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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all! As you probably know, on the vBulletin forums, we had reputation bars under our names. The number of bars was representative of how much reputation we had, and after 500, the bars turned light green. Well, sadly, now we just have a number, and we don't have the distinction of a light green bar. So instead, join me in honoring the people on this forum with over 1000, 1k, or 1 grand of reputation points. Which makes them the famous.... Rep Grand Group! Note: The old LGG still exists in it's final updated form. I updated it right before the forum migration, and
  2. Hey guys, could you please give me a hand, i was just playing kerbal space program career mode and i rescued some kerbals i put on the mun in a rover (not a contract) and when i started the mission i had 1MIL funds, and when i ended the mission and recovered all the kerbals (including the ones that were on the mun) i had 1.8mil funds and it said i gained 400 funds. So basically, do you gain funds from gaining reputation? I just rescued kerbals i put on the mun and gained 800 thousand when i recovered it. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I now have exactly 500 rep! This a big achievement for me (well at least the way I see it), and I've set my sights on 1000 rep in the future! @Just Jim well that lasted for a while! Now it's 501
  4. When I was new to this forum, I wondered how to get rep. The answer is simple. Somebody likes your post = you getting rep. There are other questions you might ask, including: 1. How do you get your badge thingys? Answer: You can get them by completing challenges, or participating in other things. 2. Why is this mod not working!!! Answer: It's probably not compatible with your ksp version, or you installed it wrong. Check installation instructions or the version of ksp that the mod is intended for before asking for help. If anybody has any more q&a's that you might
  5. I always wondered, how big my reputation is. Is there a way to show that value beside the loading screen? That little scale in space center view isn't very helpful at all. Funds and science points are represented as numbers, but why not reputation?
  6. Out of what score does the Community Reputation represent? Is out of 100?? Any links?
  7. This post claims that having ships crash loses you reputation. Does this also apply for debris? And does it matter if you are watching the debris (rather than it being on rails?) e.g. I separate a lower stage while it is in a 85*30km orbit and the game cleans up the debris when it gets too low. e.g. I separate a lower stage while it is in a 85*60km orbit. It won't get cleaned up automatically unless I go in and watch it in "physics mode" at which point I can't stop watching it until after it crashes. (I am aware that there is a Terminate button in the Tracking Station, but some
  8. @SQAUD, can I ask a simple request that you could implement in less than a week? I want to have reputation and contracts in sandbox mode. Simpy allow me to see my rep and take contracts without trudging through early career mode. Please, this would make KSP infinitely better IMHO. I would make it a configureable option, because I know a few people who would disagree with me on that.
  9. Ey, When i decline a contract it shows up a red icon in the top right corner. Very intimidating. But when i kill a kerbal, i mean, when there is an accident and a kerbal dies, there is a penalty i think. But how much is it? What if you get a red icon, and a short report explaining how much money you lost, when a craft crashes, and if a kerbal is inside, it shows how much reputation you lost as well. Just a suggestion. http://imgur.com/g4hP1Yl
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