speed, even with the engines off. With the engines on, the speed does not change, even with launch clamps attached. Would anybody mind helping me fix this? MODS: https://gyazo.com/9a1b529b58b515d8b58fd8c67ee17507 https://gyazo.com/901424f8a47fbcd19baa405c32954b5b PC SPECS: https://gyazo.com/c36c7b196fb9c2addc24a26bd1b6473c Lenovo Z50-75, Windows 10 Home edition, Manufacturer: Lenovo FLIGHT LOG: https://gyazo.com/b6ce9644c0224fc3f9d05679bc5478ea DEBUG LOG: htt
  20. While waiting around for 1.1, and then probably a while more for RO and all the other mods to be updated for it, I've been mostly messing around in sandbox mode with RO. Lately, though, I've been missing playing in the Kerbol System (especially Minmus), but going back to it, it's just too dang small and easy! Plus, I really enjoy using real fuels and real engines a lot more than stock. So I was just wondering if any of you are playing RO using the Kerbol 6.4 or 10x system. Which scale do you use and why? Do you also use Outer Planets, and how do the textures look? Is it even compatible? The 10
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