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Found 3 results

  1. Kertemis Program Warning! Orion's Crew Capability Down to 4 Kerbonauts. Please Check Your Save Before Download This Mod! DOWNLOADS Spacedock | Github Dependencies: reDIRECT B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack Simple Adjustable Fairings New! Animated Decouplers (Orion SM decoupler) New! ASET Props(Orion IVA props) Highly recommend: Bluedog Design Bureau (For RL-10 engine) *Note: This mod is designed for BDB's RL-10 engine, but still can work with reDIRECT's RL-10 engine. Parts: Exploration Upper Stage
  2. I've been thinking about the idea of redirecting a comet ever since 1.10 was released. If a comet went over the KSC every half-hour and showered the whole place with star dust, how cool would that be? Reading this thread, I finally decided it was time to find out. I'm gonna try to put a comet into LKO. Preliminary groundwork: Immediately, a comet was sighted. A small, near-Kerbin comet with Ap near An. Perfect! Go sick 'em, Jeb! Here is the liftoff of the mighty rocket. 7 Mammoths underneath a massive bundle of boosters and a bloated fairing. Craft and co
  3. Got an contract doing one single surface sample, that is new, usually its multiple locations. Area was close to base so it should be very easy. Did sample and was told it was wrong and was sent to another area, then a new one three times I think. Luckily this was on Gilly so it was easy to move around, but had been less fun on many other bodies. Looks like an pretty rare contract type as I have never gotten it before.
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