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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to use the built-in orbit renderer system to draw an arbitrary orbit in the mapview without any vessel attached to it. The method shown below (by @TMarkos) used to work pre-1.1, but the orbit renderer was changed in that update. This method doesn't throw any errors, but neither does any orbit show up. Any suggestions for how to make this work with the new orbit renderer or what I'm doing wrong (I'm pretty new to Unity)? Vector3d exitTraj = getJumpOffset(near, far, model); // orbit velocity oPredictDriver = new OrbitDriver(); oPredictDriver.orbit = new Orbit(); oPredictDriver.orbit.referenceBody = far.mainBody; oPredictDriver.referenceBody = far.mainBody; oPredictDriver.upperCamVsSmaRatio = 999999; // Setting zoom limits for showing the orbit oPredictDriver.lowerCamVsSmaRatio = 0.0001f; oPredictDriver.orbit.UpdateFromStateVectors(far.orbit.pos, exitTraj, far.mainBody, Planetarium.GetUniversalTime()); oPredictDriver.orbit.Init(); Vector3d p = oPredictDriver.orbit.getRelativePositionAtUT(Planetarium.GetUniversalTime()); Vector3d v = oPredictDriver.orbit.getOrbitalVelocityAtUT(Planetarium.GetUniversalTime()); oPredictDriver.orbit.h = Vector3d.Cross(p, v); oPredict = MapView.MapCamera.gameObject.AddComponent<OrbitRenderer>(); oPredict.upperCamVsSmaRatio = 999999; oPredict.lowerCamVsSmaRatio = 0.0001f; oPredict.celestialBody = far.mainBody; oPredict.driver = oPredictDriver; oPredictDriver.Renderer = oPredict; oPredict.driver.drawOrbit = true; oPredict.driver.orbitColor = Color.red; oPredict.orbitColor = Color.red; oPredict.drawIcons = OrbitRenderer.DrawIcons.OBJ_PE_AP; oPredict.drawMode = OrbitRenderer.DrawMode.REDRAW_AND_RECALCULATE;
  2. Every time I view anything with stars, I get a weird color flash in geometric shapes. Load menu, map view, they all do this. It seems to originate from top center.
  3. The re-entry effects appear not to be sorted, but instead appear to be rendered last, resulting in them not being occluded by vehicle parts. The KSP build was stock 64bit, running on Windows 7 64bit, using a 670 GTX graphics card.
  4. Hi guys, After taking a lengthy absence from KSP I decided to start playing again. The last version I played was probably 1.1. Current version is 1.3.1. I've began to notice some issues with some of my aircraft, who'se aerodynamical aerodynamical effects are, well, a bit over the top. At first I thought the problems were caused by my mods, so I removed those. After that did not fix the problem I've reinstalled KSP by removing the entire folder except for my save games and screenshots. This did not fix the problem either. The one thing that removes the problem is by turning off the aero effects. After thorough testing I've noticed that this problem does not occur on every craft, which makes me believe that the aero calculations are at the root of the problem. I've linked to one of the craft that is displaying this problem, the S7 Mammoth: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/shareables/s7-mammoth-series-ssto-stock I'd like to hear if anyone else experiences such problems and how they can be solved.
  5. i wanted to make a really big rocket so i turned down the render settings, when i wanted to change it i needed to know which way a part was facing, so i turned the render setting back up but the parts don't render any better now. any advice?
  6. It seems that the ksp atmosphere(stock) has some visual artifacts with the brightness and contrast. Which makes me curious about: How's it rendered? Is it intended to be physically accurate (in some degree), or just artificially constructed to look good? Also, I've heard that Tylo and Eeloo supposed to have very thin atmosphere, but it is discarded due to the rendering method of ksp being incapable of those rendering. Can I be given a short description of the cause of the incapability?
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