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  1. I'm no longer able to link/relay communication systems. In KSP 1, it was possible to extend the reach of my communication network by bouncing the connection off of satellites w/ large radar dishes. Now, if my Tylo lander does not have a ridiculously large radar dish, I won't be able to transmit data down to Kerbin (even though I have satellites with sufficiently large radar dishes in the immediate area). Is this a bug? Intentional?
  2. I really like the idea of seeing the range of the antennas. In my opinion something like this should be in KSP2 (of course the circles should be spheres). This is from the KSP1 mod called Antenna Helper.
  3. I was recently having difficulties with converting hours to Kerbin days with the orbital period since the website resonant orbit calculator goes up to double digit hours compared to the 6 hour days. Is there a way to figure that out? Thanks in advance.
  4. While Elonski Kerman is busy taking over Chirper, YSpace has been forced to take some minor budget cuts. As such, its engineers in the Relay Web project have been tasked with designing a more efficient way to carry its small relays into orbit. A few days later, they agreed on testing spacecraft that can carry two or more relays at the same time. Here are the rules for this interesting challenge: (BARE MINIMUM) Your craft has to carry two or more relays to LKO Relays being of identical design not required, but highly recommended Bonus points if you can get your carrier higher than that Each relay has to have at least 2 G relay power All relays have to be unmanned. The delivery craft can go either way BEWARE: if you choose to have any kerbals pilot it, you have to return all of them alive after all relays are deployed No damage can be sustained to either the relay or the delivery craft upon deployment. Not even the solar panels (IF YOU PLAN ON RETURNING THE DELIVERY CRAFT) all your relays must be deployed If not, you can ignore this You will be placed in separate divisions based on whether your entire craft has: Simple Tastes - ALL STOCK PARTS, NO DLC At least no mods that come with additional parts Spice Things Up - DLCs INCLUDED, BUT NO MODS Free-for-all - MODS You can submit as many entries as you want, but only your best entries will be considered for each division (OBVIOUSLY) Pictures/video of your performance to be considered Scoring Format RELAY QUANTITY: +10 points for every relay past 2 (baseline: 20 points) e.g. for a 16-relay spacecraft, that's (20 baseline points) + [(16 relays - 2 baseline = 14 additional) * (10 points each) = 140)] = 160 points If you can carry 10 or more relays at once, that would be awesome SPACECRAFT REUSABILITY: 75 points if you use a spaceplane AND can (obviously) land the emptied craft in one piece 50 points if you take off the rocket from the launch pad AND can return it to Kerbin's surface + 15 point bonus if you manage to not damage it during re-entry and landing Fairings deployed don't count when it comes to assessing damages, as they were planned If you can take it to another celestial body's orbit and return the emptied craft to Kerbin's surface, that would be VERY awesome No additional points if returning the spacecraft is not possible PERFORMANCE: 25 points - Can only take the craft up to LKO before deploying the individual relays 30 points - Can take it up to Minmus orbit 35 points - Can take it up to the Mun's orbit If you can do that, then you can do Minmus just as easily 70 points - Can put the relay carrier in orbit of another celestial body OUTSIDE OF KERBIN'S SOI before deploying them e.g. if you want to start a relay web over Ike, send your delivery craft to that rock before deploying them one-by-one in various orbits PRICE: 30 points if price<$100K 20 points if $100K=<price<=$400K 15 points if price>$400K AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION IF ANYONE DIES OR GETS STRANDED EVERYONE RETURNS ALIVE I'll start us off with my entry, a relay carrier with 16 individually-named xenon-propelled 2G relays https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Multi-Satellite-Carrier-16-pack Have fun, everybody. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.
  5. Hi guys:) I've made perfect triangle of a relay constellation The video shows how I've made it. Enjoy!
  6. So, my experiment station is on the far side of the Mün. A solution is usually "Hey, let's connect using a relay. Easy peasy, right?"' Nope. These guys have pretty good relays, GREAT connection all around-- just not to each other. Yes, I've looked at other threads, like https://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/135510669598463932/, , and other things. There a setting or something? Maybe my mods are a bit of an issue? Info (though none of my mods really do relay stuff, I... I think): Version Network view: Actual Relays: Any help very much apprec'd :)
  7. Hello dear friends. I am a casual player and i am trying to create Duna relay network. i assembled a simple relay sattellite in subassembly and attached 4 sattelite to my launch vehicle with its own probe control. My problem is: in orbit when i try to relase my satelites they become buggy. they have no control or they are stuck to launch vehicle and they are unresposive. i can not activate their engine unles clicking to their engine and selecting activate. they have no direction control and in orbital map they have no orbit specifics . i am quite bummed and have no answer. i would realy appreciate any help all relay satelite have antennas probe cores with full batteries and solar pannels.
  8. Hello so , I have a big problem with my antennas . Recently , I have launched my first rover on Mun and I have got 140 science . But I can only receive less than half the total of the science . So , I have also send my first ever relay satellite (i have started playing one week ago , that's why everything is new for me ) , but I have got a red connection betveen my rover and my relay , what's the problem ? Here are pictures : Here is my mun rover . He have 8 communotron 16 , 1 communotron 16 s and even 1 HG-5 High Gain Antenna . Here is my relay station . It have 8 HG-5 High Gain Antenna . Do you see the red line ? It connect my relay and my rover . I don't understand the problem . If you have any answers , then answer me ! Thank you .
  9. Probe: 3 OCTOs, 4 com-16 (3 functional) Relay satellite: 3 OCTOs, 3 RA-2 antenna level 3 tracking station The crafts are well within range of eachother. the relay sat has 100% connection to KSC. The probe just lost connection to the KSC minutes ago. It refuses to connect to the relay satellite. I'm getting really sick and tired of my crafts specifically interplanetary probes refusing to connect to relay satellites for absolutely no reason whatsoever, someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY IT IS NOT CONNECTING TO THE DAMN RELAY.
  10. You're starting to send probes and pilot-free crewed ships to far-away planets, but either your antenna isn't strong enough or you're trapped in a blind spot. Are you sick of losing contact with probes mid-mission, especially when you need it at the very moment the connection's lost? Here's how I solve my problems: ULTIMATE RELAY ANTENNA Each Ultimate is designed for maximum coverage while maximizing delta-V and minimizing production costs at the same time. Each variant is equipped with: RTGs Solar panels Different types for different variants 1 x RA-100 relay 4 x RA-15 relay Originally, the final stage of the relay was ion-powered. However, due to the engines' extremely low thrust and the inadequate solar panel performance past Dres (RTGs weren't much help either), I had to modify the design while, at the same time, maximizing delta-V. I knew the solution lay in the NERV engines, but my attempts to use four NERVs (to increase thrust) all ended up with $300K launch pad disasters. After some experimenting, I managed to find a viable solution. Below are some photos of the variant I will be using from now until further notice - like if it fails to achieve Eeloo orbit or something like that. The final stage has 3,216 m/s of delta-V. Mk. IVb at the launch pad. It has SRBs to save fuel for the initial ascent of 250 km altitude Mk. IVb immediately after launch. Those SRBs really pack a punch And that is why all Ultimate Relay variants have protective shells during the initial ascension. At that speed, the aerodynamic forces (and heat as a result of friction from air resistance) should be enough to cause a catastrophic failure if it hits unprotected crucial areas. SRBs had just been spent, which happens right before the rocket hits an apoapsis of 250 km. Any lower than that and the SRBs will mess it up - since you can't shut them of. After the parking orbit is established, the rocket should have ~2,050 m/s of delta-V left before it activates the final stage. A Mk. IV (Mk. IVb has SRBs, but a Mk. IV doesn't) Ultimate 750 km above Moho's surface. Provided I timed my transfer burn correctly, I achieved a stable orbit around Moho with ~900 m/s to spare. The best part is that the Mk. IVb costs ~$165K while my other variants cost between $225K and $310K. Feel free to use it and leave a review on this thread. Craft file for the Ultimate Mk. IVb (mods: Mechjeb): https://mega.nz/#!3KhlDILa!JaX7Ns1D9uY-oqHQHG-HnSpuU0zC5SNI31P3LnGl5Bc
  11. I'm away on business for a couple of weeks so I can't test this out on my PC but I've been thinking of a mission outline that relies on proper usage of Commnet. Let's say I have: a rover on Ike with a Communotron 16 (Ike surface facing away from Duna, but in LoS of Ike relay), a 2 satellite highly elliptical relay with HG-5 around Ike (no LoS to Kerbin but LoS to Duna relay) , and a 3 satellite equatorial relay with RA-15 or RA-100 around Duna (LoS to Ike relay and Kerbin) Does the default Commnet allow the rover on Ike to be controlled on the surface, with the signal bouncing from Kerbin-->Duna relay-->Ike relay-->Ike rover? Or do I need to have a relay in Ike orbit capable of reaching Kerbin? Here's what I quickly threw together to illustrate my question: On a side note, would Remotetech allow this connection (signal from point A to B to C and then finally to D, or even further to E), given the appropriate omni and dish antennae?
  12. Visit Steam Workshop Here Introduction: You can simply launch 6 relay satellites with this rocket. Action groups list: "1":Switch on the solar panels "2":Switch on/off the relay antennas Technical help: Send E-mail to [email protected] if you find anything wrong with the rocket. Warranty expired if you put the rocket on the launch pad.
  13. Caveat: I admit that it is entirely possible that I was being too cute for my own good. I've launched my first fleet for Duna, and it includes a ship with a stack of HECS cores each with as battery, a pair of OX-4L solar panels, and an RA-2, with decouplers to separate them. The plan is to arrive at Duna with plenty of delta V, park myself in nice wide orbit, say 4-5 Mm, pop off the first relay. And this is where I've hit a rough patch. What sequence of maneuvers will put me back in the same orbit, but X degrees ahead(or behind) the first relay?
  14. Hi guys. Today, I was toying with MJ while setting up relays around the Mun. In doing this, I have figured out a perfect way to set up your relay sattelites. 1. First off, this requires three relay sats, all attached to the same vessel, and, unless you are a rocket scie-- have internet access, MJ. 2. Get into the altitude you want for deploying your relay sats. 3. Deploy one satellite. 4. Make sure you are clear of it, then open up MJ's maneuver planner window. 5. Create a maneuver for a 2/3 resonant orbit and complete the burn. It doesn't matter when. 6. Tell MJ to circularize at your AP. Delploy Sat 2. 7. Repeat with Sat 3. Give this a like if you found this helpful with your relay systems. It took me far too long to find this out myself.
  15. Hello kind people, I have a question about antenna, relays and power consumption. In my new rebirth game I am about to launch my first satellite contract and just for giggles I thought I'd make it a relay sat. This made me think. The satellite I have built for the contract has a 200 battery, an OKTO, 4 communotrons ( just for looks ) 4 basic solar panels, an oscar-b tank and a spark engine. I was thinking of adding an HG-5. The HG-5 uses 51.4 charge per second when transmitting so in theory my 200 unit satellite could transmit for around 3.9 seconds before zonking out (assuming no input from the panels ) This then left me asking the question - what If I had extra ground stations turned off and I was using relay sats for an actual network and I wanted to transmit data from say eve to the far side of kerbin where the KSC is. This would route through my dinky relay sat. Am I going to lose connection to the KSC after 4 seconds or does the game ignore power requirements on comnet sattelites? I'm well aware that if I had one on a mun station and transmitted data back to Kerbin I'd quickly run out of power if I didn't have sufficient battery life and or solar panels, But that's on a craft that's currently loaded in memory and being fully simulated. So I think my actual question is: Do I need to make sure that my comnet satellites always have enough power to transmit for at least a few minutes at a time or does the game just check for the presence of a relay sat and not worry about power ?
  16. Hi, I am unable to get the comm network working. I built a number of networks in previous versions with relays, however now in 1.3.1 I can't get it to work. Also, when I enable comm network in settings, it doesn't actually do anything - I don't see the signal strength panel in top left corner, and after returning to settings comm network is off again. Is this a KSP bug or somehow my problem? Thanks
  17. Hey guys, quick questions. I recently launched my first interplanetary probe, but I can't stay connected to KSC. I'm only going to Duna, and there isn't any other stellar bodies blocking communications. The probe consists of multiple probes, 12 in total, but the 12 Hg-5's on board aren't working to establish a connection to ksc. is it just a matter of range, and I've missed something, or what? Any help is appreciated. Pictures attached.
  18. Hello! I'm in mid-game KSP and currently trying to scan Eve and its lil moon. I've successfully set up network relays around Kerbin and Duna. I just set up a new relay around Eve and got my scanner there. However now suddenly I have no connection. My relays are connected fine, and it looks like my scanner is connected to the relays, but I have no control over them. I'm pretty confused. How can I find out what the issue is. I've taken screenshots to show what I'm talking about but can't figure out how to insert them
  19. Hi, I've got a vessel stuck in low Kerbin orbit which desperately needs a Level 1 or better pilot to re-enter safely. The re-entry module was badly designed and it wants to tip over the wrong way (heat shield up, Mk1 command pod down) in the atmosphere; I've tried (many times) and failed to re-enter it manually without hitting the ground too hard. However, when I fly the same craft with Jebediah Kerman (who's currently at Level 1) on board, he can keep it stable all the way down with the "hold retrograde" SAS option. :-) The stranded vessel has three tourists on board, so all it has is an OKTO probe's SAS, which doesn't support "hold retrograde". The usual rescue options are precluded because 1) it doesn't have a docking port, 2) tourists can't EVA, and 3) there are no empty seats for me to EVA a pilot into. So I had an idea "what if I could use Remote Pilot Assist to transfer a Level 1 pilot's skills to it". I'm having some trouble getting this to work, though. As a preliminary test, I built a simple craft which has a Mk1-2 (3 man) command pod, two HG-5 (relay) antennas, a stack of batteries on top, and a token engine (not enough to get it off the ground) so that I can "launch" the thing and get the MET clock going without actually moving it anywhere. I then attempted to use it to control an unmanned probe (OKTO-based) which I already have up in keosynchronous orbit with visibility of the launch pad. However, it's not working. Even with two level 1 pilots on board the ground craft, both craft's antennas extended (they are both equipped with HG-5's), the orbiting probe still has only the OKTO's basic SAS (stability assist only) and the status bar at the top of the screen indicates it's being controlled from KSC, not the remote craft. In map view on the ground control pod, when I set it to "vessel links" it shows a faint green line from the ground control pod to the orbiting probe, so they do have a line-of-sight link. But still...the piloting skills are not being transferred. Am I missing something? Some requirement that's not met one one or other of the craft? Some button I need to press to activate the Remote Pilot Assist? Or does Remote Pilot Assist only kick in when the "normal" DSN link to KSC is occluded/too weak? Or does it not like the fact that the control craft is landed on Kerbin? (Should that even matter, since I did "launch" the thing and the mission clock is counting up like it should?) Thanks...any ideas are appreciated. :-)
  20. Hi, first of all i'm new to the forum Now about my doubt. I made a relay sistem over kerbin consisting on 5 probes all with 2 x HG-5 antennas (that's the best I can afford for now). the relay system works ok, and dns level is 3, so I should cover all kerbin mun and minmus. NOW... it is possible to relay to KSC(level 3 dns) over the range of my 5 probe system? i mean can I launch a probe with the best antenna and relay to ksc even when it's on the other side of the planet, or the antennas have to "see" each others? i'm sorry if I explained myself bad, but not my language
  21. After the squad introduced us 1.2 with its new communication and relay system, we discovered many new possibilities. It was interesting to revive old probes, connecting kerbals that are separated by billions of kilometers from each other and making every meter on any planet or moon, a place, with great connection. But we often forget about relay, sometimes people don't even launch it, they simply use antennae attached to their craft. But what if we took the opportunity, and made a challenge out of it? I present you the “Butterflies and Hurricanes” challenge! Despite that you might think that it is an easy and boring challenge, you may face a lot of interesting situations, and discover something you didn't know about relay. I will start from rules because they will affect the whole challenge. 1.You have only 80 500 funds and If you will spend more, you basically fail the challenge (reusable rockets are allowed) 2.Using mechjeb and other calculative mods is allowed, though no cheat mod can be used in this challenge (Alt+f12 counts as a cheat). And if mod adds some kind of infinite propulsion it is also considered cheating. 3. If you made the whole challenge with some money left it means you are a cheater it means that you have completed the challenge, quite well. Back to the challenge itself. You have to put 6 satellites in 170 000 m orbit (a bit lower or higher also counts). Into orbits with different inclination of 30,-30,0,50,-50 and 90. They need to have the RA-2 antenna The final step is to put 2 satellites into a very high orbit of 7 000 000 m orbit (higher or lower also counts) You have to design these 2 satellites to have powerful antennae like RA-15. After you've set up all the satellites you have to perform a first task of your relay system- you need mark all anomalies and space centres (like baikenbanour and etc.) You will end up with a relay covering the whole kerbin surface. In case that you've already made a relay around kerbin try to do so with other planets/moons. In such case orbital altitudes may be random, but inclinations must be done according to the challenge. Send your screenshots! Have fun! Invent cool relay designs! Now to the scoring system: I made it different from many other challenges. Here is it: There is factors that will make up your challenge: Launcher design (reusable, SSTO, launch from water, launched via plane, lifted with air balloon) Relay design (more than 10 parts on the satellite, decorative use of other parts for looking good, a copy or an analog to the real relay) Perfectionism (ideal orbits, ideal inclination, ideal landmarks) Fund economy (lower than the certain amount given in the challenge, reusablilty) Perfect funding (the given fund amount is spent perfectly with 0 funds left) Other planets/moons ( add 2 to your score if you visited other planets, add 1 if it is Kerbin's in moons) Visited at least one landmark that you've made during the challenge (each visited location is a factor point) The more factor points you have, the better you did the challenge. Leaderboard itself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ... This thread may be necroposted, but I think I edited enough of it to be clearly different to the previous one. If this is out of forum rules,I ask moderators such as @Vanamonde, messenge me, so I could edit it enough. Please don't lock this.
  22. SP-1 MISSION Payload SC-Relay 1 (type: Relay) aboard the Arrowel rocket. Launched date: June 9 2017 Screenshots: Rocket Arrowel on Launchpad Liftoff Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure No screenshots for Main Engine Cutoff and Stage 1 Separation. Orbit Burn Stage Two Engine Cutoff Payload Deploy Payload SC-Relay 1 successfully deployed 400km above ground at t+ 1hour 23m with 424 remaining fuel left.
  23. As we know, There's an option in Difficulty enabling Extra GroundStations. Letting us Depend on them for Signals on Kerbin, and Build Relay network for Poles and DeadZones. Now, being inspired, and for fun, I Launched Selene-1 Relay GroundStation for Mün and as Mockup Test for Vidhyoot-II Launcher. The problems I faced is that any two groundStations (actually station and a Relay just 250KM far landed) Dont connect each other, and Depend on relays. My first ground station, have signals that passes through mün surface, that I supposed to Occlude, and is it Possible for a probe at north polar orbit to connect a series of ground station on mun and connet relays on kerbin on low orbit. I had this Plans for my new Mun Base, Connection on Far Side, as Synchronized orbit are not possible. I cant perfectly explain the problem and express my plans, Pics to be added soon.
  24. Hello Guys, can anybody tell me why my Science-Lab-Base on Mun can't get a connection to my Mun-Relays? I have 3 Relays with an AP/PE of 3.5M km in inclinations of 90° so they form a kind of "sphere". But as you can see in the picture, the relays connect to each other, other relays in Orbit of Kerbin and Kerbin itself. Just not with my Lab on Mun. I am pretty sure the problem doesn't result from missing elektronic charge because even when the sun shines on my base and panels generate charge + full batteries I cant transmit my science. Because of that I am not able to transmit science from a lab on Minmus too. I could fly an unmanned probe there, transmitting data even worked once! but suddenly there is no more connection. Now my scientist stacked up 600+ science at the lab. Transmitting that amount would eat through my batteries at half way so is there a way to transmit the science part by part? Maybe I just don't understand the logic behind relays though, KSP mechanics can be confusing sometimes... Here a screenshot of the situation https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33155557/DSC_0006.jpg.html
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