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Found 18 results

  1. Here is my new topic where I will post recreations of various aircrafts from real world. Sorry for very minor descriptions but I've already spent a couple of hours writing about my planes on a polish KSP forum and doing the same in english would take at least twice the time. Let's start with some famous WWII planes: Boeing B-17 F Flying Fortress - Memphis Belle Four-engine heavy bomber aircraft developed in the 1930s, probably the most recognisable WWII bomber. More pictures: http://imgur.com/a/iKtAE
  2. Cyclone Aeronautics Aircraft Showcase By JPmAn Cyclone Aerospace is a recently formed company making aircraft for (almost) every need. With our fleet growing, and age *not* showing, these aircraft range from a replica of the T-38, to an old soviet IL-62! Links and pictures are in the spoilers Now to start the actual showcase: CYT5-1 "Talon" CY100 Series: CP10-1 "Trainee" CY101 Series CY200 "Ohgodthisisfast" CT100-1 "Sequoia": CD-8 "Pencil" CY27 "Eagle" CY-750 "[Citation Needed]" CT110-1 "Redwood"
  3. After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are:https://kerbalx.com/hangars/35508 In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a and newer will be with a All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints
  4. Today the Pegasus X 99 project starts, after first flight tests, which were successful.The beginning of a new era of space exploration.The X99 the newest NASA project, reconnaissance, transport and apartment. First Flight ver. 0.7 First Rollout Ver. 0.9 Flight Test Ver. 0.9
  5. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swing and See-saw (smallest stock hinge available) Requires an update! THREAD: DOWNLOAD Hinge requires an update see here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duna Direct Mission Pack Requires
  6. Welcome to AdrianK's Craft Junkyard! "If it is lying by the side of the road we'll sell it!" This is the place where I will post all of my stock and modded crafts from now on!* I am more of a aircraft and ground vehicle builder so don't expect to see a lot of space stuff here . *Please note that I won`t provide download links on request, I`ll only post DL links if I decide to do so. -------------------------------------------------------- MAZ-543 АА-60(7310) Aerodrome Fire-Fighting Vehicle IVECO Light Mulitrole Vehicle Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A4 B
  7. Ace Kerbal Aircraft Depot aircraft and files are created and posted by Senki__ Ace Kerbal is inspired by the crafts in Ace Combat and contains replicas of crafts that are in the Ace Combat series. I plan to update this post and post more crafts over time as I make them. All of the aircraft have stock parts except for the weapons that use BDArmory. MiG-21bis https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/MiG-21bis Mitsubishi F-1 https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/Mitsubishi-F-1 F5-E Tiger II https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/F-5E-Tiger-II
  8. Munbro's Replicas Showcase Welcome to my replica showcase! Here you'll find 60 replicas that I have to show you. I am always working on new things, so be sure to check in once in a while. To find out what's new, check the latest comments. Now hosting KerbalX Downloads! Link - I do take requests! Rockets Aircraft Upcoming Craft Ariane 4 Ariane 5 MiG-21 ------------ Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.
  9. Just post fighter replicas that you made. I will upload mine shortly
  10. Hello! In fact, I post this thread that because I like to recreate beautifull machines that wrote history. I not the most advanced creator in KSP but my goal is simple : only use a few mods and play with the scales of the stock part. Sometimes it works, sometines not... I would like to share my humble work, just for fun and sharing, and talk about creations you've possibly made. I will update as possible the topic for new content! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most used mod(s) : Tweakscales (after all, is not the main theme
  11. YoeriCookie's Replica Superthread American Planes Russian/USSR planes Here you can find all of my replicas, recent and upcoming! They are all stock, haven't found a way to use IR yet. If you want to suggest a plane, ask away! I might have not uploaded it yet or make it now! Inspired by MajavE (crafts and post)! This thread will become better as I learn more about making posts like this and HTML. Doesn't look too shabby actually Requests: -Bell P-59 -MiG-19 Farmer Done -Republic F-
  12. MajavE's Replicas (Newest Addition: Gloster Meteor F.8) Hello! I'm MajavE and I like building planes YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPG4MpRbcQUP9tApXrZjwlA I always use the FAR mod, so my planes are built to work in FAR. However, I try to keep the actual plane as stock as possible, and I will list the mods with the plane pictures if any are used in the plane. Basically, FAR is a must if you want to fly the planes like I intended them to be flown. DOWNLOAD MY PLANES FROM MY DROPBOX!: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4983q7iqa9fa7u2/AADo6_DjQNedYr6wCg
  13. Hello all I'm Planetfall, This is a bit of a necro post (pls don't hate me) But when reading the Space craft exchange guide to etiquette I came across how its Ok to necro as long it Adds new stuff to the conversation and I think craft files do. please note this is my first showcase so I've probably made lots of mistakes. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. I made this thread for RixKillian, author of this awesome thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/124716-Super-Detailed-WWII-Era-Vehicles-%28Planes-Tanks-Trucks-Boats%29-With-BD-Armory-Variants?highlight=GAZ+AAA,
  14. These are the stock versions of the craft used in my short film Cold War Blackbird, during the film they were painted, had decals applied and some had BD Armory systems. Otherwise the craft were stock. Cold War Blackbird is a short film set in 1972 in an alternate Kerbal universe over the country of Kerbitnam. All the craft were from that time period in our universe but as far as I know no MiG 25's ever flew in Vietnam. However all the other craft were in Vietnam during that period. Where possible the planes have performance similar to their real counterparts. There are also ground vehicl
  15. I have dedicated this film to @HarvesteR and the devs at Squad who have made my childhood dreams of being an Aerospace Engineer come true in game form. I have been playing this game for several years now and no other game has brought me as much enjoyment and taught me so much. You guys deserve medals for what you have accomplished, the game is now influencing real life as real life influenced the game. I don't know if anyone appreciates the enormity of what you have done. Here's to sitting on a beach of Laythe and enjoying another Joolrise. This is also my good bye to 1.05 and I hope 1.1
  16. There have been many threads trying to share RSS/RO crafts, but most are either hilariously outdated or just dead. So, I decided to create this thread to make some rockets that do everything, from lifting a Dontstayputnuk, to lifting 1000 tons to Lunar Orbit. I'll be putting in some of my lifters too. RSS rockets only please, no stock airplanes or anything like that. Feel free to post anything that can launch something from Earth to Orbit!!
  17. Hello and welcome to the next edition of Spacecraft Friday! I absolutely love seeing amazing stock craft that both look good and do good. This week features some stunning looking craft as well as some WIP designs, just to be a bit different! So without further ado, please sit back and enjoy the feature craft of the week. NOTE: Don't sit back to far or you won't be able to reach the mouse. _____________________________________________________ | KDS Junco Bush Plane | by @RixKillian First up, a very clean and rather beautifully designed bush plane by RixKillian.
  18. Valkyrie navel&aerospace industries is an international team of builders and designers, we mostly build replicas of real military planes (fighters,bombers,hypersonic and supersonic plane,drones,awac planes etc) we don't take any requests currently but will start doing that soon
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