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  1. Welp, first time posting on this site as far as I can remember. I basically have a very simple (Though probably not at all simple to make) request for an idea I thought of while watching "Super Colonization" by Toxic Timewaster. Long story short, He said something along the lines of it taking 10 units of ore per 1 unit of karborundom to run his engines. Basically the request is this; There are mods to change the type of fuel in a fuel tank, and there are mods that let you make specific sized fuel tanks but as far as I'm aware, there is no mod for being able to put in some numbers to specifically fill a tank. What I want is a multi-fuel tank (Lets use 110 units as an example) to be able to customize its exact values, like if you set it 10 to 1, it's be able to fill automatically 100 units of ore and 10 units of Karborundom.
  2. Currently several lifesupport mods exist which is great. The user can choose by himself/herself whatever lifesupport mod most coïncides with his/her wishes. What is not so great is that every LS mod uses it's own resources. Take Food. In another mod it's called KolonySupplies, in a third N.O.M.S. My request to all LFS developers is to standardise resource names so parts of different mods can become interchangable.
  3. I have begun very basic work on a series of engines that combine mass driver, plasma creation, and the ultimate in recycling. Engines will have two grades, O.R.C. and E.L.F. Otherwise Really Cool Engines will heat its "fuel" mass to high gaseous state, ionize and expel for force. High cost of energy to the matter's density and boiling point, a bit more for ionization andd magnetic expulsion. So far a 1.25 I call Pele and a 2.5 I call Vulcan. Only fuel at this moment is the junkiest, but would be universal otherwise in being Rock. Performance curves in atmo like LN-V. So no mining rock on kerbal to get to orbit, well not reasonably. I am not making a cheat, but basing this on real scientific principles. I said basing, accuracy will of course deviate and that can be debated, but will not be this threads sole purpose. Stage two is in concept only ATM, everything is the same but more so, to get Electrodeless Lorentz Forces from a plasma you make from whatever. Thinking once I get how to flow and channel the thermal models in KSPI-E, I will use that as a power core. Next steps is an enigine module that will use a fuel data dictionary for settings about boiling points and specific heats, as well as density. Then the fuel determines the engines force, as all else will be as a level zone. This will make an interesting alternative for Depleted Fuel and similar things. It will be high density, so you would get 2-3 times the effect from rock in an ELF, but boiling points are much higher I believe, so an ORC maybe only 1.5 to 2, with higherr electric charge per second. These engines will take nearly impractical amounts of power. Nearly because the nuclear option is literally on the table, and will tend to pay off, or at least get close. I am looking to Coordinate with USI and KSPI-E, at least. ~Rough Draft~
  4. I am making some science parts and I want to make them use resources to operate. For example: Rodent Research, uses five rodents. How can I do that?
  5. DOH!!! I'm a dummy! I forgot I had switched to my development computer and hadn't updated Module Manager. So my mod Thermal Nuclear Turbines relies on the resource IntakeATM. I was just testing my engines for 1.1.2 when I discovered the intakes won't generate the resource anymore. The MM patch for intakes. Oh well... Here is a pic of some cute confused Kerbals... Sorry guys. They think something got jammed into the intake... poor Kerbals.
  6. I have a question and maybe a mod idea. What is the point of stock narrow band scanner (the hexagonal thing) if it does not work on a planet without prior sweep by the big M700 scanner? 1) What sense does it make mechanics-wise? It's a scanner or it isn't? 2) What's the point of bringing one at all, if you already have the data from M700, and can see ore-rich areas? If you oh so wish to win few hours over few days of mining by moving to especially rich vein - there's surface detector for that. Won't it be a better idea to have two scanners different in mass and size, with different capabilities? Trading smaller size for data limited to area directly below your ship, compared to instant whole-planet scan by the big bulky polar scanner?
  7. Let's say I'm in the vehicle editor, and I want to trap an event when one of the following things happen: The amount of resource in the container was changed (e.g. if the user clicks on the "amount" slider in the right-click menu) The resource was enabled/disabled (e.g. if the user clicks on the little checkbox to the right of the slider) How do I do that? I would have expected to get a GameEvents.onEditorPartEvent for the affected part, with a ConstructionEventType of "PartTweaked", for both cases. However, here's what I observe: I never get any GameEvents.onEditorPartEvent notifications with PartTweaked, at all, for anything, ever. If I change the resource slider amount, I do get a GameEvents.onEditorShipModified (so I know the ship was touched... but I have no idea which part was modified) If I check/uncheck the "enabled" checkbox... as far as I can tell, I get no notifications at all. Specifically, I do not get a GameEvents.onEditorShipModified, the way I get one with the resource slider changing. Does anyone have any suggestions? How do I track this?
  8. So I have been working on this mod for a little bit but I kind of stopped for a bit. currently it has a converter and small tank. I am currently curious on what would be required to allow it to function with ore but have the ability to recognize that MKS has been installed and switch to that as the processed resource instead of ore? The current module attached to it in the Cfg is: MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Xenonfuel StartActionName = Start Xenonfuel StopActionName = Stop Xenonfuel INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 100 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Karbonite Ratio = 0.0225 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = XenonGas Ratio = 0.001 DumpExcess = false } } Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I'm building the IVA for my ship hull mod. Are there any resources for creating IVAs? I'm looking for tutorials, RPM tutorials, props (tables, chairs, etc) and notes on scaling. The hull is going to have a mess hall with all the passengers/crew eating snacks and the bridge part will have... well, the obvious bridge crew. This would be my first IVA.
  10. Greetings, So I am working on resource implentation for all the BIOMES, Planets, Moons, in KSP, OPM, maybe one or 2 extra planets/moons for OPM. We are using STOCK resource generation now, and only basic resource implementation is provided. This game is going places, but players such as myself and modders especially make it go further. A premise or 2 for resources in this game is to add realism or extra challenges; survival, building things in space, like more spacecraft ! So I was thinking..."ORE??" Scan and drill for ore and convert it to rocketparts; there are mods that get into this, some of which are either pretty basic and others which involve a level of logistical thinking that boggles the mind ! Well since we are going down this wabbit hole, why 'ORE' now? Let us drop ORE and define the basic metals needed to build spaceships and provide survival needs (the survival needs are provided by chemicals to grow hydroponically for example and are pretty straight forward; however even here...); in drilling for basic metals, we also get rock which contains limited amounts of various chemicals; carbon for one. We could even have silicon. In some of my processes I use 'chemicals' as a broad term for needed extras to complete water purification for example. There may be some chemicals, like liquid chlorine, I use to clean water; we could get this and remove the chemicals if we wanted; we could be more specific in our processes. ORE is not very specific. There are many kinds of ORE (and some drillable materials that are not ORE): iron, bauxite, gold, etc. Rocketparts would then be replaced by iron, aluminum, gold...yes there is a rabbit hole here; why not start diggin ! There probly isnt much ore out there to build spaceships with; maybe some planets/moons have alot of a specific material though. We could use iron altho it is very heavy; we can make steel or alloys in processes to make the materials less dense. I am going to drop ORE completely from the resources list !! Where ever it is used I am going to simply replace the process with an alloy ! I havnt a clue what the best space ship material is; so I am going for an alloy; I note that a material called karborundum is out there; I dont like how it is probly implemented; it sounds like one of the hardest materials out there (and less dense too I think) called carborundum; this could be an endgame material. Metals could have a shelf life; after a certain amount of time it succombs to raditiation leakage; the parts have to be salvaged. The only problem is the resources dont deplete as far as I know. I opt for dropping ORE as a resource material for building anything, but maybe leaving it for the primary source game resource. The new resource system now shows percentages of any resource so why have ORE (from a 'vet game player's' point of view). An easy option would be to drill for ORE and have processes extract the materials based on the presence of the resource on the planet/moon (!); well I just had this thought now! Say we scan for ORE and other materials; say bauxite is at 5%; this would mean we have a 5% extraction rate of Bauxite from ORE; or we drill specifically from Bauxite present on the planet/moon. Do we keep the ORE and extract material presence in it (more processes code), or do we mine for specific materials? Looks like mining for specific materials is better as it drops out one process. So I am dropping ORE as a drilled resource...what do you think !? Commander Zeta
  11. My first contribution to this fine Community -- and I can assure you it won't be my last. Hopefully this points anyone who needs the information in the right direction. I've been monkeying (Chaka!) around with adding CO2 Scrubbers and whatnot to Pods and Station Modules. Following the brilliant examples in TACLifeSupport http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/37449-102-tac-life-support-v011120-5apr/ by TaranisElsu, I attempted to add the relevant modules from that pack into Pods and Station Modules that I was directly using, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted. I was calling the parts instead of the functions; that's where I was going wrong. Turns out we can simply add these things directly into each .cfg file, and not have them be static (because one Pod for two Kerbals should not have the same Scrubber as a Pod meant for six!). We can tweak how "efficient" these parts are, as well as how "converty" they are, according to the Pod or Module. All credit for the code you're about to see below goes to TaranisElsu and TacLifeSupport. I'm just a bit of a hack who tweaked the numbers for simplification, and I'm sure TaranisElsu will yell at me for it. In each part file you want a Convertor/Scrubber/Recycler in, you can add this to the config, and you may have more than one convertor! Simply make a new MODULE {} entry for it. // Watch this ... don't need separate config files, do it right here in the .cfg file! Needs TacLifeSupport. MODULE { name = TacGenericConverter converterName = CO2 Scrubber // A scaling factor by which the resource amounts are multiplied -- change the last number for however many Kerbals the part is rated for (this one is for 4 Kerbals) conversionRate = 0.04 // A comma separated list of resources to use as inputs. // For each resource, list the resource name and the amount (which // is multiplied by the conversionRate) inputResources = CarbonDioxide, 0.1, ElectricCharge, 0.4 // A comma separated list of resources to output. Same as above // but also specify whether it should keep converting if the // resource is full (generating excess that will be thrown away). outputResources = Oxygen, 0.025, false, Waste, 0.075, true } As you can see in the code, the above unit is rated for 4 Kerbals, and has an efficiency rating of ~25%. Every 0.1 units of CO2, plus 0.4 ElectricCharge will output 0.025 units of Oxygen and the remaining 0.075 units (in this setup) is Waste. The inputResources and outputResources can be anything we need; but it's good to keep things realistic. No reason to have this thing generating MonoPropellant, ElectricCharge and LiquidFuel/Oxidizer, although it could. And remember that anything outputResource generated is stored automatically if that resource storage is specified on-board. For example, if we're storing Waste on board, the excess ("Waste") will go into the Waste resource pool, because that resource was specified as being on board. "Waste" literally can mean anything. Anything. Treat WasteWater the same way. Outputs are likely CarbonDioxide and Methane (you'll need tanks to store both separately), then use the CO2 Scrubber to get Oxygen from it. If we really wanted to get creative, we can use a Sabatier Process to turn Carbon and Methane into nearly anything. Hope this is helpful. Again, all credits go to TaranisElsu and TacLifeSupport for the code.
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