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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, RealEnginesPack is the continuation of my old add-on, since the development thread has stopped on version 1.8, I decided to update the add-on much, now it will have the prefix 2.0, and from this moment a new addon story begins, the old thread will no longer be used. Old thread: NK33 NK43 RD8 RD58 RD100 RD0110 RD0124/124A RD0120 RD146 RD107/108 RD170/180/191 RD0210/0212 RD275 S5-92 S5-98 STEERING_MOTOR A7 AJ10-37 AJ10-90 AJ10-104 AJ10-137 J2
  2. Current version is v1.0.7 Play Your Way frees up your imagination to explore the way you see fit. That,s not all, though! Play Your Way also rewards you with REP and pays you FUNDS based on any science points you accumulate while you explore. Also, how much you get paid is completely up to you! Want to get paid 1,000 FUNDS for every science point you collect? You got it! 500 REP for every science point you collect? Go for it! Just make the necessary changes in the cfg. So, basically, you get paid whatever you want for doing whatever you want! This can either make the g
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has had a career game go really south on them. Reason being is I've taken on about a dozen high rep high payout contract to do some pretty tuff stuff like flags on eve etc, however several years have passed and after killing several kerbals i gave up and decided to go science the jool system, then i heavily scienced duna and I'm currently sett up a pretty comprehensive logistics and life support network in the kerbin system. Obviously all of these things have eaten into my millions considerably but I've still got loads left and I'm thinking if I blow the lo
  4. Note: This thread could go into either Development Discussion or Mod discussion, I don't really care. feel free to move the thread, moderators. So, what If there were parts that could give you rep? Like Cameras, and stuff like that? I think that it would be cool to see.
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