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Found 11 results

  1. Will NOT work with KSP 1.4. Rescale! v1.0.2.8 change log Updated for compatibility with latest Module Manager and the latest Sigma Dimensions v 0.9.6 This is the most complete set of Sigma Dimensions configs available on the KSP forum. Due to so many people asking why other scaling "mods" don't work properly and for people that don't fully understand how to write their own cfgs, I decided to throw together some cfgs that I use in GPP, and tweaked them to work with stock and all planet packs. REQUIRES: KOPERNICUS AND SIGMA DIMENSIONS All configs work with: RemoteTech Kerbalism Environmental Visual Enhancements and all visual packs Automatically scales cloud height to a realistic altitude when a visual pack is installed. Kronometer I highly recommend that you this with these configs so that your in game clock and dates are correct. Kerbal Konstructs (Needs KKtoSD, and currently only works with GPP) Most planet packs (will make planet pack specific changes upon request from pack devs) Sigma Dimensions now handles Scatterer scaling and antenna ranges. Hellelujah! KNOWN ISSUES: Scatterer doesn't scale very well. It works but you may see some artifacts that are kind of an eyesore THE SIZES 2.5x - The optimal size for users who want a bigger system but still want to use stock parts. 3.2x - About the same as 2.5x but a step up in difficulty. 6.4x - A much larger rescale that may require you to rescale the stock parts via SMURFF or RO. Or don't. It's your life. 10x - Roughly a true to life size rescale that will definitely require SMURFF or RO. 10.625x - Closest to real life scale as you can get. Will need SMURFF or RO. NOTE: I highly recommend that you use KRONOMETER with these cfgs so that your in game clock and dates are correct. Will NOT work with KSP 1.4. DOWNLOAD TO INSTALL: Download and install KOPERNICUS and SIGMA DIMENSIONS Drop the RESCALE folder anywhere inside of your GameData folder. License: Public Domain
  2. Simple RSS Patch RSS Patch (all KSP versions) download from SpaceDock latest version: v1.11 (11-04-2021) Unless Squad renames their engine modules, this patch will work with any KSP version. This patch is aimed at the stock KSP players, or lazy players like myself, that want an introduction to the huge scale of the Real Solar System (RSS) but who find extra mod packs like RO/Smurff too daunting for now. Simply install RSS, add this patch and you are good-to-go with the stock parts and other parts mods you have already installed. Fly around the massive Earth, explore the real planets and moons. A super simple patch that tunes engine thrust and ISP so that you can use stock parts in a bare install of Real Solar System without needing Realism Overhaul or other complicated setups. This does not re-scale your rockets to actual real-world size like RO does, but keeps all components as they are out of the box. Also comes with a patch to move the launch location to Alcântara in Brazil which is near the equator. Thanks to José Eduardo for the tip! note: SSTU, BDB or similar mods are highly recommended to get a wide variety of engines and modular fuel tanks that scale up to anything you could need in RSS. SSRSS Patch Download file [v1.2 13-06-2017] Unless Squad renames their engine modules, this patch will work with any KSP version. A simple patch for SSRSS to balance thrust/ISP so that you will need to build larger, more realistic, ships to do the things you would normally do. This will get rid of the short, chubby, gumby-looking ships in stock game play and requires you to use larger tanks and thus get more realistic looking rockets. Best used in combination with SSTU. Can be modified to run with stock system as well by removing the NEEDS[SSRSS] part.
  3. I decided to try out the Rescale! mod by Galileo88 on 2.5x scale. The stock parts are supposed to be balanced, meaning that I can't send a small rocket into orbit without having to add more boosters. I will be using MechJeb to help me out with some stuff. Some mods that I am using are Strategia, MechJeb, DE-IVA extension, Restock, and various part mods. Let's begin! (Also, don't question the names I give my rockets, I ask some people from a Discord server what to name my rockets) The Shart Fart Program END GOAL: Get into orbit. "shart fart 1" I started out by making that flea rocket that everyone makes and accepted some easy contracts. And now, the "shart fart 1" is ready to launch! I decided to launch towards the ocean, instead of straight up due to instances where the parachute breaks after going too fast during descent. Landed! (and some science gathered) Tech tree:
  4. I have created a spreadsheet to help with Delta V calculations for rescaled stock systems. It is a rough draft and I would bet real money that the atmosphere numbers are way off but here it is anyway. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J76UA50pjSaA0YjlYB_RR6ZwK0FBFYqQEfQpivR_-K0/edit?usp=sharing
  5. TRANSMOGRIFIER The transmogrifier is a magic box. Put something in, turn the dial and out comes... ... ...different sized parts! (And maybe unexpected results...) This mod is a Module Manager patch that will rescale all parts in your game from kerbal size (~5/8 scale) to roughly real-life sizes (default setting). So Mk.1 parts are now 2m in diameter just like the Mercury spacecraft, but other scales are possible. This is a work in progress do not use in an existing game (probably best to use a fresh install), as this will break all inflight vessels and .craft files as well. I am posting the mod in this early state in the hopes of getting some feedback and help on things I'm stuck on or have not noticed yet. WHAT IT DOES -The basic patch resizes rockets to realish proportions (default setting) but doesn't change fuel capicities. This should play well in stock-sized solar systems up to 3.2x resized systems. OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS -Resize Internals - (and kerbals too!) - This makes IVAs match external sizes. -Full Tanks - Full thrust - Allows for a ultra-light realish experience, if you want to play in RSS or 10x resized systems. This patch requires SMURFF. (Balacing is WIP.) ISSUES -Not tested with mods at all. Stockalike mods will probably be ok, mods that do anything fancy, such as Procedural Parts and SSTU probably won't work. -Stock Fairings work, but the truss structure is not resized. -Internals are resized, inside kerbals are resized, is this a good thing or an abomination!!??!? -Fuel capacity and thrust increased to realish volumes, but not fully sanity checked yet. -Some of the older stock parts don't resize because they use a legacy method of defining the model and scale. I've kludged this to work on some of the Squad parts, but there might be some other parts I haven't noticed yet. -ModuleLiftingSurface values are not scaled, because I don't know what they mean. -Mod compatibility is incomplete GOALS -Allow a easier "kerbal-alike" experience on a real-life scale, without all the hassle of maintaining a Realism Overhaul install. -Refine resource volume changes -Make sure masses are reasonable -Find any bugs or unintended features -Integration with SMURFF and/or Sigma Dimensions to provide a light-weight realism mode. FEATURES Define your own scale! - Currently set to change parts to a human scale size. -If you need to exclude a part from resizing you can use this Module Manager patch. @PART[MySpecialPart]:FIRST { TransmogrifyExclude = true } DOWNLOAD - For any version of KSP 1.1 or newer GITHUB DOWNLOAD Requires Module Manager (at least version 2.6.23 for KSP 1.1), not included. Optional features require SMURFF , not included. SOURCE LICENSE CHANGELOG
  6. I've been working on setting up a modded game for a new playthrough using stock engines and 3.2x rescale. I ran across the KKtoSD mod that lets you use kerbal konstructs with a rescaled system by making configs. That's what you have here, a set of configs that let you play KerbinSide with 3.2x Rescale!. Looking for some people to test and look for floating buildings so I can fix them. I think I've gotten them all, but there are alot of launch sites and alot of statics. The only problem I've encountered is getting spawned below a launch pad, which you can revert and move the vessel up and it will usually work, I'm pretty sure this is a stock issue. The basic install to test would be these mods. Kopernicus Sigma Dimensions Rescale! 3.2 Kerbal Konstructs KerbinSide KKtoSD Environmental Visual Effects Stock Visual Enhancements Download from Github https://github.com/eberkain/KerbinSide32x/releases Know issues Probably some floating buildings, its alot of configs and I learned alot during the process of making them. Still need configs for the groups that have no launch points. THANK YOU TO @Sigma88 Without him helping me figure out problems I would not have made it this far.
  7. Hello fellow KSPers. Inspired by @CatastrophicFailure's Alien Skies story, I'm running a career in Galileo's Planet Pack at 3.2x scale, deliberately not looking up anything about the planets. As a request: please don't spoil anything about Galileo's Planet Pack. I'm coming into this blind, using a combination of CactEye telescopes and probes to figure out what the system is like. Other key mods: FAR, Real Fuels-Stockalike, TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, Karbonite (with some custom Real Fuels configurations from some prior 6.4x stock system work), kOS, RemoteTech 2 (currently no communcations delay; that may change if I feel brave), and plenty of other mods. Funds rewards are set to 120%, science rewards to 40%. Note that the early posts are going to lack specific date information and even the year information will be outright guesses, but I'll try to keep better track in the future. Now, onto the good stuff The Astronomers of Gael The First Year: The Climb to Orbit Ciro shines upon us, as the Gael Space Center is finally established. It has been three centuries since the Transplantation, a mysterious event that brought our ancestors here from a world named Kerbin, a world much like our own. Fortunately, it also brought food, a library, many tools, and for some reason, the Kerbin Paper Airplane Museum. We now seek to go to the stars. Our ancestors suspected the Ciro system is in the same galaxy as the Kerbol system, and the answers of how we got here, whether there are still Kerbals on Kerbin, and why the food included RTG-powered freezers full of Minmus-themed mint ice cream await us in space. If the Transplantation was the work of a higher power, clearly, it has a sense of humor. Sounding Rockets to Space Before more complicated missions could be carried out, the Gael Space Agency was tasked with something quite simple: "how high is the atmosphere?" Our early missions peg this world's Karman line at about 98 km, as well as carrying out valuable experiments, such as exposing samples of several proposed propellants to vacuum (no surprise that the liquid oxygen boiled out). No van Allen belts were detected by this early effort, though they probably exist courtesy of Gael's magnetic field and the fact that we haven't all died of cancer. Program Kerbin: Suborbital Manned Flights The Kerballed project begins with relatively simple 1-Kerbal capsules mounted on 6-ton solid rocket boosters. Initial conclusions can be largely summed up as "yep, we can still go to space and zero-gravity, much like our ancestors did with their space program". However, the photographs delivered by Jebediah Kerman have been widely distributed, and the Gael Space Program has a line of tourists paying for suborbital hops... and the actual space program.
  8. KScale64 is a rescale mod using Kopernicus. It multiplies the Radius of Planets and moons, and their orbits by 6.4 times. This makes travelling anywhere much harder than stock but achievable. Installation Instructions Separately download and install Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions using the links below. Download and unzil the mod, then place the folder in your GameData folder. That's it, enjoy. More information Kopernicus Sigma Dimensions Way back in time Raptor831 and Regex created a RSS fork using the stock Kerbal system but at 6.4 scale. This number was chosen as scaling the world 6.4 times larger would then match the scale of the parts in comparison of real world equipment. KSCale63 is my update of that mod, updated for the latest version of KSP. The mod changes the size of planets, moons and their orbits and also changes the scale of atmospheres. Pressure, temperature, and solar power curves have been adjusted to make everything work the way it should. The over all effect is a much harder game but still achievable, especially in sandbox mode with parts packs such as KW Rocketry or Nova Punch. Compatible and recommended mods (tested) Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR) Not required, but it makes designing rockets easier. With FAR, rockets that look right, usually fly right. p the parts to match the 6.4x scale. ScanSat Allows you to scan planets and moons. Useful for finding the perfect landing site. Transfer Window Planner Removes the trial and error from interplanetary transfers. Very important with the increased deltaV requirements of 6.4x scale. KScale64 config for outer planets by Tellion Note: This is the last version of KScale that will be released. However it should be compatible with the game for the foreseeable future. There are plenty of other rescale mods out there that do a more detailed job of changing the size of the Kerbin system and I no longer have the time to keep this mod as good as you deserve. This mod is public domain so please feel free to use anything you see here to create your own rescale mods Licence KScale64 is released as public domain. Feel free to do with what you will. SCREEN SHOTS, IMAGES AND VIDEOS You may create and publish screen shots, images and videos featuring Universal Storage running as part of KSP, including for commercial or financial gain. This does not include the texture image files, except when viewed in-game as part of Kerbal Space Program. Note: this license does not override or supersede any existing license regarding Kerbal Space Program or Squad
  9. KScale2 is a simple rescale mod using Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions. It double the size of planets/moons and their orbits, but keeps everything else stock. This makes a more challenging game with a stock fee Installation Instructions Separately download and install Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions using the links below. Download and unzil the mod, then place the folder in your GameData folder. That's it, enjoy. More information Kopernicus Sigma Dimentions Do you enjoy the stock KSP experience but wish is was a little harder to get into orbit? Do you find your rockets are all payload and no booster? If the answer is yes then KScale2 is for you. This mod was designed with the concept of how little we can change but decrease the payload fraction for orbit. Payload fraction is how much of your rocket is payload, vs the fuel and engines to get it there. Real world rockets manage around 15% but in KSP it's much, much higher. KScale2 doubles the radius of all planets and moons and double the semiMajor axis of orbits (the radius of the orbit) so that every is twice the size and twice the distance. This makes getting to orbit harder (but not twice as hard) and increases the fuel you need to get anywhere, but the game is still very playable with a purely stock rocket. Atmospheric heights are the same as stock and very little else has changed so the mod will work with most mods. I have included configuration files for Remote tech and EVE so you get the best results. KScale2 is a very minimalist approach to rescaling, it makes small changes and offers a small difference / challenge to the stock game. If you're looking for a more comprehensive rescale mod there are other options such as 64K (6.4x scale of stock, very hard with a stock rocket) all the way up to RSS (1-1 scale model of the real solar system, impossible with a stock rocket). *What has changed All bodies twice the diameter All orbits twice the semi-major axis Solar power curve adjusted to provide stock values at new distances Anomalies and Easter eggs are buried under ground. Texture and normal for Kerbin (medium res version) What is the same as stock Potato moons still potatoes Atmosphere height and density curve Body rotation rates The end result is a mod that works really well with otherwise stock KSP, even in career mode, but also plays nicely with mods installed. It's harder than stock KSP, but not massively so. Note: This is the last version of KScale that will be released. However it should be compatible with the game for the foreseeable future. There are plenty of other rescale mods out there that do a more detailed job of changing the size of the Kerbin system and I no longer have the time to keep this mod as good as you deserve. This mod is public domain so please feel free to use anything you see here to create your own rescale mods KScale2 License Created by Paul Kingtiger and released as public domain. As such all the files and content in this mod, except those 3rd party mods and files specifically listed below are released under the public domain. Screen shots, images and videos You may create and publish screen shots, images and videos featuring Universal Storage running as part of KSP, including for commercial or financial gain. This does not include the texture image files, except when viewed ‘in-game’ as part of Kerbal Space Program. Note: this license does not override or supersede any existing license regarding Kerbal Space Program or Squad
  10. Hello all! I've been working on this project off and on for quite some time now. (tl;dr, magically rescale parts, follow instructions at bottom of post to install.) Backstory! I like to play on rescaled systems, 6.4x to be exact. But, this brings with it challenges as anyone who has tried it knows. Launch and Reentry are particularly trying. Several solutions exist for this problem, the two main ones that leap to mind are Realism Overhaul and SMURFF, both fantastic works that put mine to shame as far as sophistication goes. Realism Overhaul brings out the big guns as far as making the changes for a rescaled system go. SMURFF has a very comprehensive system while remaining lightweight. I admit I haven't tried it out in a while, but it's on my to-do list. Major props to @Kerbas_ad_astra for inspiration and some gleamed MM tricks. The solution presented here expands upon ROMini.cfg, from RO. It's not prominent, but available on their github page. It works by applying a similar methodology as RO does, to rescale parts more to a realistic scale size wise, along with some mass adjustments, such that density comes into line more or less naturally. A blanket scalar is applied, which was conveniently set at 1.6x times original size, so 1.25m becomes 2m, and so on. I instantly found it a blast to play with, as it kept things interesting without being too complicated to maintain. Major props to @NathanKell for this one, for originating the script/numerous other reasons. So, why is this post here? In 1.0.5, there exists a rather annoying bug in that rescaled root parts (specifically, those scaled by rescaleFactor) do not persist through load events. So, on vessel load or quickload, a rescaled part would revert to its original, smaller size. I never was able to ascertain if it was visual or if FAR was affected to. There exists a alternate method to scale parts in KSP, the model Scale variable. This one works correctly for loading, but doesn't rescale attach nodes to match. Boo! Module Manager (Props to @sarbian!) can do the appropriate scaling math on attach nodes perfectly well, but it has no means to do wildcard matching on them as far as I can tell. The MM patch looks funny, but works well to fix nodes. The problem is that a separate patch needs to exist for each kind of attach node that a part uses. This lead to a lot of copy and pasting to get a proof of concept working. So, I wrote some code. Specifically a python script to parse every cfg file in GameData, extract the node_* names, and write me the MM patch out. That's why we're here: The zip file below contains three components: A modified copy of ROMini.cfg with scaling code adjusted; a python script to generate a MM patch for said script, and a pre-generated patch file based off my install. (It's fairly large, but certainly it doesn't include every mod. It ought to cover the most common cases though, I would think.) Install! Install is easy: The config files can go anywhere in GameData. I would stick them in a directory named zzzzzzROMini, but I don't think it's strictly necessary. (We want it to run at the end of the MM passes, without using :FINAL.) The generateNodes.py ought to go in the base KSP directory (The one that GameData sits in) This also isn't strictly necessary, but it saves a step when running it, if you need to. If a node didn't scale right, and you don't wish to/aren't able to easily run the script, one or two nodes aren't too painful to edit in to the MM config: Find the part in question, and look for its "node_(whatever)" entries. Copy a block of patch and paste it to the end of the file, and adjust the text in the template. Requirements! KSP 1.0.5 Some sort of rescale, unless crazy OP is your goal semi-Optional: Python, minimum 2.7. (3 should work as far as I know.) Platform independent! Also as far as I know, this should work on Windows/OS X/Linux just fine. Optional: Having fun playing with your newly rescaled parts! Download!: Here Let me know if you have any trouble with it, i'd love to get feedback, as this is really the first 'addon' i've posted here. Good/Bad News! This will only be relevant/required for a few more weeks/couple months, as the aforementioned rescaleFactor bug has been fixed for 1.1, by, @NathanKell. (More props! And some jets, for that matter!) Still, if it is useful in the meantime, great! Also, it might serve as utility to someone who wants to write a similar helper script and/or learn python. (Which I kinda did to do this.) Snippets! These are just some extra tweaks I use, that you might all find handy. CustomBarnKit Config: This ups the mass and size limit on the level 1 and 2 launchpads to make it a little saner to blast off. Procedural Fairings: These are borrowed straight from RP-0, so all the credit goes over to them. They adjust the size limits and tech tree nodes at which the fairings unlock. It's only the front of it, just as an example, as I think this is something that might be a matter of taste as far as tech tree balance. In MM code, @ edits a value, % edits or ADDS a value if it is missing, ! deletes a value. The node names are fairly straight forward. If you're curious further, just drop a post here and lets see what we can work out. (Adjusting when the parts themselves unlock may be a worthwhile venture, as well.) Starting Launch Clamps: This one is from the 64x pack. It adjusts the launch clamps in the tree such that you start with them in the 'Start' node, as they may be of some significant utility for oversized craft. ... I swear there was another one. Blah Known Issues: If a Node needs to be added to the list manually, double check that it's the correct one; a duplicate entry will quite happily end up scaling twice (that is, squaring the scale). Procedural Fairings are still WIP: They certainly work, but they play a little bit of 'man behind the curtain', as the numbers displayed don't jive with the visuals presented elsewhere in the game. I'm still seeing what can be done about this, so its WIP. Not an "Issue" Issue, but be aware that SRBs are scaled to a VERY high TWR out of the box: This is so launch escape systems and the like can work properly. For regular "SRB-ing", you'll likely find that they're a little much. (Your Kerbalnaut may find that they're a little bit 'chunky guacamole', in other words.) Aim for 10-25% on the thrust limiters. This is easily adjustable, at the top of ROMini.cfg, in the first config block, look for @maxThrust, and tweak the multiplier to taste. Changelog: License:
  11. I am relatively new to modding and was wondering how one would re scale the terrain of a planet using Kopernicus. If you could help me that would be much appreciated.
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