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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to control a probe core with a pilot in a nearby lander can. It appears that my understanding of the mechanics of remote probe control is not even remotely accurate. Here's the components I tried at first, which didn't work: Mk2 Lander Can, with a 5-star Pilot. No antenna. Second crew member is an Engineer. RC-001S Probe Core (1.25 m flat one..), no antenna. Neither vessel is in range of Kerbin, which is why I'm trying remote probe control. Neither vessel has an antenna, because I assumed the internal antennas would work at close range. The range is very short, the vessels will be within 1 km of each other when I need to remotely control the probe. I had assumed that a Pilot in a nearby capsule (within antenna range) could control a probe core remotely. I think I'm missing something, but not sure what.
  2. I did a brief search and didn't see this suggested, but I would like to see a stock part that can be put on rovers that lets you take remote soil samples. I haven't found a mod that does this either. I remember there was one a long time ago in the alpha days. It even had an animated scooper thing when it took a sample. Sadly, that mod dropped out of existence a long time ago, and as far as I know, there are no mods that add remote soil sampling function.
  3. Hello fellow kerbonauts, me and some friends have been playing a Dark Multiplayer game (which, I want to say has been working surprisingly well as of late) and have sort of delved into this sort of game of rivalry. It's gotten to the point where we rent communications time to each other on communications satellites. This works fine and great so long as we aren't using omnidirectional antennas as you can imagine. For those that don't know there's no way to target or filter what the omnidirectional antennas will and won't connect to. So I had a creative yet somewhat lore friendly idea in mind: is it possible to create a mod that can set frequencies for antennas such that those antennas only connect to other antennas with matching frequency. A bare bones mod would simply add the functionality to omnidirectional atennas however for a larger mod you could add it to all antennas. TL;DR friends and I are playing war games on a dark multiplayer server, need a way to limit what remote tech omnidirectional antennas and dish antennas (when pointed at a planet) can connect to. Had the idea to implement this in the form of satellites can only communicate to satellites on the same frequency.
  4. Hi folks, I thought about a nice way to play a career for reality and for challenging reasons: I was wondering if it would be possible to have kind of a "Control Center" for your vessels, where you can - get a life-stream from their onboard-cameras (multiple vessels at once, different small windows) + time-delayed, - can send commands like in kRPC or kOS with RemoteTech handicaps- can store scripts for automatic execution (kOS, Remotech, MechJeb) - crewed flights can just be controlled via IVA(or remote and just with pilot on board - background processing (my sat on Duna changes inclination via script while i am controlling a rover on the mun via onboard-cam. - science experiments can only be done in EVA or via remote control - all together no 3rd person view and a command center to control all of them and check all their stats whenever u want. no "vessel switching". basically a combination of kOS, RemoteTech, MechJeb & kRPC but not just for the current vessel. Do u think something like this would be doable? would u liek to play this way in RPG-style? Edit: another way to describe it: -Imagine Telemachus combined with -kRPC and RemoteTech -some life-camera-feeds. and this for multiple vessels. There is no "current vessel" until u change to IVA in a pilot-crewed vessel
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