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  1. Deadly Reentry 7.8.0, for KSP 1.8.1 - The Maat Edition What Deadly Reentry does! (especially with KSP's new handling of thermodynamics) Deadly Reentry balances part thermal properties (max temp values of skin and internal as well as various conduction properties: skin-skin, skin-internal, emission, etc) If parts get too hot then they may catch fire. (or begin to melt; depends on if they are logically flammable or not). This begins to happen at 85% of its max temp. Some parts have had their max temp increased to compensate. Basically, think of the 85% mark as being a soft
  2. The title is a little confusing so here is some context. I have a ballistic craft that I'm using for the Quest for Hypersonic challenge (link in my sig!). I've just done a Jool gravity assist and am speeding toward Kerbin at 8000 m/s but before I hit the SRBs and boost up to 10000, I want to see if anyone knows what the max survivable reentry speed with a heat shield.
  3. Before posting feature requests or bug reports, please read the FAQ. FAQ Works with stock aerodynamics and FAR Reportedly works with deadly reentry real solar system Rescaled Kerbin Outer Planets Mod Compatible with Blizzy's toolbar If you see weird spirals or other crazy lines everywhere, double-check you didn't enable "body-fixed mode" by mistake If the predicted trajectory seems inaccurate, check that you set the correct orientation in the Descent profile (or checked Prograde or Retrograde), and that you keep
  4. Originally written by @pizzaoverhead. The mod hasn't been updated since game version 1.6.1 and the author hasn't been around or replied to my email inquiry. I enjoy the mod so I'm adopting it. Original thread here: Features This mod adds code to display an unused stock particle effect for reentry, featuring a plasma trail and sparks. Pics: Video: Installation Unzip to \GameData Dependencies None Downloads Spacedock GitHub Source License Continued from orginal: GPLv2 To-do List Add abili
  5. Yes this is urgent as my custom Space Shuttle is in the reentry process while the game is paused, so I built it with a different design as the common one, I got a mastodon engine at the back with 4 thud engines with 2 jet engines at the sides, and with a wing that goes all the way from cockpit to the Mk3 to 3.75m adapter, without front canard, and the problem is when I do the 40 angle pitch up the vehicle slows down but it keeps going up, tho no thrust is being applied, what should I do now in-reenrry?? Remember, it's urgent.
  6. I have tested numerous times, but when i really do the mission, EVERYTHING FAILS. First, i use a Rhino transfer stage and 4 of my base modules has a bottom 2.5m tank, the first time i try this everything was successful, but when i really do the mission IT FLIPS. So I know that CoL need to be above CoM to be stable during reentry, I tried again but with a nuclear transfer stage, and the bottom tanks are locked. I tried, and the reentry was still the same, but now when i perform insertion, the orbit changes, and again with time warp, that was enough to throw the maneuver nodes off a thousands of
  7. Re-entry Particle Effect This mod adds code to display an unused stock particle effect for reentry, featuring a plasma trail and sparks. Downloads CurseForge | SpaceDock | GitHub Download packages, art and sound assets, binaries and libraries licensed All Rights Reserved. Source included, project also available on github licenced under GPL v2. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: Change log v1.4 (2019-02-12) Recompiled and updated for
  8. I have three kerbals hanging on to the back of a heat shield during reentry. The heat shield is 2.5m, so more than enough room for all three to fit. Yet they still overheat and explode even after many tries. Do they actually have to be in a pod for the heat shield to work properly? Here is the scenario: https://imgur.com/a/Q2FAfSp
  9. In the first half of this year, I did a lot of reentries with a Mk1 pod and a matching service bay underneath and it always went flawlessly, with the craft properly orienting retrograde and staying there even without SAS. When I fired up the game earlier this week after several months, however, I'm suddenly finding reentry nigh impossible with this arrangement: if it orients even 10° away from perfectly retrograde due to the pilot not yet having hold-retrograde for SAS, the whole craft violently flips prograde and plows into the ground at 600 m/s. Attaching a heat shield to the bottom of the s
  10. I have encountered a bit of a problem while designing how the re-entry of a large rocket will work. I have a 3-2 converter at the top of my rocket under my command pod. It would be the heaviest thing on the rocket with a mass of almost 17 tons while full. During reentry, the rocket would almost certainly flip and burn up. Question: Is there any way to drain all of the fuel off of a tank without accelerating or moving? If I could, it would reduce the weight to just under 2 tons which should be easily manageable.
  11. How did this happen? I blame kopernicus, but I can't delete it cause I need it for sigma. The reentry effects trigger about 20 m/s.... help.
  12. ok, i was designing a rescue SSTO, it works pretty well except by the fact that the probe loses signal in reentry at high speed, but if i take off and reach a higher speed within the atmosphere, the blackout doesn`t happen. I would like to know if it is a know bug or i`m doing something wrong and how i can avoid this (if possible at all). the probe module is in the tail section of the SSTO. Images of the test I made without a pilot. this is without orbiting (infinite proppelent used and different engines than the original so i could reach the speed) as seen, no modifier
  13. Hey all, I'm trying to do a crewed lunar flyby in RSS, and I don't really have the tech yet to build a crewed lunar orbiter yet. I was planning to use the science I got from the flyby to unlock better engines and allow a follow up orbital mission. I was planning to do a nice free return trajectory, but I seem to be having serious problems plotting what I am after. Ideally, I want a free return trajectory with the lowest possible perilune (for the science), that is less than 15 days from launch to reentry (life support), and especially a posigrade reentry. I've learned the hard
  14. ">View post on imgur.com">Album will appear when post is submitted apparently i also need help figuring out how to put an imgur album in here
  15. Okay, I have googled, and I have searched the forum, yet found no answer. Here's what it is: I play only sandbox, and I build funny little ships that I fly to the Mun, mostly. When I set up my return trajectory, I can see where it will hit Kerbin. But Kerbin will, of course, keep rotating. So I often end up burning huge amounts of ∆v in a last-minute course alteration just so that I can hit an ocean. If I don't use such huge amounts to first circularize and then set up a nice reentry. I can build my craft so that I'll be lugging quite enough ∆v for all of that. But I don't wanna. I
  16. I've been playing in a career save for a while, but recently I've started noticing that spacecraft landed with the same anmount of ablator they had at launch. I've done some testing and it turns out that nothing is destroyed on reentry at all (at least not from overheating). I have no idea what caused this. I've even tried deleting all the mods (which makes all the spacecraft in orbit incompatible, but still...). Can anyone help me out with this? The save file There is a long list of mods I'm using, but as I've said, the issue appears without them too
  17. Nothing to see here. Move along. Maybe go install "Trajectories" and, in map view, zoom out.
  18. Okay, so in pursuit of orbital tourism contracts in my first career game, I designed my first spaceplane. Not a HOTOL SSTO, just a fancy-looking Dynasoar equivalent -- boosted vertically, maneuvers in orbit with a rocket motor on the aft end, reenters and lands more or less like a Space Shuttle (except parachute recovery at the very end, because my R&D hasn't produced retractable landing gear yet -- hey, give me a minute!). A little "simulation" testing (launch and revert) verified that the orbiter handles well enough in both boost and glide, and even reentry -- and a little tweaking on
  19. Sorry for the lack of screenshots: I'm not home a/t/m, but this has been bugging me. With sufficiently advanced tech and a bit of trial-and-error, I've been happy to find that landing capsules is pretty "easy button.": Enter a low (<100km) orbit Drop periapsis to 40km Turn on SAS Set SAS to keep the nose pointed retrograde Watch the lightshow pop the 'chutes. This is pretty much the same regardless of what other stuff I have hanging off the back of the capsule - cargo bays, empty fuel tanks, science containers, etc. With a heat shield, enough ra
  20. I just lost an expedition (six tourists, one pilot) because the Hitchhiker exploded during reentry on the way back from the Mun, despite having a 2.5m heatshild directly attacked to it. Why did this happen?
  21. I’m currently designing an Eve spaceplane mission. I’m very excited for this mission and so far quite pleased with my craft. The mission profile looks like this: 1. SSTO from Kerbin 2. Refuel in LKO with fuel tanker (capable of Minmus refuel with ISRU if you’re not lazy like me) 3. Fly to Eve and land 4. Refuel on Eve with ISRU 5. Staged ascent from Eve, with only the cockpit eventually making it back to Kerbin. Anyway, I digress, none of this is too relevant to the question. My issue is that I cannot for the
  22. So I remember atmospheric heating being a bit of a joke back when it was introduced in 1.0 - even with difficulty set to max and Deadly Reentry installed, it was child's play to survive reentry. However, I'm really struggling with the current version, and most of the threads I can find are either out-dated, unclear, or actually contradictory, so I have some questions. FWIW I currently have re-entry heat set to 100% and the latest version of Deadly Re-entry installed (although I'm not clear on how much difference that makes!) and am playing in the stock Kerbol system. How exactly doe
  23. It happened to Scott Manly and it happened to me a lot: The mk1 and mk2 cockpits burn up during reentry. Nothing seems to help. Maybe you can help by analyzing Scotts accident. It happened at 7:20
  24. So here is a question I have been trying to find an answer to but have had no luck. How does heat on the ship during re entry work? In the instance of heat shields or just standard non heat shielded parts, is it the lead point that takes 100% of the heat or is it heating any point at all that is not parallel to entry angle. Basically here is the back story that leads to my question. I am using stage recovery mod because I like the realism of being able to recover stages. Because of this each stage has parachutes and other things designed to slow down my stages. On my main stage (4 nerv's a ora
  25. HI I have a problem with my space shuttle when I going pack to the space center. When I enter a point around 40km to 30 km. I lose ful control of the shuttle and it is spinning and hurling. I have been using this shuttle for a very long time and never had a problem whit reentry. What are wrong and how do I fix it??
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